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  1. Can anyone explain the part where Assemblywoman Yun with Tailor Kim? Was she part of the terror cell? How did Tailor Kim trust her henchman enough to go to the container area to escape out of Korea? It is so suspicious and I am surprised Pres Park didn't do anything to persecute her. Anyway, great ending that ties up all the ends! I am happy with the ending. Season 2 would be a bonus. I love JJH a lot. So handsome!
  2. Hello! I am back!!!! I have been following Voice since the first season. The insanity level of the psychopaths seems to be surpassing every single episode. Is there a meaning behind the butterfly frame? The scene in the prof's office kept repeating shots of the butterfly. The IT guy is definitely suspicious. Perhaps there are more policemen involved with Kaneki since there were scenes where KJ heard the lighter sound at her work place. Does it mean Kaneki somehow has free access in the police station? So many questions to be tied up over the next few episodes!
  3. With the latest episodes, it felt like the climax has been reached. It was so heartwrenching to watch and my heart beat so fast! Since the climax has been reached, i wonder whether the GDG story will be even more heartwrenching and would there be another climax higher than redcry's. Otherwise it seems the last few episodes would be too anti-climax if it cannot be matched.
  4. I am wondering the same too! She was allowed to live which doesn't tally with what Red Cry has been doing. Was it really an accident and a red herring? From all the views in this forum, seems like we have a good theory going on. But it is these kind of minor details that throw the theories off!
  5. In the latest episodes 17 and 18, it was fully focused on Bit Na and her mum. However, the scene with Eunho was interjected with seemingly no connection to the focus. He was drawing pictures of children. Could this be some clue? The children drawn doesnt seem familiar though. What is the significance of this scene? It seems odd to put it in.
  6. Great to hear every one's views! It has been long since I have watched such a whodunnit drama. I am trying to hypothesise Woo Kyung's childhood. Perhaps her real mum loves her and gave her the green dress. Her parents got divorced or mum passed away. She stays with her dad and stepmum. Out of jealousy, her step mum tore her green dress. There was a scene in the hospital where she screamed at her stepmum. Her stepmum scolded her and she shivered so badly and rubbed her palms together begging for forgiveness. This is not normal at all. Hence I concluded the abuse comes from her step mum. Perhaps her dad too? Parents who abuse may not come from hate. They can still show love. It can be due to lack of control of emotions. E.g. anger management. As they age, the emotions tone down too. Like how WK is around her step mum now. My hypothesis doesn't seem dark enough for this drama though.
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