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  1. Sometimes I am a bit annoyed (is that the right word?) by the lack of exciting news/ or him making unwise career decisions (like joining MBN to TVChosun). But then, wicked folks like JJY come along and prove that it is better to be plain old vanilla ice-cream than to be a cocktail filled with date-rape drugs. P.S. PD Kim Sung really rolled a crappy hand to inherit the time-bomb from PD Ilyong.... Hopefully he handles it well. Maybe Yong Jin (clean and devoted to girlfriend of 7 years) is a good addition (almost godsend) after all. Hopefully the pervert's departure will usher an era of stability for 1 night 2 days. I'd hate for this weekly happy pill (only reason to look forward to Mondays) to go away.
  2. I can't shake the feeling that Yoo Ilyong PD has something to do with this casting. PD Yoo leaves KBS (&1N2D) to join MBN, then YSY suddenly becomes MC for a MBN program. Hope that this thing is seasonal, obscure networks like TVChosun give me the chills.... Even if he is trying to emulate CTH (to be an all-rounder), MBN does not seem to be a good place to start.
  3. With so much mud-slinging going on around, take a chill pill and watch 1N2D brothers banter, with bonus of our Donggu guesting through phone call.... Can tell he is well-loved by his hyungs.... Hope that he physically guests on this show soon as well.
  4. Looks like season 4 is being set in motion faster than I originally anticipated. By season 4, I would presume that KJM + 1 or 2 of the current, less busy members will anchor the new team. 1D2N has been slowly gearing the content towards more youth friendly content (like Jeonju Live episodes), perhaps a younger batch of PDs is the precursor of the diversification in direction.
  5. Lee Young Jin's internship could possibly signal 3 things: 1. Testing the water for 'outgoing' member, which is likely the busier and more expensive of the 6 which is YDG (drama/movie projects piling up), CTH (seem to have become more laissez faire, with the most recent one where he went sightseeing when everyone else was chasing down LYJ) or JJY (wearing many hats as pro-gamer, CEO, musician etc.). Objectively, I think CTH has the most motivation to retire cos he doesn't really need 1N2D and he needs to do less risky stuff (like Radio Star), he has a family after all. Second would likely be YDG, cos he is an actor first and foremost and right from the point he joined 1N2D, he was pretty clear that it would be temporary. 2. Taking a page from running man to keep status quo while expanding 'player' base to create new dynamics between members, in effort to keep ratings buoyant in the face of competition from Master in the House. From the recent SBS awards, it is pretty clear that the station is adamant to promote MitH as the poster boy for the station now that Running Man is entering its sunset years. I mean who better to fight for viewership than a former member of the best performing program on Sunday? 3. Precursor to 1N2D season 4. The average age of the season 3 cast has reached ~39 years old and it will get increasingly difficult for the PD to do physically challenging or even embarrassing activities without posing risks to the current members' health/dignity (the original concept of 1N2D is to earn food and sleep through silly activities). You can see with more recent episodes toning down on rigorous activities. Personally, I am hoping that it is situation 2, I like the current members and will sorely miss my weekly happy pill. However, IMHO, it is most likely situation 3. Ultimately, 1N2D is KBS biggest cash cow and going concern is the number 1 priority of the station. The members are getting older, so its not a question of if, but a question of when; whether 1N2D S3 will go out with a whimper or a bang.
  6. Sometimes I don't understand... Does he have some predilection for historical drama? Historical dramas tend not to outperform in terms of ratings, take hwarang for example, stacked with idols and fairly decent cast (park seo joon), ratings in the toilet... Which is probably why A-listers rarely take sageuks in drama form... I was hoping that his next drama projects are with TVN or JTBC, both channels have been churning out fairly interesting stuff lately, with actors/actresses hitting the jackpot. I thought that Your Honor would have opened up more modern-based dramas for him to pick and choose, sighs.... Besides, sageuks usually involve very intense crying/wailing, as he shared on 1 night 2 days during their short trip to Sapsido, when he was filming that drama. I mean that its great to challenge acting skills, but it does wear down the actor emotionally when he gets immersed.... P.s. funny how we are in perfect understanding when 'that drama' is mentioned.
  7. Looks like they are adapting from the 1n2d episode where Donggu and Junho were selected to climb a mountain to meet the 'natural-man'. Donggu-Junho dynamics is adorable~
  8. I think the core reason LYY's pic wasn't up there is largely due to her being 1N2D's unofficial sister-in-law, the crew and the members had a close knit relationship and were there to support LYY last year during the tragic incident. Besides, Kim Joo Hyuk's 1 year anniversary was just around the corner, the crew chose to exclude her pic for that funny moment out of respect. If YSY were to progress with LYY in real life, may invoke public unhappiness. Because YSY replaced KJH as the 6th member of 1N2D, it wouldn't look nice if YSY replaces as LYY's life partner as well...... P.S. sorry bout bringing the ship some realism.... just my 2 cents
  9. I did a little digging to find out why ratings were depressed. Sad to say, DJ/YH is up against TVN's Familiar Wife, anchored by Ji Sung, admittedly another credible and solid actor. Familiar Wife saw ratings go up from 4.7% for ep.1 to 5.5% in ep.2 (very solid rating for a cable network), so much so that every other drama is suffering in terms of ratings. If you compare yesterday's ratings with last Thurs ratings, see a definite depression from 7.7% in ep.4 to 7.1% in ep.8 with the debut of Familiar Wife this week. Looks like an uphill battle for the drama... Nevertheless, DJ/YH fighting!
  10. This cast is solid and anchored by real actors and not by someone who draws crowds with his/her outlandish popularity with nothing else to offer except a pretty face. I am excited. On a side note, given that YSY is contractually bound to be Donggu on KBS Sunday, looks like Sung Dong Il will be the cast responsible for promoting the drama on Running Man. Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002715702 Hopefully the drama starts off well and gets an mid-leg boost from YSY's appearance on LOTJ Sabah. P.S. He should be appearing earliest 17 August? LOTJ PD probably would want to allot more airtime to Wanna One.
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