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  1. I actually have read a lot of good things in the first thread. Everything not really.. I mean most things I know are from the first thread. I actually believe in it because the members posted it around that time (2013). Notice Taemin's outfit (white) was the same clothing as the backhug scene with Minah. And that gondola episode. Notice how Naeun was all affectionate with Taemin? That was after they had a press conference of the parodies. Some fans think that Naeun has to be more forward with HER man as to show to everyone that he is hers and hers alone. Fans suspected that Naeun realized how much Taemin means to her after seeing him so close with another woman (Minah). And if you haven't noticed it Taemin actually impersonated Wooyoung's line in the Wooyoung-Naeun parody of the Master's Sun (gondola episode). That solidified my belief that episode was shot after the parody conference with Taemin-Minah and Wooyoung-Naeun as leads. And do you think producers of that parody were clueless about TaEun's chemistry on broadcast? No! I think they paired up Taemin with Minah and Naeun with another guy because it will get am impact. Marketing. Publicity if that's what u call that. They knew Taemin and Naeun got something deeper than just what we saw on TV so for audience impact what they did was to pair them up with other people. It worked!
  2. I strongly think that Taemin got paired with Girl's Day Minah was b/c he mentioned Girl's Day during his visit at the Apink Dorm. Note that the parody was shot around the time of WGM filming. Taemin mentioning Girl's Day at that episode (Episode 17) around Apink could just be random but publicity of the mention hit big especially that Naeun was disliked by many Taemints/Shawols. So what the production of that event did was to pair them up (Taem and Minah). Also the parody filming of the hug scene of Taem and Minah happened on the same day when Taem filmed WGM with Naeun on that MBC date episode (SHINee ajubunims of Naeun). I agree with you. There really has a gap around 2014 - 2015. Many TAEUNIANS think the same way as well. 2014 was the start of the adjustment period of the two from making the couple thing on broadcast into a real one. From REEL to a REAL one. The silver bracelet is the biggest hint ever in the TAEUN Land! I don't buy anything saying that it's just a coincidence b/c it's way too identical and if you think about it, Naeun is avoiding any bad publicity to protect her image as the center and her Apink members so why wear an identical one to Taem's silver bracelet? So its bottomline IT'S FROM TAEMIN. period. Don't forget that Taeming might have given it to her not just b/c she is his GF but he gave it to her to give her greater strength to be able to live in the kind of industry they're in. And they share the same faith (catholic) so it's no surprise. Yes! He obviously loves her. Taeminnie loves Nangnie. Oh btw... Welcome to the TAEUN LAND! He's long said that he wanted to protect her. The Japanese TAEUNIANS gave Naeun that and she pointed it out b/c they are together. That's exactly my thought as well.
  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=alighieri+necklace+Sicilian+bleeding+heart&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjz5b3hg6LkAhVWEKYKHZjGCaAQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=alighieri+necklace+Sicilian+bleeding+heart&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3...22408.31455..32017...2.0..0.449.4885.0j11j11j0j1......0....1.........0j0i30j0i8i30j33i10.9n8dsTi6Zw8&ei=xphkXfPqMNagmAWYjaeACg&bih=1024&biw=768&prmd=isnv#imgrc=Xxoa0AIVjmbIuM Naeun was wearing a bleeding heart necklace yesterday (August 26).
  4. @shawapink22 I am seriously liking how you are into all these pearl aqua dots on Naeun's ig posts these days. I mean, you're speaking for us all. You speak our minds. I love it!
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1dbsgaB9U7b1ts6bj8B0bLm5H9MXN3T_MsBLg0/?igshid=w2s9r7qdd2ly Feels like a White Day!
  6. Today is Taemin's 5th Solo debut anniversary. What's the color of Taemin's album during MOVE era btw? RED. Ah jinjja~
  7. It could really be the small letters L and M since he made a "ltm" as his name. Who knows he was consistent enough to bravely put the L and M together. He wanted fans to think (which I did) it as LEE MIN but it's actually a LEE MARCELLA. Uwu~ this babycheese is so cunning! Naeun was even teasing fans way back of that VLTN post during White Day in Korea. She covered the VL which shows the letters T and N only. Even Taemin had a necklace during a performance with a pendant T and N. The letters weren't that clear but most fans read it as T and N put together. And haters still think they are not dating? Oh c'mon!
  8. @shawapink22 omg! your imagination is shaking our TaEun hearts! I didn't think of that! That's so cute if that's what he meant when he made his IG name. Coz he is a LEE after all and Marcella is right on Naeun's baptismal certificate. OMG! It's crazy yet so uwu-worthy! I thought that Taemin just omitted his TAE (first name) and just named himself as LEE MIN but the LEE MARCELLA makes sense too! I love how you think fam~
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1G7AfwhwB0Pf8R0a4N8bJi0CE43i3GCWoZMWo0/?igshid=z60h6554zcyq Kaja kaja!!!
  10. And the fact her own sister was teasing her. Another thing, Taemin posted a picture in a practice room? And he was using a white iPhone. Naeun posted an airport pic with the same phone just that it's a black case. I mean her airport pics were released having an iPhone in her hand. And these pics were just within a week period. Oh my muffins~ uwu~ these two really.
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