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  1. Guys Saturday I was watching the Eurovision and a girl from Denmark sang a song called "Love is Forever" and she used big giant chair as a prop and what did it look like?? our TAEUN!! Remember? And the big chair on Eurovision!! It just made me feel so great don't why lol and the song title "Love Is Forever" was like it was dedicated for Taeun A FOREVER LOVE like Naeun and Taemin wished for!!! Hahaha
  2. Oh no what happened?... It may provoke but we're a big family we can solve this together and we are strong we won't believe whatever antis says....i'm getting scared of what they might have said but isn't it better if we discuss it?
  3. Is it just me or those green lights looks really like pearl aqua color!!!? it's very strangely identical to SHINee's fandom color right? Another mystery haha
  4. Lol yes i felt that same way too but well it's proffesional he had to look at her that way even though she's really young but i think that she's a SM trainee too and they're trying to promote her before debuting a new girl group maybe? https://kpopping.com/news/15074-SM-Entertainment-s-new-girl-group-SPRY-will-debut-on-2019-with-12-members
  5. I just had a revelation this night!!! I listened to Taemin's singing "That I Was Once By Your Side" an i went to sleep thinking about what went through his mind while singing this. And when I woke up I wondered why he was more relaxed and even very happy when he sang that song compared to before? That's when everything became clear in my mind. This time it's because he was singing this song to his fans and not to Naeun. From there 6 years ago he was forced and sad to have to get used to the idea that he could not freely date Naeun and that they could not be together. But now he sings this song to show his Fans that the story between him and Naeun is not over. Why would he choose to sing this song then? Maybe it's to tell the Taemints to not to get sick, to be happy, to meet someone else and that he'll never forget them. I think he is preparing the Taemints who really loves him but who doesn't like Naeun to not be disappointed and to be happy for him like him who will be happy for them. At least that's my theory haha what do you guys think?
  6. OMMMGG !! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE !! it's surely not a coincidence this time !!! OMG MY TAEUN FEELS !! And guys you know what ?! I found something on Taemin comeback pics today If we turn the 6 upside down it makes a 9!! WHICH IS NAEUN'S FANMEETING DATE !!! LOL i'm being so delusional but i love it!!
  7. Hehe thanks i was so inspired by that lil kid !! YESS SERVES HER RIGHT but i think she'll probably be even more annoyed that we banned her so she'll comeback haha thanks XD she must be raging right now
  8. Yess Taemin seems kinda different in those pics AND YES LETS ALL STREAM ONEW'S SOLO!! Our leader fighting !! i'm sad that he'll be going to his military service soon...but we'll wait or him Oh yes and i saw Key's reaction when he was informed that Taemin cried at his last concert...aww that's just so cute and i hope that minho we'll get better soon, does anyone know if he is still in hospital ? and how he is doing now?
  9. Okay i just thought of sharing some meme of Taemin and Naeun's reaction to that troll, it was so hillarious, but when she attacked us, our Muffin and my Taeunians i couldn't control myself!! Let's begin : "AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHSSAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHS WHAT AM I SEEING???????? You’re all so delusional. I just had to sign up for this. Why are you all so crazy?? Do you seriously think Ms. Son Naeun is close to being Taemin’s girlfriend?You’re all psychopaths." "HAHAHAH. You all are psychopaths. " "Again I'm here to put some sense into you all and help. I'm not delusional unlike you all, cause I'm not gonna or planning on making an psychopathic thread." "This couple is long dead, and was on a fake show where they had to pretend to be in love! SIKE! You all need help." "Naeun is not even close to being on Taemin’s level so please don’t even mention her and Taemin in the same sentence." "Naeun Queen??? Wait I need to laugh. Please she’s far from that." "Delete this and seek help. Part 2 too??? I can’t breathe. How old are you all??? It’s been years and you all still shipping this trashy ship? ONE THING! You all need to know is the only WOMAN EVER on Taemin’s level and the only one who deserves to be in the same sentence as him is Sunmi, the real queen here. Taemin is the king of Kpop and Sunmi is the Queen. " “They’ll go crazy and be happy af if Taemin and Sunmi will be caught dating and admit it. The whole world will be happy that a Queen and a King is together. It’ll be the thing the whole Kpop industry and fans have been waiting for.” "The only Mrs. Lee there’ll ever be is Lee Sunmi, and her future lover Lee Taemin. Believe it or not but these two are each other’s future. Just wait for it. Lee Taemin