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  1. the heart of life is good
  2. Right here still dont know what's right to do
  3. I'm sorry to scare you all with post with no relatable info at the time @angelangie @sushilicious @Sejabin Thankfully for me, he saved at the right time. He still unconscious, but I think he'll be fine.
  4. My brother. Yesterday, he commited suicide
  5. No BRA ppl? LOL because I think that was unforgettable how smoooooth the bra ppl in drama titled Because This is My First Life. It's my fav ppl in drama experience that I found so far. I like how the ppl is not too blatant but run smoothly with the scene, and THAT drama makes it run smoothly ALSO with the story. No too forced camera angle, no too forced focus. Brilliant side story to produce $$$!
  6. Thank you.. Eid mubarak @nohamahamoud2002 @Ameera Ali @lu09 and everyone who celebrates -2
  7. oooh thanks! My bad just looking up on recent drama and its not in the list. Should be search, it is really available there going to watch -2
  8. 808 I'm already joined the club btw.. "Pervy ahjummas :D"
  9. 812 I hope when the devils is on viu! You girls make me want to watch it
  10. Let me add rest in peace in your about me page.. :heart:


    and so the cover photo. I remember you told me something about this photo you adore. "When we are in darkness, there should be a chance we are sinking in clear sparkling beautiful blue water we haven't known yet until the light is coming on the corner of the cave.. Even in darkness, the beautiful part also around us but we can't see it yet. So hold and go on 'till the corner of the cave. The crystal part already in us, keep swimming to see the water in light, the true beauty in our journey."


    Then you smiled little shy to think about how you talked about that. But I find it's SO adorable. Atm, I really wanted to make you as my big sister I swear.. As I believe, now you are as well in the place that you said the corner of the cave, I pray:star:

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