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  1. Hii everyone!!! Im so excited for Shinee's comeback!! Shawols and Taeunians lets do our best for our boys!!. And guys did u try calling Shinee's number? I tried yesterday and i got Minho on the phone (it was like a voice msg) he told me to leave a voice msg but i didn't know what to say i panicked and i hang up on him!!! LIKE WTH AM I DOING?? I hung up on minho i'm so dumb! I'll try preparing a text next time i try Anyway hehe, i did a new Taeun video!!! I hope you like it
  2. No , no Hwang Gyo Jin PD is a girl. He didn't refer to her as a Noona because she's in a higher position and she's way older than them. He can't really say PD and Noona at the same time. But it's a girl.
  3. Yes i totally get what you mean! These days i find lots of video of Naeun and Cha Eunwoo shippers, i watched some of them just by curiosity and...well we have nothing to worry about. They litteraly don't even look at each other XD! But well other ships video with our Taemin and Naeun may disturb you but don't worry our Taeun are a strong couple, we gotta be hopeful! But I agree tho that I also wished every Taemin interaction with Naeun were only with our baby Naeun and not from April Naeun. But well we can't do anything about it! I hope we'll soon be able to get some new hints ^^ -------
  4. Yes guys lets only spread positive things on this forum! It's a forum about love we should spread love So I don't remember if someone posted something about Taemin As we wish episode with Super M. But this scene where he propose to the girl. I just noticed something...When he was making the girl listen to truth...why did baekhyun had to say : "are you saying CHU?" At 3:34...LIKE WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT? Is it because of Apink song Mr.Chu?? I always thought Truth was about Naeun, but now Baekhyun is clearing my doubts about these two~ uwu But did you guys
  5. Guys it has nothing to do with our recent Taeun hints but look at our gorgeous Naeun!! I watched this edit today and I'm so in love with it! The song fits her perfectly I wish someone do a Taeun fmv with this song one day.
  6. Pls DM me too!! Omg i can't believe it!! I wanna know!! Did you guys see this?? Doesn't it look familiar to something??!hehe but i don't what it says, but it's funny that SuperM thought of doing this!^^ Maybe Taemin told them this idea!
  7. That's a very good idea actually! We can try and we should try! And we should also spread this message to everyone out there : It could really help! So guys pls send this to all your friends and to every fandom.
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