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  1. Does anyone else find it interesting that no one tried to accuse KJk and SJH of being the secret couple in the beginning? They're the new love line, so it seems like an obvious choice to tease them, but instead YJS goes for LKS who's in apublic relationship. (Because spartace is the actual relationship). Even when KJK and SJH are paired due to the spoon game, no one tries to accuse them of being the secret couple. I just found it interesting.
  2. Let's not forget that we're only seeing a small portion of everything that went on during filming. Not matter what, SJH did still call him yeobo. Maybe they got into a slight argument during/before filming, maybe not. I'm sure some of the private aspects of their relationship spill into filming every now and again. Maybe there was something going on or the moments we saw just happened to be the moments where they were far apart. Things like that happen, and I don't think it's a big deal unless it happens all the time. I also think if KJK and SJH had been their usual selves, it would have been disrespectful to HJY and the fans of the KJK-HJY love line. If KJK and SJH had been pressured to hold hands and calling each other "yeobo" constantly, I think it would have come across as rude to HJY, and it would seem like RM has completely throw that love line away. From the looks of it, both KJK and SJH get along well with HJY behind the scenes, and I don't think they would want her to look like a scorned/past woman. KJK and SJH have also always been super cautious about their relationship and the public (we were literally teased with a KJK-SJH love line for years before it actually became a thing and YJS even stated in one opening that KJK and SJH wanted to take their love line slow). I doubt they'd want their love line to offend HJY and shippers of the KJK-HJY love line by acting too attentive towards each other and ignoring her. I actually think RM did a good job of showing some KJK-HJY moments, while still having KJK choose SJH as his partner. The articles have focused on KJK choosing SJH out of HJY and SJH even though that's not quite what happened. KJK and HJY seem to have moved past/in the process of moving past their love line, but they're not being rude to their fans about it by pretending like love line didn't exist.
  3. I think SJH doesn't like her name being known to the public. My guess is that she changed it because her real name was revealed by YJS and the RM cast in the early days, and hence why she got mad at YJS for saying her changed name. But it's interesting that KJK calls her by her name and not her stage name. Especially if she never revealed her name change to other cast members. It seems like she didn't want them to know, but she's comfortable with KJK calling her by that name? KJK truly is the exception to everything. No head patting (unless it's KJK), don't put an arm around her waist (unless it's KJK), don't call her by her real name (unless it's KJK), she doesn't like flattery (unless it's KJK). People can say what they want, but I don't think anyone can reasonably dispute that KJK is the member SJH is closest to. They appear on each others shows, she hangs out with his friends, he calls her by her real name, she calls him "yeobo" beyond a one episode joke. What's always made spartace suspicious is that in 2014-2016, RM went out of their way to hide how close SJH and KJK were. We got snippets here and there (such as the mystery box episode and when SJH said she goes tanning with KJK), but mainly the two of them went without acknowledging that they were close. They went from being the Commander and Ace to having no dynamic in the show. It was especially weird because in fancams and outside of RM, you could see how close they were. And the show would occasionally show scenes like their peppero game, where the RM cast went wild over the idea of KJK and SJH. And it's not as if KJK and SJH were an unpopular pairing, so why didn't production go out of its way to edit down spartace moments. That's really what convinced me that there was something to hide. Of course, things are different now. MC is over.The public is actually supportive of the idea of KJK and SJH as a couple, so I think they are okay having a love line on the show. KJK said a long time ago (after HH's marriage) that he didn't want to surprise people with his marriage. I don't know if those words still hold true today, but I don't think anyone would be shocked if it was revealed KJK and SJH are dating. Of course, they've been doing most of this stuff (besides the "yeobo" thing of course) for years. I'm actually kind of amazed that people still think they're just friends. This is about as close as they can get to openly dating without actually openly dating.... Lol I just went on a long ramble.
