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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1324991wpp/btobs-ilhoon-and-apinks-son-naeun-describe-their-10-year-friendship Speaking about Son Naeun, he said, “I got to know her in 2009 during my third year of middle school,” but could not look her in her eyes while speaking. He continued, “She’s someone who hides herself. There’s a maiden-like feel about her. Since she seems like a maiden from a noble family, I can’t act comfortably towards her even though we’re close.” Son Naeun then made everyone laugh by asking, “You weren’t comfortable with me?”
  2. TaEunians I guess we've got a reason to rejoice now.... after a while... Naeun is so wearing the silver bracelet back! BTOB Jung Il Hoon is surely very close to Apink and not to mention he's Naeun long time friend (childhood friend). He surely knows A LOT about TaEun.
  3. It's been so quiet these days so let's re-live those giddy moments~ isn't she beautiful? Are you imagining what I have in mind seeing Naeun with that outfit (first image)? Taeminnie of Naeunnie~
  4. Yes. I haven't seen the silver bracelet anymore. But I believe they are still together. Why would I think otherwise when several hints are being thrown here and there. Keep that TaEun heart beating dear! Anyways, here's a new vid from one of our lovely TaEun Youtubers.
  5. Hey there TaEunians I am back! Not exactly great atm but recovering. I kept tabs on new members as well. Welcome to the TaEun thread guys! How are your TaEun hearts so far?
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