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  1. Welcome all new members! (Sorry I've been kind of silent). Shipping SA is a marathon, not a sprint. But there's always people around to chat with! (And a lot if my thoughts on early SA are in the episode lists linked to on the first page if y'all haven't seen those yet)
  2. I miss seeing their dynamic on RM too. I also think the love line pushed things to far, so they made the decision to back off their interactions on RM. There are, of course, other possible explanations, but based on things we've seen, I think this is the most likely. It's sad for us shippers who like to see their interactions, but what can we do? I'd rather they make decisions they feel comfortable with, rather than force them to have interactions on RM for my sake. RM is RM, and their real lives are their real lives. While the two may bleed over from time to time, we should remember that just
  3. I'm sure they date a lot in their cars (as much k celebs do). So, RM ep 251 where the RM members and guests talked about dating is an interesting ep. Now, if you look at the married men (HH, YJS, JSJ, etc.) they always talked about dated they went on with their wives. It was never about anyone before that. So, if KJK and SJH were together at that point, likely they would only write down dates with each other or partners that we back when they were in high school (e.g. KJK's nightclub date, which was so long ago and so young). Anyway, KJK wrote down both the USA and Thailand on his bingo card.
  4. @apk02 Welcome! It can be frustrating to ship spartace, but it's also good fun if you let yourself relax and just enjoy the ride. And I think most of your observations are correct. Most of the time we see SJH and KJK interact is in front of cameras. It's not surprising that a couple trying to keep their relationship secret would be very wary of the cameras whenever they interact on RM. I don't know if SJH is close with YSC because of KJK, even if she's slow to befriend people, she is capable of forming friendships on her own. But there are definitely other instances where we know one of SA is
  5. Love lines are business. Love lines are there to attract viewers and raising the ratings. That includes the SA love line. The SA love line in 2019 (and before that) was used by RM to attract viewers and raise the ratings. That doesn't mean SA isn't dating, but it does mean that many SA moments on RM and other shows after 2016 were scripted. So we have to look at these moments with a discerning eye. But, beyond love lines, also any dynamic pushed in the shows are business (KJK-HH, YJS-LKS, etc.) That's not to say that there isn't any truth behind them (I don't think anyone will dispute KJK and
  6. The MUD episode is interesting for sure. To be clear, it came at a time when MC was over and KJK had no competing love line, so some hints and jokes about KJK-SJH potentially being things were allowed. I need to re-watch the MUD ep to give my full thoughts but I can provide some stuff. There's some questions as to whether the plane ride mentioned was the one to the USA that KJK and SJH got caught by fans being on the same plane. (Attached is a pictures that has photos of the incident.) Basically, both KJK and SJH had a schedule in NY in 2015. However, there was no annou
  7. They seem comfortable behind cameras to me. Even if they're trying to be professional post-break up, I would still think they wouldn't be freely linking arms if they didn't have to or standing in such a position. It's nice to see them being comfortable behind the scenes though since they haven't been focused on in recent eps. Happy mother's day to everyone! I hope y'all are having a good day! I'll watch the new ep later!
  8. Spartace Moments Ep 501: 0:37 - When YSC mentioned that SJH took home the bluetooth headphones, KJK immediately jumps in to joke that SJH will think they're broken. (He once again supports her Wall Ji Hyo character.) 0:54 - This probably has more to do with standing order (the older members stand closer to the center), but YSC moves aside when SJH arrives so she ends up next to KJK. 3:20 - It looks like KJK and SJH are relatively close to one of the male guests, LYK, because SJH pats his back and KJK touches the back of his neck to greet him. YSC actually says he and LYK
  9. I agree with these moments. Such cute times. Would y'all add anything?
  10. @fgtoev1 Sorry if I'm slow to respond! I've been finishing up grad school this last month and haven't have time for much else. And thank you so much for your kind words! I've just been around awhile and can have an opinion on almost anything if people ask me to. Shipping can be a lot of fun! Hopefully we can bring this forum back to life a little! I also don't really ship real life people unless I genuinely believe they're dating. As a result, I also have theories that I don't like to discuss on public forums. However, if anyone has anything they'd like to talk about in private, fe
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