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  1. Yes guys lets only spread positive things on this forum! It's a forum about love we should spread love So I don't remember if someone posted something about Taemin As we wish episode with Super M. But this scene where he propose to the girl. I just noticed something...When he was making the girl listen to truth...why did baekhyun had to say : "are you saying CHU?" At 3:34...LIKE WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT? Is it because of Apink song Mr.Chu?? I always thought Truth was about Naeun, but now Baekhyun is clearing my doubts about these two~ uwu But did you guys
  2. Guys it has nothing to do with our recent Taeun hints but look at our gorgeous Naeun!! I watched this edit today and I'm so in love with it! The song fits her perfectly I wish someone do a Taeun fmv with this song one day.
  3. Pls DM me too!! Omg i can't believe it!! I wanna know!! Did you guys see this?? Doesn't it look familiar to something??!hehe but i don't what it says, but it's funny that SuperM thought of doing this!^^ Maybe Taemin told them this idea!
  4. That's a very good idea actually! We can try and we should try! And we should also spread this message to everyone out there : It could really help! So guys pls send this to all your friends and to every fandom.
  5. A little bit of cuteness for my fellow Taeunians to gain more strenght! lovvee you all guys!! Do you guys know what brand this necklace is from? I see them wearing that necklace a lot. A few days ago in the thread we were talking about their earrings, but their bracelets and necklaces are very similar too. Do you think this is sponsored, too? Do other idols wear them often?
  6. Yes right indeed it would be very risky! Yes it must have been in Part 1, but i saw this insta post today so i just remembered everything during that period..but you're very right i don't think he'll be this obvious. He would be extra careful if it's for Naeun. But I didn't know about the car thanks for reminding me!
  7. Okay guys i don't know if you saw this BUT LOOK!! Apparently Taemin and Kai came to Cube Entertainment back in 2014...I know that Apink are in Plan A Entertainement but they're also often seen in Cube Entertainement. And it wouldnt be weird for Apink to go to Cube Entertainement some days.
  8. Guys do you remember the time where ppl thought that Taemin was acting weird at Super M live concert when Red Velvet appeared on the screen? Some ppl even said that Taemin might be dating Seulgi, just because some of the members looked at him and because he was acting "weird". But then Taeunians were quick to say that nothing is going on btw them. And I said that Super M members were actually flustered because the one dating Seulgi might be Taeyong. And today i saw this video XD...It just confirms my doubts hehe~ It might be nothing but well, I feel happy because it comforts me in some way. So
  9. Righttt!! Me too!! In my country it's a hint too! Yes i hope Naeun is prepared i wonder when the baby is due toTaemin should hint us more! By the way if we try to connect these pictures, on the first one the babies are making something, in the second one they are eating delicious ice creams and in the third one he just hinted us with a boy and girl emoji. OMFG!!!!! THEY ARE MAKING DELICIOUS BABIES...wait! It sounds weird XD they are making something delicious and that something will turn into babies..??...Wth am i saying XD OMG im done for today haha.
  10. This was on Taemin Story!!! I'm sure that this update is related to his comeback ! But omggg!! It feels weird to see baby pictures in Taemin's story! My taeunian mode is on! What if Naeun was pregnant XD they'll have cute babiies like them~ Is he telling us that it will be a boy and a girl? Annww hehe don't take me seriously lol it's just my delulu mode haha. But still i think Taemin comeback has something to do with it!
  11. There were no rumors about Twice members and him because Jihyo and Momo were dating! And that's why nobody speculated anything btw Taemin and Momo or Taemin and Jihyo! They all seemed pretty awkward. Even if at that time i don't remember if Momo's dating Heechul was out but Taemin must have known. Heechul is from his company it's his Hyung so yea. There's no point for knetz to talk about dating rumors. And for the Yooa thing I understand your opinion but seriously have more faith in Taemin. I mean he's not someone who'll publicly do something so dangerous for her, him and his career. He thinks
  12. 1.Yes I was originally a shawol! I love Shinee they're my favorite group. I was into Shinee since 2010. I knew Apink tho, i liked all their mv songs, but i didn't stan them at that time. But after wgm I loved Naeun and began being interested in Apink. So i watched their reality shows,dramas, variety shows, i listened to all their albums and became a fan haha. So now i'm pinkpanda and shawol. 2. I joined Shawol fandom in 2010, and 2016 i joined the pinkpanda fandom. 3.Now i stan these two amazing groups! And i support Taeun couple at the same time~ But I didn't watch Ta
  13. I hope it's not true did he say it on the show? If it was behind the scenes then there is no proof that he said this. The student could be lying to gain attention or something....but if this is real then I would be really sorry...I don't want them to feel uncomfortable. But then again we are just fans. We love them but we try to share their love only here or with fan videos because we don't want to make them uncomfortable. We will support them no matter what. If they are dating we'll support and if they're not we'll support them too. I just want them to be happy~ But as a Taeunian i do hope s
  14. I just came across this video! It was uploaded two weeks ago! Our Taeun couple is gaining so much attention these days....i don't know if it's a good or bad thing because there are more haters now. But luckily new taeunians are defending them too. The woman talks about our Taeun couple. I didn't really understand what she said but in the comments i found some translation like this : Basically she said that taemin and naeun feelings for each other was real but they can't met each other mainly because : 1. They are an idol singer 2. Their person
  15. It's been a long time since i posted something here! But i was so excited and happy to see new hints from our community these days!! First i just wanna say that I LOVE YOU TAEUNIAN FAMILY!! Don't be scared, i had some doubt about Taemin and red velvet too at a time. Here we can see that he was just lost like the other members because they couldn't see red velvet faces. From Shinee's point of view, red velvet are babies lol. Because they started very late compared to Shinee. But still, let's try to analyze. Yeri: I really don't see her with Taemin, she's too y
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