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  1. hmmm a man traps in side a queen body? It’s weird if he is not gay or transgender. I’m curious how they gonna make him fall in love with the ML. I think Korean will be fine with it since it will be mostly Shin Hyesun making the appearance so more like a heterosexual relationship than a gay one. There is this historical drama called Painter of the Wind starred by Moon Geun Young as main lead & Moon Chaewon as a supporting lead. Moon Geun Young portrayed a painter, Shin Yunbok who is a real person, who disguised herself as a man and Moon Chaewon character fell in love with ‘him
  2. YES! Sian and Jiho are together! I was scared she might falls for GJS. I love how he redeemed himself, protected Sian and told those bullies to not mess with Jiho too. Thank goodness the writer/director doesn't go with Sian falling for her father younger version. It will be weird af. This drama never fails to make me cry, laugh, and sad in one episode. I'm sad it will ends this week. I'm gonna miss the casts.
  3. that pretty teacher LMAOI thought she might be the "stalker" but what a surprise! I have a feeling the PE teacher is too good to be true. How could a bully become a "naive" teacher who is all about his first love.
  4. South Korea might be 5G on technologies but their thinking is 2G. What's wrong with being a mom and a news anchor, it's mean she is a bad mom. The whole situation makes me angry.
  5. I did not like Prosecutor Seo Dongjae a bit in S1 but I grow to love him this season so he better not die. He deserves a happy ending and recognition for his hard works even though it's him digging people's dirt but very helpful to the cases. Is it only in South Korea that prosecutors have to relocation every one/two years or is it everywhere else too? This must be tiring and hard for people who have family as SDJ said your family cannot move with you.
  6. "It was a suicide but it's a homicide" so Sergeant Song did commit suicide but the team saw it as an opportunity and killed him? Yeojin is a smart person. She can see right through just one meeting. The thing I love about HSM and Yeojin is they want justice not power. They will not care which party (prosecutor or police ) commit the crime or cover up the crime. Segok got both parties at fault; homicide among police colleagues and a prosecutor lets the murder claim goes under the rug. It's understandable why the prosecutor can issue warrant it's them who will prosecute
  7. Here is what I think about Sergeant Song's death; Sergeant Song confronted the captain like he confronted the chief at his old job, but this time he was not lucky and got beat up by the captain until unconscious. To cover the track, he staged his death to be a suicide.Just like the scene, the officer who discovered him scream for help and when the captain figured he didn't die, he strangled him while other teammates tried to save him. I think only the captain is involved in his death by the other officer' reaction when he saw the captain tighten the robe he was genuinely shock (the scene
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