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  1. Remember this pic where our Naeunie was at a restaurent with someone at night The bracelet+the cucumber made it obvious that it was maybe a date between Naeun and Taemin~. But i saw two reflection with my delulu eyes lol and it made me think of the possibility that it could be Naeun and Taemin~
  2. OMGGGGG!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! HE ACTUALLY SAID MARICELLA AS MARCELLA~ and he said it out loud omg !! What can i ask more! Proof is there! XD
  3. Behind Taemin on the left side is Ten and on the right side it's Lucas Yessss those two made it even more obvious that Taemin might be dating~
  4. Yesss!! Like most of them were glancing at Taemin and Kai. At first i wasn't sure if other members glanced at Taemin but when i slowed down the speed of the video and paused it multiple times i saw them I saw Ten looking at Kai, Lucas looking at Kai and Taemin, Mark looking at Taemin and Baekhyun also looking at Taemin. It was soo obvious Exactly! He quickly denied with a weird stiff face but after he said no, i saw him smiling with kai XD YESSS!!! I'm actually so happy that ellen asked that question!
  5. Omgg i can't stop laughing at how taemin is lying by the wayy i'm so happy for them!! Super M fighting!
  6. Exactly ! Some Taemints are very narrow minded and they think that Taemin belongs to them like he was an object! They only wanna see what they want to see and only wanna believe what they want to believe! That's why they will never accept Taeun. These days fans are more and more open in dating matters, like with jihyo and daniel or even with kai and jennie. I just hope that if Taemin and Naeun reveal that they were dating all those years people don't come and say hateful things about them like they did when baekhyun and taeyeon dated. Haha yes i'm pretty sure that Sunmi support Taeun all the way
  7. Update on Naeun and Taemin Naeun for Adidas, as expected of our Nangnidas! And here, Hayoung jealous of the members kiss scenes haha i can't even imagine her reaction to Naeun kiss scenes. And Taeminie is currently busy preparing for SuperM debut, he did an insta live 2 days ago, with all the SuperM members. I guess Naeun didn't teach him how to use insta properly haha he was so cute though! Hayoungie said that she will have to prepare for Apink comeback, so we'll soon have a comeback!! I really wish that SuperM and Apink attend all award shows. We could possibly see a lot of things if we're lucky! by the way hayoung solo debut was amazing !
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/apink_luv12345/status/1171360630718246917https://mobile.twitter.com/apink_luv12345/status/1171360630718246917 Things are progressing really well eunji hinting us
  9. Ouwaaa!! Now I can finally respond to that Sunmi and Taemin shipper. I'm not saying that it's wrong to ship taemin and sunmi but that person had really immature comments on Taeun. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2JK8Wnh7No/?hl=fr So today our hayoung has taken a picture with Sunmi!!!! That means only on thing to me. That Sunmi is really not in any kind of love relationship with taemin. Because if Sunmi was in a relationship with Taemin she would have never taken a picture with hayoung because it's too awkward to take a pic with the most closest member of your boyfriend ex WGM partner. And even if she is a sunbae I don't think that hayoung would have initiated a pic with Sunmi if she was in any kind of relationship with taemin. Because Naeun is one of her best friend. And Sunmi and Hayoung seem pretty close to each other and I have a theory that can explains their closeness. I guess that during the mama performance Taemin and Sunmi must have become friends due to their specific love for dancing so Taemin must have introduced Sunmi to Apink and his gf Naeun and that's probably from that moment that Sunmi supported Apink and now Hayoung~ So the post where Sunmi commented %% makes now more sense I think. But nothing is said or proven maybe everything I said was wrong but I'd like to think that way
  10. And I found a weird bot saying that we should stop with our Taeun stuff. I was actually shocked to see that some people still don't want them together. It's been ages now! I thought people would finally accept. But I guess I was wrong, immature people will always be like that. Here are some examples of what they say. But I just figured out that there are tons of bots like that on twitter. I tried to block as many as I could and tried to report them as spams. 
  11. Hehe I'm so happy to do this and to be a part of this fandom These days there weren't a lot of things happening but I just saw taemin Instagram post today and I found a similar dot but that dot was white.... https://www.instagram.com/p/B2Lo5GmHQTM/ We can see it beside taemin's leg. I don't know why it's white though maybe it's just a filter he put on his photo and it means nothing but as a taeun fan I had to search for meanings haha. So maybe white means something special in their relationship. Or maybe pink would be too obvious so he choose to put on white? my delusional self is growing day by day with these two people
  12. OMGGG!! In today's photos too!!! something is going on with these pearl aqua blue dots Naeun what are those?
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