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  1. Hello everyone! Sorry I am late to board the ship. I adored LDW and YIN couple since Goblin days and I was so happy to hear about them reuniting in a new drama. I am unable to start watching TYH as soon as it released and dealing with RL only allows me to start only at about 4 weeks later, and til then, I am only able to watch one or two episodes a week until just a week ago I started to speed up . I finished the drama 3 days ago, which is why I am late (too late to join the drama thread ) and... I only discover this shipper thread today. So here I am! My heart flutters for them and their interactions - and their BTS scenes speak more. I really ship them. I have a lot to backread so I will take a while to catch up. But please keep updating the thread!
  2. Hello! I became a new fan of Yang Se Jong after watching him in 30 but 17. I have only discovered him from the drama (so yes, it is pretty recent) and I have only discovered this thread a couple of days ago so I am sorry that I joined you guys late. I am smitten when I saw him smile for the first time in the drama and I was like, "who is this guy?!" Of course, his acting as Gong Woo Jin is marvelous (and hilarious) and I know he's going to be a big star someday! I'll probably catch up his other dramas when I am freer. Thank you for starting this thread and posting news about him here! I will pop by once in a while to follow his news and his activities. Love.
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