and Lee Sunmi. Each other’s soulmates. They’re slowly falling in love, ever since their dance together. Reminder Taemin wants to dance with her again. I love the real queen and king who’s gonna be the next couple everyone in Kpop has been waiting for. Mark my words. Needed to put some sense into you all. " "P.S. NEVER mention Naeun in the same sentence as Taemin..... Just don’t. They’re long dead. " "Why would I be jealous when it’s performance? It’s planned. That’s how they’re supposed to act. The two videos I linked, is when the performance was done, and when they were waiting to perform together. So that wasn’t planned Did you think that will hurt me? No honey! " "What I linked wasn’t something planned but something naturally! " "Has he ever mentioned Naeun, ever since that ugly show? No HAHAHA. That ugly show was fake, and you're all dumb for believing it was all true. He never fell in love with Naeun (I'm disgusted for even putting these two in the same sentence)." "LOL AGAIN. AGAIN. LOL as if I'd believe he said he loves her, and if he did it was literally fake you all. It's for views. Gosh WHAT DO I DO TO PUT SOME SENSE INTO YOU ALL." "Naeun will never be Mrs. Lee. Sunmi will be Mrs. Lee Taemin's wife only. Just wait and see, and at least I didn't create any thread becasue I'm not sick. I just know that Sunmi and Taemin is gonna marry each other someday" "But don’t cry guys!!!!!! You all just need lots of help. I’m trying to help you all. Admit that people would be crazier about Taemin and Sunmi than Taemin and Naeun (ew)." "They danced together, and the whole Kpop industry could feel their chemistry they had, and everyone started wishing they'd date." "My education is going well, and i'm 18 You and your psycho Taemin and Naeun (ew) friends are probably under 15. LOL." "Did you see how close they danced? You're dumb, if you saw the ending of their performance when the lights went out, she touched his shoulder, and they bowed to each other." "HE WENT TO TOUCH HER AS WELL, RIGHT AFTER SHE TOUCHED HIM. SHE TOUCHED HIS SHOULDER, and he told her which way to follow him down the stage." "I'll link the video for you dumb brain. So yes they did touch each other but don't cry okay! I'm the only one who ships them????? Have you lost your mind????? The whole Kpop industry and fans went nuts when they performed together, and everyone wanted them to start dating because their chemistry is on another level." "Just see how pretty Taemin and Sunmi sounds and looks together unlike Taemin and Naeun (ew, ew, ew) IT WAS REAL NOT PLANNED IN A VARIETY SHOW YOU STUPID GIRL!" "I'm just saying Naeun isn't and will never be close to Taemin's level." “If not Sunmi than at least not Naeun” "Those Shawols always talks about how annoying it is when people use Naeun’s name everywhere when it comes to Taemin dating and stuff." "You tried to believe you’re all accepted. Sorry hun, you’re not!" "Of course you should ship Taemin and Sunmi! See I did put a little bit of some sense into you!" "All of you are psycho’s whether it’s Taemin and Naeun (ew) shippers or other shippers for making things like this. Be psycho and ship them (but don’t cause they’re not real lol)" "Sorry I can’t ignore when it’s about my IDOL TAEMIN" "I’m protecting Taemin from all of you creepy asse*" "Good you should all accept Taemin and Sunmi because they’re real and will be real. Soon. Cause Queen Sunmi belongs to Taemin ONLY SUNMI." “You’re new? Get well soon and help yourself and leave. I bet you were a silent reader. Help yourself before you get too brainwashed” “But don’t worry even if I leave, I’m gonna spread this thread to other Shawols on Twitter and Instagram to let them know what you’re doing to our Taemin” "You think they respect you? They talk s*** about you guys all the time on Twitter. Shawols and Taemints are more supporting of Taemin and Sunmi. You think everyone forgot about them but search “Taemin Sunmi” on twitter and let’s talk." Account Banned finally Hallelujah !! Thanks for making us laugh dear "mrsleetaeminsunmi" I'm sure that you'll be stalking our thread this gift is for you lil baby, have a good day honey !! AND MY TAEUNIAN FAM I LOOOVE YOU SOOO MUCH !!
  10. YESS!! exactly !! mouhahaha you gave me an idea for Taylor Swift Shake it Off Remix "Cause Taeun's gonna,win, win ,win, win ,win And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, Baby we're just gonna eat eat eat eat eat Chicken beer Chicken beer wouhooo"
  11. No Naeun is not up there for the moment , but voted for her many times on yt !! ^-^ it would be so good if Taemin is 1st on the face most handsome and Naeun as most beautiful haha if they see it on articles , i imagined their reactions as "wth how can destiny be like that" but i would like it if it's Key too Haha it would be so funny but i can totally imagine them monitoring kpop predictions !
  12. Naeun AH~~ my heart can't take it so i just can't imagine what Taemin reaction will be he's gonna pass out
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