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  1. I'm enjoying this drama alot! I made a MV on Junwoo and Soo bin on Our Story. Hope guys will like it.
  2. Guys,please do watch my MV. Hope you guys like it.
  3. Hey guys, JKY fan here. Made a MV on Go back couple. Hope you guys like it.
  4. Hey guys, I started watching HDL and loving IU in it. So thought of making a MV on JMW. Hope you guys like it
  5. I was not really active in this forum but had a good time with you all. Hope to meet again in another drama forum and I only come in soompi forums when there is any interesting drama so... *Hugs to all*
  6. This show sometimes doesn't make any sense. At the end GH was not wearing her glasses and her hair was straight when she got into the accident but when Dom meets her in hospital she is in her glasses and frizzy hair
  7. Ok from the preview it looks like Real Veronica gives Dom a peanut cake(?) and he is like its peanut! and veronica asks him you don't like peanut?whereas in their first meeting fake veronica saved him from swallowing peanut...so And I feel so he doesn't come to know that fake ver is galhee he is just asking why did she do it? Maybe.
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