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  1. Just dropping by to greet my muffin Francisco Lee a happiest birthday!!! Amid this pandemic your birthday still gives me comfort. ❤
  2. Alright guys. I am back (for now). I missed you actually! Anyways, I can't seem to keep up with the posts for the past weeks. It's been quite a while that I last posted here. Back to TaEun world. I've been quite stressed lately b/c of the situation that the world is facing now. In regards to that taken down of the YT vids and it's all TAEUN vids. I heard that they are re-airing WGM TAEUN in South Korea now that maybe the reason why. And guys, don't u worry about if they are still together or not coz THEY STILL ARE FREAKING LOVING EACH OTHER UNTIL NOW. Why I said so? HAHAHA.. oh well, gutfeels on the roll. First off, those things fans just think that are small things if put together they are one big hint. I cannot elaborate everything to u since I know and we all know how stronger hints are flying from here to there, right TaEunians? And just think if these hints stop for some time, oh well... being in a relationship that long 7 years and counting u cannot really give away hints anymore coz you as a couple and us fans knew quite well that they really are a couple. Nothing can make me change my mind more now. My head may have been in a lockdown too but my belief that these two are GF and BF won't waver. And Taemin getting bolder each hint is too wonderful to ignore. Don't get pressed about those villains in their story coz at the end of the clouds there's always that rainbow of hope. And note guys, it's been freaking 7 years now why are Apink and any SHINee member won't talk about their WGM still? Why others can do that freely easily? Others think, it could be because it has longed ended and it's not a recent thing to talk about, hell no... i don't think that way completely. Yes, they could be more mature now that they feel it's not new but the reason behind it could be b/c they have matured and they are still together. They have been growing in love together over the years. So keep that TAEUN heart beating TaEunians! Those haters, let them hate, they can't change what's really real. By the way, welcome to the new TaEunians! Welcome to the TAEUN WORLD!
  3. Guys. I miss you all. It's sad news now. I'll gather more info on this matter first. I'll be back. Keep that TaEun heart beating still!
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