  4. Some Thoughts Watching ep 442: Does anyone know if KJK speaks when the other guys are calling SJH "pretty"? I might have missed it. Anyways, when SJH does her introduction in the beginning, KJK turns fully towards her, while the other cast are still facing the camera. Everyone's talked about how KJK approached SJH. As someone else mentioned, there's an element of confidence but also shyness. He knows she'll say yes to being his partner, but also he's making a bit of a show in front of everyone and of course HH and YSC are going to tease him about it. They are indeed the strongest couple. I love how SJH used KJK's techniques in her own battles. I also love how SJH tells KJK his nickname by saying hers. It's the Ace and... Commander. They know they're a set just as much as we do lol. And this was their final answer after they both won. (SIde note: the staff 100% gave that as SJH's word on purpose.)
  5. I think for fans, it feels uncertain partly because we are uncertain if KJK and SJH are dating. Therefore, all our insecurities as fans as to whether spartace are actually together get projected onto their friends who appear to us as potential threats to the relationship. However, for HH and Byul or KJK and SJH, they know exactly what their relationship is and how strong it is. For clearly defined relationship, the other person having friends of the opposite gender is not a big deal. I think as fans we simply have to understand that we see only a minuscule fraction of their interactions. KJK and SJH know what their relationship is. KJK is known as a loyal man (and SJH has called him as such) for a reason. He and SJH are the most loyal member of RM for a reason. They know what their relationship is. They know what each other is comfortable with. And if one of them does something that upsets the other, they are adults and have known each other long enough to be able to talk about it. And there is nothing fans can do to change that. At most, fans can post comments on social media telling KJK, SJH, and JSM what to do - which will only cause dislike for the spartace fandom and make KJK, SJH, and JSM uncomfortable. Therefore, why worry ourselves about something outside of our control. Spartace shippers need to be in it for a the long-haul. Worrying about every article and love line will only exhaust you. Instead, let's focus on the fun things. So, let's have a fun discussion. I've been working (slowly but surely) on the 2017 and 2018 spartace moments lists, so I'm curious what everyone's favorite spartace episodes are from those years and why. Side note: if you want to help with the list, please let me know!
  6. Everyone - take a deep breath and think of calming things. Like puppies and kittens. Go watch a cat video if you need to. When you're calm, then come back and consider this article. Firstly, KJK and JSM are not dating and are not into each other like that. I'm pretty sure JSM knows KJK and SJH are dating, and she is a fan of both of them. I adore JSM, but I think she has a tendency to be rather thoughtless in her actions where she doesn't always think through how her actions will be perceived. Because of that, she occasionally puts others (including spartace) in comfortable situations. That does not mean anything bad about her; it's just something to note when considering JSM's actions. Secondly, KJK and SJH are allowed to have friends of the opposite gender. I go out to get drinks one on one with my male friends who are married or in relationships all the time. I also know their wives/girlfriends who are all fine with it. Do I have anything going on with any of those guys? Nope. We're just friends. What happened between KJK is even less dramatic, because from the sounds of it, KJK brought his younger male friends along - most likely to introduce JSM to. Side note: I also wouldn't be surprised if KJK felt bad for reveal JSM's secret about asking to be set up with LKS's friend, and introducing her to his dongsaengs was his way of apologizing. Finally, let us please be respectful of the women KJK associates with. It would be rude and childish of us as fans to expect KJK to put a twenty-foot wall around himself so that no women can be friends with him simply because he might be dating SJH. KJK is allowed to have female friends. (Of course, this goes the other way as well, but I don't see fans get nearly as mad at SJH for having male friends as they do at KJK for having female friends.) And if KJK is dating someone other than SJH, then that's his choice and we should respect that, and be respectful of the woman he chooses to date. Shipping is supposed to be fun; let's not ruin that fun by worrying over every little article or making negative comments about other celebrities. Smile, and take a break to watch cat videos if you need to.
