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  1. Taeunians..I found this taeun vid..it contains alot of details that we talked abt here...but I guess it's new channel or Smthg..anyway it's really good ♡
  2. Taeunians..we can talk togther on gc (send me ur IG acc to add you ) and keep post some hints here too This fourm is like a treasure for taeunians since 2013
  3. okey..so I'll creat it now..but you guys have to sentd me "private" message with ur acct to add you.. it's better not to share the group link here since there are some spies.
  4. woaah uri Taeun youtuber is feeding us well they always do the same pose like the (W) Sign, pinky promise...etc
  5. and here is another one ...everyone knows and believe taeun are real, and those who don’t, are just in denial
  6. I think it's not a recent pic, I guess it was in 2018, befor the bracelet disappear ... Taeunians, we are all sure that they're still togther, so not wearing the bracelet doesn't mean to weaken our Taeun feel ryt? y'all know that there are always evidence/hints even fom Taeun themselves so let's just keep supporting them 응응?
  7. I think she is just asking her followers to buy the drink from her personal acct with 10% discount .. (If I'm not mistaken)
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