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  1. On 6/17/2014 at 9:42 AM, ArielleP said:

    just my two cents regarding SJH&JJH 'dating'. SJH said in Yasimanman on 2009 that she and her ex were together for 4 years. Goong was shown in January 2006 which made the filming during 2005. This would mean that there is a huge chance that JJH&SJH were really a couple. SJH also confessed on RM ep 24 that she dated an actor and HaHa asked her to leave a message for him. You could see that there was still pain in her eyes. To me it felt like they,her then ex boyfriend and her, had just broken up. This was in 2010. Which could just support the theory.


    Back to the present. It would really be awkward for her to see him eventhough they've both moved on. And that's probably why she's stood behind KJK or KJK stood in front of her to protect her. however you wanna look at it. That's probably one of the reasons why they weren't put in the same team. The PD's didn't want the show to be a whole mess and awkward.

    I do believe they were dating. Most rumors back then didnt get confirmed by both sides but knetz still believe it because a lot of people testified it. Just like Nichkhun-Tiffany. SM said they been together for 4 months but knetz knew they were together for 4 years. it's like an open secret

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  2. Can someone help me? It looks like someone copy one of the Another Oh Hae Young ost. You can listen it here. Could we report it together? I already report it to CJ E&M about it but it's better if there are a lot of report so they will see it. Thank you


  3. 48 minutes ago, cloudiee1004 said:

    about JSM,  i like her, just as normal as other celebrity,no hates at all. I dont really like to bring her up here, as this is a SA forums, and i m not the maknae anymore (YAY!!!) XD.


    views about the loveline created. 

      Reveal hidden contents

    I just don't like how the producers or the video editer, or even the music arranger. They tend to create love line just to get views, I know this is how a broadcasting system works, but i just don't like it, just my personal views. MUD, BP or even RM. tbh 


    i am sorry if my spoiler spoilt your moods , here some cute gifs :)




    Cheers everyone ! :heart:

    Woooah thank you for the gift. After all this time I always thought that KJK just casually holding her arm/hand. But actually he caress her hand

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  4. Hey so I'm new to this forum. I first read it because I'm getting interested with KJK and SJH interactions. I'm just someone who like to watch RM. So I hope there are not gonna some hatred comments to one of the member. They're all members from variety show who are met every week. So it's normal for them to be close. Don't read it too much. And for the loveline we already knew how SBS work. So just see it as something fun

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