  7. @Francess00 Welcome to the forum! And thank for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed MC for the entertainment value it brought in the beginning, but when fans started taking it too seriously, it lost its appeal for me. Still, I'm glad that there were reasonable MC fans like you. I think MC got to the point where KG and SJH could not be on the show together and be in relationships with other people. I'm glad he's doing well, and I miss him on RM. I wish he could come back for a special episode. I am usually not someone who ships real people unless they're openly in a relationship, but I'm confident that KJK and SJH are dating and have been for a long time (since 2013). For people who are new to spartace, this tends to sound like an outlandish statement, but there is a lot to back this up (I can certainly explain it or direct anyone to conversations about this if anyone is curious). Though I doubt spartace will ever admit to having started dating back in 2013 even if they do get married, so this theory will most likely always remain an unconfirmed theory. Al hat being said, we should be cautious not to put too much pressure on KJK and SJH. Yes, it's great that they're no longer pretending that they aren't close and are now giving us spartace as a love line, but I would hate for things to become uncomfortable for them because fans keep dictating to them how to live their love lives. They're full grown adults who have been in the entertainment industry for decades. They know what they're doing far better than any of us. Let's support them, but not push our own feelings onto them, and even if they don't end up together, let's still support them as individuals.
  8. Virginia is not close to LA. LA is west coast and Virginia's east coast. It's about an 8 hour flight depending. That being said, LA is on the way back from Virginia, and you'd probably need a connecting flight from the west coast anyway. Though this is the closest they've ever had a concert to me. Lol maybe I should try to go. Virginia's a weird place for them to have an east coast concert though. NY or Massachusetts would be better.
  9. @dropdead Final Welcome to the forum! Many people have already answered your question about the bracelets so I won't continue the point. A lot of people have wondered about the bracelets before too. I think some argument could be made that SJH influenced KJK to start wearing his bracelet more often (KJK didn't start wearing his regularly until 2013). But on here, after looking into it, we came to the conclusion that they wore the bracelets for individuals reasons and not because they're a couple. Also, I'm glad SJH talked about the bracelet in an interview - we've had a lot of discussions about it on here. Thanks for sharing, @pink007! My Thoughts on Ep 440: When given the choice, KJK and SJH will choose to be on the same team. I think they do the hand-grabby thing quickly when they get in the same car. Interestingly, we don't get to see the phone call to SJH despite the new spartace love line. During the jump rope part, when SJH tells everyone to concentrate, KJK then repeats her words. They also count the jump together. SJH always feels more active when she's with KJK. SJH and KJK ride together to the next location. It says SJH gave KJK 30 dollars to ride in his car, but when SJH arrives third at the location and gets the flag, you can see KJK in the screen. I'm guessing he let her grab it.d Or she paid him later on, and production just needed to explain the change in money. When KJK wins the pop-up pirate game, SJH is the only one not complaining. Later on, she is also the first (and only one of two) to clap when KJK wins. SJH is the only one who is is happy when KJK wins lol. SJH finds KJK's "clubbed at dawn" joke to be hilarious. When YSC is sticking the pop-up pirate, KJK and SJH lean forward at the same time. Mirror Couple. Everyone's already talked a lot about the yeobo thing, so I won't repeat it. SJH seemed pleased when HH's brother-in-law joke, and I love how happily she plays along. She never went along quite so happily with MC, and was usually very passive. While HH remains captain of the ship, the other members seemed to have toned it down a little. I think in the beginning, they were thrilled to be to openly tease spartace, but now they're a little more mellow. It was like one of those things where you've had to keep all the jokes you've wanted to make bottled up for years and when you're finally free (to some extent) the cast went a little overboard with the teasing.
  10. @Kyo1991 Welcome to the forum!!! I've been busy lately and haven't been able to post as much, but welcome to all the new posters who I haven't had a chance to say "welcome" to yet! I'm glad y'all decided to start posting on this forum! We love hearing everyone's thoughts here, and it's okay to have different opinions as long as we're respectful of everyone. If you have any questions or want to chat in private, feel free to PM me. I'm always happy to talk! I have the feeling we're going to be into for a wild ride over the next year everyone, so let's stay strong, be friendly, and most importantly have fun!
