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  1. @chantaljaey we will definitely miss you! You always have kind words and know exactly what to say. I hope you can still check in once in a while. I have been super busy too with work and school so I am not able to be as active as before. Sad that more and more older members are not as active... I've definitely missed talking to you all this time.. but life happens! It makes me happy though that more and more new members are joining and more and more silent members are speaking up. Please continue to keep the Taeun fire alive for all of us. Please also remember to always be respectful to non Taeun shippers, especially on other social media platforms like IG and Twitter.. as we all have the right to our own opinions. We've always agreed in this thread (and even in the first one) that Taeun family should not be pushy with the idea of Taeun to others. In our hearts we know they are real. If others choose not to believe it, it's ok. The truth will eventually come out. For now, I will leave this for all of you. I always enjoy Stacy's interviews with Shinee and this one with Taemin because they are comfortable with each other and look like just a Noona and dongsaeng chatting about life. Enjoy!
  2. If anyone here is in Los Angeles. SHINY Foundation has a charity event this April 7 in Koreatown. Link below is for registration. There's also a fanmeet prior to the event. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfUsYDWbryRSvo1mVPstNOvgh1adDsCSA1AuyExudfvz82pvA/viewform
  3. Thank you for sharing a clearer video. Yes it is Joy. The not so clear vid posted by panda accounts looked like naeun but sm account posted that RV, GG and Minho were there. No mention of Naeun.
  4. Hello and thank you for (finally) commenting! No need to say sorry... we welcome every Taeunian! We noticed that Nangni hasn't worn that silver bracelet for a few months now. Ever since it was cold weather, she has been wearing long sleeves. We talked about it a few pages back.. we think that it may have been broken. Last year it was already hanging by a thread literally. Maybe this time it can't be fixed anymore. I personally think they have another couple item or treasured item. that is not so obvious.. maybe the new silver rings or the thin black necklace she always wears. Don't worry. Taeunians have eagle eyes.. as soon as we spot something, it'll be posted here. Lol. I think we are all craving a Taeun moment, especially on stage, but I think they are extra careful nowadays. Hopefully we can have sometime during Apink's 2nd comeback.
  5. Didn't we talk about this ring a few pages back? I know this pic of Naeun was a while back too because there was a pic of Taem with a similar pendant. Taem is wearing that ring again on his left ring finger at the Charm collection, which of course, his sister Namjoo was also there. And guess who else was there? SEHUN, of course. Sehun has become the secret messenger between these two. Haha
  6. @chantaljaey hahahaha I was responding to a text message with yes please but yes, I meant sugar please! You're right though.. they've been through it all so I also believe that they are just continuing to be careful as to not cause any more issues until the time they reveal that they are ready to get married.
  7. Found the vid of Naeun and Suho. The caption is so true... the common link is Taemin lol. @taeun1234 I know... isn't it unfair that she gets to openly talk to his friends while she can't talk to the love of her life? @chantaljaey you hit the nail in the head! She seems so comfortable with Suho... I mean look at that smile of hers before she walked away... that can only mean that Suho and her have been keeping in touch all this time... and we all know why. This makes my Taeun heart super happy. Also I feel like Exopink has been slowly putting out their friendship to the public.. first Exo's message of support for Sugar Please... now this. This is all in preparation for that big day!
  8. These two are making me cry. I can feel their longing to be with each other and share their love to the world.
  9. Yes! Both shoots were by photographer Mok Jungwook for Bazaar magazine. Same studio too. I feel like 2019 will be it. That prediction is gonna come true. The photo has been removed from IG. was it at the fashion show? Wasn't she sitting next to him and Mino?
  10. @chantaljaey lol yes! I couldn't post it for some reason. These two seriously... Also besides the thin black necklace, I've been noticing their earrings. I posted this before... them wearing the same silver hoop earrings. But then I also found this sometime in february I think.. slightly smaller and thicker earrings.
  11. Funny that you say that because Taemin has the same gesture. I've been studying people's behavior and gestures for psychology and it's interesting that these two have similar behavior/gestures for 2 people, who a lot of antis claim have no interaction together. Human behavior/gestures are influenced by interacting with others... basically you subconsciously pick up little things from the people around you/you spend time with.
  12. Omg when you look at both times. Can someone honestly say we haven't been holding on to anything real?
  13. Taeunian eagle eyes are so impressive. Was literally just gonna post this. What a good way to support your girl! Same pants on Naeun. I remember this was posted on the first thread. Not sure if it's just me but I've followed SHINee since debut and I don't recall Taemin wearing any Adidas gear. Except for maybe those flame shoes he wore for Replay. We know Naeun has been the one with the hints but now I have a very good feeling that Taemin is slowly letting things out... as if they have a plan. Oh my heart can't wait.
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