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  1. Taemin hanging out with SuperM members but he's busy texting away. Lol I love how Kai always teases and jokingly (maybe half truth) tries to "out" Taemin. Reminds me of that time Kai did a live and said that Taem doesnt hang out with them often anymore because he always stays at home and doesnt go out past 10. Lol
  2. Francesco Marcella The kiss! This seriously made every Taeunian's day! This is such a bold move. Loving it!
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2vlwZlhA0lV8TWdoWFCgIb6ej7nseiAoUFrNU0/?igshid=1nlwpjguzmfl0 (Idk why the image is not embedding) Taem's stylist must be a secret Taeunian too
  4. Guys! Apink was just added to Day 2 of K-Culture Festa. And guess who is also performing on Day 2??? TAEMIN! That means they are going to be together backstage! *hyperventilating* We might see our baby cheese dancing to Apink songs again. I'm praying so hard for Indo Taeunians to come through with the fancams!
  5. Look at this sweetie, smiling from ear to ear while checking his phone. Who are you contacting after your performance, hmmm?
  6. Doesn't this remind you of that wgm photo shoot? 5 years ago hmm? Why were you so inspired 5 years ago, Taeminnie? Happy 5th anniversary!
  7. Oh yes yes we talked about that before. I'm so impressed with Taeunian memory. Just a little memory to make our hearts flutter. These two are definitely fated for each other, just like the sunflower is to the sun.
  8. As far as SuperM, I have mixed feelings about it. I'm excited to see this group succeed but I'm also a but concerned that their individual groups may be taking a backseat. SuperM members will also be super hectic and exhausted. In relation to Taeun, there are pros and cons too. Pro is that Tae will be surrounded by his friends that are likely to give off more hints (remember when Kai said in a video that Tae hasn't been answering their calls or hanging out with them because he was always making excuses that he has to stay at home and that 10pm is already late LOL silly Kai). Con is obviously Taeun won't be spending as much time together, which I'm always worried about. I was always worried when Tae would have tours in Korea and Japan but at least Naeun can easily and quickly fly to Japan and back to Korea (Naeun visited Japan many times with her mom.. during Tae's Japan tour.. obvious much?). But SM plans to promote SuperM in US and Europe.. so it's harder for Naeun to visit and support her man. I just really really hope that their commitment and love for each other remain strong.. as it has been for all these years.
  9. @lallinachan_ i posted a link a few days ago with the photo showing a hand with what looks like Tae's bracelet in the corner. It definitely looks like the bracelet that he wore for Famous promos. I know it's a pretty common chain bracelet but the coincidence is too much. Also a lot of Taeunians commented under Naeun's post (which sucks because they shouldn't be posting that kind of stuff under her IG) but she didn't take down the photo. Naeun is notorious for posting photos with meaning behind them... also her photos are taken artistically. It's weird to post photos of the ceiling or a a plate/utensils. Makes me think she posted these to let us know that she's on a date (regardless if she knew tha hand was there all along or if that was just an accident caught by eagle eye Taeunians). There is also this photo of them recently wearing similar silver chain necklaces. Naeun wore this with her white outfit at the airport in US I think. Her photos from the airport is not clear if exactly the same style of chain but just too much of a coincidence. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1G7AfwhwB0Pf8R0a4N8bJi0CE43i3GCWoZMWo0/?igshid=in0secw8w6eq
  10. KSF 2016 and Gayo Daejun 2014 are also my fave moments. They just couldn't help themselves from looking at each other and smiling. Nowadays they have gotten so much better at poker faces. Also I feel like their schedules were coordinated in a way that they have minimal public exposure together.
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