  11. I agree. I don't mind the teasing every once in awhile (it's natural for friends to tease a couple and would be weird if the rest of the cast didn't tease them), but I did feel it got too heavy handed at points last episode. As a spartace fan, I don't mind the teasing, because if KJK and SJH really had a problem, they can talk to HH and tell him how they feel. But I can understand how non-spartace viewers could be frustrated by all the teasing, and I would much rather viewers see their natural interactions like this one that the forced handholding.
  12. I love this scene! As many have said, KJK is very rarely one to initiate things in a love line. I also just love how it plays out. HH and YSC trying to convince SJH, and KJK gets up at the end and walks forward like he knows he's got this. I actually find HH's reaction interesting. His first response is to shove KJK. Based on the last few episode, HH should get excited and be like "Ohhhh what's going on?" but his first response is annoyance. Because he's knows KJK's going to win as soon as KJK says that lol. It reminds me of SJH's special with the MT trip where SJH is in control for the day, and she says she hates it when the guys compliment her. But KJK calls her pretty and she immediately rewards him. Maybe it's just because I'm a spartace fan, but the atmosphere feels very different from when KG did similar things. I feel like the rest of the cast usually responded with the obligatory "Ohhhh" and over reaction with the knowledge that they would lose because SJH would have to choose KG whereas in this case, I feel like HH and YCS's reactions were very genuine. SJH also does not seem at all uncomfortable with KJK calling her "yeobo" whereas there were moments where I felt she was uncomfortable with KG doing similar things. (My episode for comparison are the train scene in ep 15 where KG tells her he loves her to raise her heartbeat, and ep 163 where KG kissed her on the cheek. Of course, KJK calling her yeobo is much less extreme, but I think the point is that its when they use their love line to try to win a game.)
  13. If they do announce this year, I don't think it will be until the second half and probably late. They're most likely trying to fill their schedules now before any marriage plans take action. I'm sure they have concerns about how this will effect their careers and also they will probably want to start a family quickly, which will put their careers on hold or slow them down. So there may be an element of make money and establish selves now before taking a break for their personal lives. Spartace have prioritized their careers over their personal lives for such a long time that it's nice to see them making the two compatible. They seem to really enjoy the teasing. Even KJK. KJK's responses to the teasing on the surface don't seem that different to his reactions to teasing about his love lines. He plays the shy guy in both scenarios. I don't think there's a very good quantitative explanation for this, but he seems pleased even if annoyed whereas I didn't get the sense that he enjoyed any of the teasing with his other love lines. There's a genuine softness between him and SJH that can't be measured or given as definitive proof to people who don't see it, but it's there.
  14. My Thoughts on Ep 439 I find it funny that HH points out all these things spartace do, because to any spartace fan, these are normal. We see spartace having private convos and sharing food and even interlocking fingers in the background all the time. But now those things are being pointed out by HH and brought to the forefront, and I find it funny that people are saying its fake or just for show. KJK and SJH have been like this for several years now. KJK's "stop it now" in the car was so cute. KJK's warning that there are people nearby when HH is teasing sprtace is interesting. If they're a love line on the show, it shouldn't be a big deal. MC did stuff in public without problem, but KJK seems very aware when it comes to being teased with SJH that there are people around that could overhear. Most people have talked about the spartace moments, such as they arguing over who gets to eat and holding hands, so I won't get into it. I will say that their tones of voice is are so different with each other than with others. They speak to each other so gently and with so much fondness. This is also the second time I've heard KJK swear on RM, and it's in relation to HH teasing him about SJH lol. I thought it was interesting how YSC seemed to check with KJK before calling HJY. I think he wanted to make sure KJK was okay with his old love line coming onto the show, especially after KJK's been trying to put some distance between him and that love line. I also found it interesting that the captions dubbed her "like SJH's sister and KJK's girlfriend". I don't remember a huge fuss being made about her relationship with SJH (it was mainly outside of the show that