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  1. Also, Naeun wearing LA T-shirt and Taemin in LA This is the best Valentine ever ^^ btw Taeun×Hei ...Enjoy
  2. Taeunians here is the VCR part 3:34 Apink were asked about the real name of MC Ding Dong. they didn't know so Hayoung just asnwerd with RingDingDong and pandas laughed actually another moment of Hayoung No1 taeun fan on one of the episodes of Hayoung and chorong's healing trip ( which was filmed in November 2019 ) hayoung was singing to Shinee's "view" here is the ep part 7:00
  3. oh really? maybe that Taeunian is one of the thread's members? btw guys did you see Naeun's ig post ? "San Francesco "
  4. unfortunately Apink won't perform at MBC Gayo ㅠㅠ As always they don't want to bring Taeun togther in one stage..
  5. the comments are just...Hasn't even been a week and fans don't learn ㅠㅠ ...leave some supportive comments Taeunians ♡
  6. Guys I found better quality ..did you notice how everyone was looking at Taemin befor they answer lol https://youtu.be/E_0OxmNmn_4
  7. Taeunians..I found this taeun vid..it contains alot of details that we talked abt here...but I guess it's new channel or Smthg..anyway it's really good ♡
  8. Taeunians..we can talk togther on gc (send me ur IG acc to add you ) and keep post some hints here too This fourm is like a treasure for taeunians since 2013
  9. okey..so I'll creat it now..but you guys have to sentd me "private" message with ur acct to add you.. it's better not to share the group link here since there are some spies.
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