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  1. I agree with you guys about the lack of romantic development in J-version. I also didn't understand why did Yuko fell for Ryo. In this version, JK feels pity for MY because she knows that he is a lonely person. And that is the reason she has a little attachment with him.
  2. Ratings: 2.8% The ratings dropped so much. Just saw the Epi and I loved the JK's bro saving Yuri scene. And also the end song. Can anybody say which is it?
  3. ^ I don't know which rule they broke,and don't want to know. I know alot of people who watched the J-ver but still enjoying the K-ver. I love both Kimura Takuya and SIG. Their chars were written according to what suits them the best. The writers could have made MY like Ryo and could have used the same dialogues between MY and JK which were used in the interactions of Ryo and the FL and I would be like "Ok, I know what they are gonna say next" or "Kimura Takuya looked better saying that than SIG".In this version they used different dialogues,characters and scenes which helps me not to compare and is quite interesting. For example in this version they added the character of the doctor which was not there in the J-ver,which will ofcourse make the viewers curious what is his role in this. You too have a nice day
  4. @Aziraphale I know its a re-make but that doesn't mean everything has to be the same. I saw the Jap ver and Ryo's character was manipulating,he used to use others and when he fulfilled his desires he used to find a way to get rid of them. You cannot guess what his next move will be. But here MY is an immature and "I am just time-passing" types. He is totally different from Ryo. I can understand why the writers didn't make MY's char like Ryo cause that eill be too dark. The interactions between Ryo and the FL was different and MY and Jk's interactions are different too and I like it. I think you trying to find Ryo in MY and same goes for the FL Just look this K-ver in a fresh way without comparing it to the J-ver. I am liking the flow of the K-ver and they are sticking to their characters from Ep1 to Ep4. It will be disappointing if MY suddenly turns dark like Ryo bcause his char is different from him.
  5. I want the creator of this thread to write "The Smile has left your eyes" too in the heading so that it becomes easy for others to find out this thread since many know the show by this name. About the drama I was surprised that MY asked JK's bro whether he has killed anyone,looks like he knows them from before and this didn't happen in the original. That is the reason he looks at him in a different way.
  6. @camichi I just said that the J-version was beautiful and sad, I didn't say it the K-version will be bad than this. I was talking about Japanese dramas overall. All the J dramas I watched were beautiful and deep, I was not just talking about this drama. And I am a big fan of SIG, and about spoilers I think everyone knows that it is a sad drama and I don't think so I gave a big spoiler.
  7. I just finished the Japanese version..and I regret watching it It was so sad . I don't know how the K-version will be,hope it will be much lighter .. Japanese dramas are surely the best.
  8. I liked this epi more than the previous episodes. Gosh I thought the second lead guy will be serious business tycoon types but he is such a dork . I love the second leads. I want to feel bad for da young but bona is totally miscast here. She looks too young than the other casts. I like everyone's story except bona's and HSJ maybe cause I don't know much about his character.
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