fans said they were close to calm down spartace fans who felt like HJY hurt SJH by having a love line with KJK), but now it seems important to point out that she and SJH are close. Personally, I on't think it was weird for HJY, SJH, or KJK at all, and it's only because viewers know their variety relationships that it's weird. But, interestingly, it is a trope in literature that the Final Partner meets the Previous Love Interests, before ending up with the protagonist. It's like a comparison thing where you see why the previous love interests weren't right for the protagonist and why the final partner is. While RM is obviously not a piece of literature, the show is trying to tell a story of the world created in RM that is comprehensive to the audience, so I would not be surprised if the mention of KG and the mission with HJY were scripted in some way. With spartace as a love line, we have had SJH stating clearly that she has moved past KG, and now we have had KJK and SJH meeting HJY again. (This all very meta and would take a lot of explaining, so don't mind me. If you want to hear more, I'd happily talk about it, but for now I'll just leave it at this.) During the dried food on SJH's lips, I actually think KJK's first instinct was to help her. You see him make a movement in her direction until HH speaks. I think HH's teasing actually stopped him. And, as others have said, SJH is actually intiating a lot of this love line. She goes along with the teasing, and it's the most active I've seen her on this show for a long time. As someone else already mentioned, SJH and KJK shuffle towels at the end. The hidden spartace moments we all know and love still exist.
  15. My thoughts on the episode: YJS's comment about them needing to cool off and take it slow, makes me thinks he's saying the truth. I do think spartace have been calculating about how much to show of their relationship. I think the decision to start the love line was a decision by the RM cast, spartace, and production. I'm pretty sure the staff singled KJK out as a traitor (and not LKS) so he'd be forced to be on SJH's team. In the last episode, YSC lost on purpose so KJK and SJH would be partnered. Like others on here, I'm not surprised they're being labeled as a love line. It's probably the easiest way to get the audience used to the idea of the two of you as a couple. Of course, KJK can't just jump into full support of the love line. It's a variety show, so you can't just blandly accept the teasing, but need to give some sort of reaction. SJH is taking the active role in the love line (which is good, because I think she's been far more active in these episodes than she has been in the past), which means KJK sort of has to be the "reluctant" half of the love line. Love lines on variety shows are often push and pull to create the entertainment dynamic (e.g. MC had KG pursuing the out-of-his-league SJH, or KJK and HJY had HJY's bubbly personality being grating to KJK...or is it?) There's some entertaining element to these love lines. Otherwise we'd just have easy acceptance of a love line, which isn't nearly as entertaining to the viewers. The way spartace seems to be playing out is SJH is for it and the other RM members are like "You're the power couple" while KJK is playing the reluctant "but we're just friends" role (in a way representing the longtime viewers who will have a similar perspective) and the friend that's shy about being teased. Is it just me or when KJK started denying the passionate romance between him at SJH too vehemently, she stopped laughing and started to glare a little. Like she's warning him not to deny so passionately lol. I noticed when the guest said he met his wife during a show, production made sure to show SJH's reaction. I think KJK was slightly annoyed by the mention of KG (also because KJK knows who made SJH's heart flutter on RM), and SJH's reaction was great. While the green team is singing karaoke, you can see KJK and SJH conferring over what song to sing. I also love KJK's immediate reaction of "I knew this would happen" when SJH loses the consonant game. Also, KJK doing what he's always done and looking after SJH (literally, he's done that for years but it only gets soppy music now?). Then, HH tells KJK to show her how to do it and KJK she's good and swears that hes not doing it because of HH. I think KJK swearing at HH was my favorite part. I don't think I've ever seen KJK swear on the show before. It at least does not happen very often. I wouldn't be surprised if KJK and SJH were given the real prize in private, but then the production staff decided to use the concept of the prize for the next episode. Something similar happened when KJK won a dinner gift card, the staff then used it for the theme of a different race. I do wonder if in some way it's to stop people from speculating about spartace getting dinner together with the prize money.
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