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  1. Ahh JHs homemade mom food looks so good now I’m starving and I want some of her dishes!!
  2. Freakin mom. I’m not fluent in Korean but I’m pretty sure she admitted that she didn’t tell SH to break up with JH because mom didn’t want him to get hurt. It was because she was afraid of the media or people’s gossip and her normal life being disrupted.
  3. Whoever predicted that the rotting corpse from the first episode was SH was correct. Seeing the body with the necklace (though her body looks completely intact and fine compared to the charred body in ep1) confirms that it was SH. Probably that awful smell of flowers was really the corpse.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/FeXISa8 who got beauty and the beast vibes from the way that SH preserved her flowers?
  5. I wonder if it will take JHs mom witnessing from afar SHs mom or MIL treat her badly to realize she’s making a mistake.
  6. @jongski @rittoo I think we will see LH as much as the other characters and the leads. I’m totally on board with @circulate9oo prediction that LH and HSs little sister DR are gonna meet at the temple and heal each other’s wounds. Maybe even fall in love?
  7. For some reason I thought there were only 12. We have 16 right?
  8. When you get excited for a new ep tomorrow and realize there won’t be one till Thursday...
  9. Certainly there is a huge elephant in the room right now with SW still being unaware of the kings true identity. That is also the big reservation many viewers having when wanting to ship these two. Personally, after seeing how easily the king said to kill SWs dad and abandon her at the palace to the evil court lady and his vengeful mother while he sinks deeper in his drug addiction as well as the countless consorts and concubines he has (yeah I get kings always had a pseudo harem, but was it always as big as this? And way to pick your women LH, they are all after the queen instead of being on your side with pure intentions) makes it really hard for me to even ship him with her. We had the flashback of the scene on the night of their wedding where he shows a side to him that could possibly make me go on the fence about him being a completely bad guy. One does have to wonder what changed him, his dads death? His brothers? I think maybe even the harem thing was because it started with the ministers suggesting he bed another woman because the queen wasn’t getting pregnant. Maybe thinking of the best for the king and country, she agreed and that offended the king (like when she gave talisman to girl). Whatever it may have been, it still doesn’t justify how he doesn’t deserve SW. HS has never grown up with the kind of power YH had and still was able to protect her in a way I don’t think YH ever has since they’ve been married. So I think when she does find out and things come into perspective, she will certainly be on HS’s side and continue to trust him (he saved her father’s life, her life from the court lady fiasco, and has been a major support to her throughout these difficulties). I ship it so bad!! *lets out maniac michoso fan girl screams* Haha I know right a girl can only hope! One does have to wonder though what started the king to suddenly build up this harem when plot twist his heart has always been with the queen. oh I totally have to throw this theory out. Its probably a long shot since HS has given no indication that he has known the queen in the past (unless he doesn’t recognize her or she was wearing a mask or hiding her appearance of some sort) but what if HS was who SW met first before the king? Like they had interacted once and she had fallen for him, excited to find out he happened to be the very person she was betrothed to without knowing they’re two separate people? So it was acutely HS she had fallen in love with first thinking it was the crown prince?? It could also explain why she doesn’t have a sneaking suspicion yet that the king is acting differently...I mean they were together all these years and he doesn’t seem like he has changed at all? That has confused me a little.
  10. I would like to think they haven’t consummated yet so that HS can be her first but my theory is the formerl they have consummated but she couldn’t conceive because of court lady’s witch craft and poisoning/birth control.
  11. What. Did it really just end? I’m so confuse.d please please someone explain to me everything.
  12. May becoming from bias here, but I feel like uri OTPs new dramas don’t have the same sizzling chemistry with their leads like they did with each other. SH is amazing in his current drama hero, but I just don’t see the same fondness in his eyes and smile like he had in INAR. Same with SB, she was spectacular in WSL but (do not read if you don’t want to know the end of stars land) Please kdrama gods! I pray you cast these two again in a new show together, PLEASE!!!!!!
  13. Usually I wait till a show is 6 or so episodes in if I’m gonna watch a currently airing show. But I couldn’t resist starting this since day 1 last week. With the momentum of the story right now, I love where it is going and I hope it keeps up this pace. https://imgur.com/a/wDPN8CS fellow theorists unite!! I screenshotted this in ep 3 in the scene when the queen is given some tea to ‘help her sleep’ and it is then focused on this tea(?) box. Not sure if it’s the designs or the tea itself (like maybe it’s the same kind of drug king smokes in his pipe). Was wondering what you guys thought of this because this detail stuck out to me and I need some input!
  14. I wonder if CSH will buy the playground chaebol style before it’s demolished. Or more like hope she does.
  15. Could it be the island is for human traficking? That’s where she gets all her milk for the baths and maybe also the ‘awful smell flowers’ is a plant from the island.p so it also has some kind of vegetation for a unique flower.
  16. I think we all unanimously agree to disagree with the never comments about shipping LH and SN. Along with everything he’s done to her, there’s also the fact that he is responsible for her mother’s death and in most kdramas a dynamic like that is taboo. Not that has stopped leads in the past but these two episodes felt like SN and WB were getting closer as LH and her drifted more apart now that she knows his involvement with her mother’s death. At the same time, I think this just makes his ‘love’ (I use that loosely because it’s a debate if he’s even capable of that) stronger for her because he wants what he can’t have, especially now that his bestie is doting after her. He knows he can’t be mad at SN like he was at SH because this time it was him who pushed the man to seduce the empress. Even if knetz viewers are supporting the LH-SN ship , I don’t think writers would even have enough time to switch everything around, we are more than 2/3 past the drama and it would be absolutely absurd if SN has a sudden change of heart (not that this show has ever strayed away from the absurd ) who was that guy that approached YR in mental hospital??
  17. I don’t think it’s healthy for SH to remain as CEO. Yes the hotel was everything to her after the divorce, but that was before she met JH, who is now her everything. And I’m not saying she should throw away everything she worked for for a man, on the contrary I’m saying that now that she has found something more important meaningful than the hotel, she should become her true self and pursue what makes her happy and truly flourish. Seeing her glance at her CEO name tag, and stare at the blank spot where she had to sign, and flashing back to the times she described her history with this hotel, shows to me that until she met JH, being CEO helped her pass time and endure living in this world she never wanted to really be apart of in the first place. But now she shaving second thoughts about it all. Is this really what she wants? Or what she thought she wanted because she had been forced into a marriage and maybe this hotel was her way to rptoect herself and feel powerful in such a powerless situation? Yet now that she has JH who has helped her erase the fear within her, she doesn’t need the hotel anymore or the CEO position. I could see her running an art gallery. And succeeding effortlessly seeing how amazing she’s been as CEO. If she remains CEO till the end, that’s fine too, but this evil MIl and annoying ex hubby have a lot of redeeming to do.
  18. The dramas potential went to waste. We are near the end, but I have yet so see the detective consult BYW for advice in the psychopaths he’s after for cases. And the main villain is mediocre at best (compared to some of the big baddies i’ve Seen on Black, switch, players, etc that set the bar high for evil. If he was gonna be the main villain, at least ave some big boss behind him or another layer of story than just depending on the other bad detective and money. After a point it just becomes ridiculous how JM is still alive and free after so many injuries and run in with police.) don’t get me wrong. Love show and characters, just wish that there had been more originality and twists to show.
  19. @bebebisous33 they also both have places in their room that they put the gifts they got from each other.
  20. @bebebisous33 what I love about the leads are that they are both creative in their own right. SH loves art and JH loves literature. What’s fascinating is this is embodied in the drama itself with the mystical art we see at the beginning of each ep and through SH’s collection, as well as the poetry and when JH quotes a work he is reading. This adds to the depth within the drama. Because it is not just the sense of the story, but the character themselves.
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