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  1. I agree with @pink007 that this should be a forum of open discussion. We have to look at the doubts as well as the positives. If we only focus on the positive then we might become delusional and truly ignore the signs if spartace aren't dating. I think it's best to be open minded and discuss all possibilities even if they're not the ones we want to hear. I understand not wanting to bring down the mood of the board, and I hope everyone knows they can message me (that includes silent readers) if they want to talk! As for @airplanegirl's doubts, I'm sorry that you feel that way. It's never fun to have pessimistic thoughts about your ship and I'm glad you felt comfortable sharing those doubts here. In my opinion, I don't think those are actual nicknames they use for each other. I think they were playing a game and said the first thing that came to mind. It's just cute that when you hear SJH's answer, the first person you would think of is KJK. As for the letter, I don't think it disproves anything about spartace. KJK isn't the sort to come out and say he's dating until he's announcing it, so of course his letter to his future wife would imply that he hasn't found her yet. I'm sure KJK knew the letter would be scrutinized and wrote it very carefully so as not to give anything away. Statements like that, I find, are a lot less revealing of the truth than the actions spartace make. I trust the seven years of evidence that I've seen over one letter KJK wrote for his fans. But that's just me. It's up to everyone to figure out what they believe. This is an open forum and all respectful spartace discussion should be welcome!
  2. Yeah, SJH has gotten a lot of backlash during the MC era (especially when the news of her dating her CEO came out), so I can understand them being cautious. If you don't believe spartace is real, then the love line just seems like something hastily thrown together to encourage spartace fans. Don't forget that many people don't believe they're dating. And with SJH's bad experience with MC, I can understand them being wary. Let's just all remember to be respectful. If KJK and SJH are dating different people, then that's their choice, and we should respect that. We have no say in who they choose to be with. Shipping should be fun!
  3. Thanks for sharing with us! It sounds dangerous and I'm glad you're okay and got your glasses back. Interesting that YJS smiled at the SA bag and it's nice to know KJK and SJH are looking out for each other!
  4. @Adora Dark Nah, neither person sounds like KJK in the video. The very first chuckle sort of does but I think it's all JSJ laughing except the second guy who obviously isn't KJK. While I wouldn't be surprised if JSJ uploaded a video if SJH with KJK laughing (he did post the edited spartace kiss once), I think he'd take it down quickly once he realized, however. Also, SJH is adorable.
  5. It reminds me a bit of the episode, in the early days of RM, where they had the hiphop couple (I forget their names). But they were a married couple in real life. And the production staff then asked the man to be a spy that day along with HH and SJH. There was some tension between the married couple, and you could tell the guy was uncomfortable deceiving his wife like that. I think for.KJK and SJH it's somewhat similar. They're probably a little more accepting of it as they've been on RM for going on 10 years, but it may still be uncomfortable. KJK also said he's uncomfortable and look at the staff when SJH joined the team with him and JSJ in one ep where he was the spy (ep where they held hands a lot while guessing songs). This ep was probably worse because SJH didn't have a fair chance and KJK was going to have to deceive her in a different way than just being the spy. (Sorry for the bad typing. I'm on my phone. I'll look up the ep numbers later.)
  6. Interesting, I don't think she's ever said yes to currently having a bf before. I don't think that's because she's been single all this time. But if our predictions are correct and spartace (or if SJH is planning to marry her current bf, even.if he isn't KJK) is planning to get married in the next year, then saying yes to having a boyfriend is certainly a step on the right direction. It gives fans a a heads up as to what might be coming. And the very rough translation reminds me a lot of KJK's letter to his future wife lol.
  7. KJK seems to be a jealous guy in general (though not oppressively jealous as SJH has done MC and WGM during their relationship if they have dated since 2013). I remember the conversation in the Love and War ep where KJK asked if jealousy goes away with marriage, and YJS and HH thought KJK will still be jealous even after marriage. However, while KJK might always be the jealous type, it may tone down a bit after marriage. My guess is some of the jealousy comes from being a secret couple, so when guests flirt with SJH, they don't know she already has someone. KJK tends to involve himself any time SJH comes up in discussion whether it's praising her or teasing her. SJH does it too honestly. For instance, PBY chose KJK over LKS, and SJH couldn't stay quiet and started shouting that searches would now be "KJK and PBY". If a guest shows romantic interest in the other person, KJK and SJH will usually involve themselves in the conversation. To add personal experience, I'm like that with the guy I'm seeing at the time. It's a feeling a showing off that I know that person best, but also making certain that I'm the person closest to him. I do it with friends at times as well, but not nearly to the same extent. The way KJK and SJH always comment on each other falls wayyy into romantic territory.
  8. Isn't there a 15 year age gap? lol Her nickname for the RM song could be Song Cougar then. btw, what did everyone think of the RM theme song?
  9. I somehow missed the word "twice" in the article headline and wondered if soompi had decided to throw its credibility out the window. Congrats to the new couple! Hopefully we here good news from spartace in the next year (though not released through dispatch).
  10. SJH acts so cute when she teases KJK like this. It reminds me a bit of ep 446. I don't think she acts quite the same with the other members. She automatically slips into a cute voice with him e.g. ep 215 when she says "It's mine" and ep 249 when she's trying to complete the mission so she can eat jjajangmyeon. (There are other instances, I'm just too lazy to find them right now.) I can't really remember her using such a cute voice with the other members. If she has used it, certainly not as often.
  11. This is so cute! She almost got him at the end.
  12. I'm happy to be back! I always love reading everyone's thoughts. Hopefully we get many more spartace moments this year! Side Note: I don't usually talk about fanfic on here, but as it's been awhile, for those that care, I updated It Began With A Gray Sky.
  13. I'm such a big fan of both of them, and this video makes me proud. Honestly, all the RM cast seem like good, down-to-earth people that while none of them are perfect, they do their best for their friends, family, and fans.
  14. @heynell @Adines Nugraha What are some of the other theories? The theory that they're trying to boost popularity is interesting, but it seems odd then that they're doing this now when the ratings have been low for years (has a too little, too late feeling). Also, i checked the RM wiki link, which lists the ratings, and actually the RM ratings in SK went up after the addition of JSM and YSC, but then dropped back down near what it was before in end of 2016-2017 this year (by which I mean the ratings fall in the 6-7% range this year rather than the 6-8% range of last year). It's the international fanbase that has kept RM alive for 9 years. Right when the Firing Scandal was going on, a Business Insider article came out that listed Running Man as #9 in the world's most watched shows of 2016 and the only non-US show in the top 10 link, and I think that actually played a role in helping to save RM. I guess it's possible that RM wants the 10 year anniversary to be for the international fans (e.g. one last Race Start) and is therefore doing something in SK now, but I see the SK show as more of a finale. Sorry, just throwing out some thoughts. I just hope that before RM ends, we get a coupe episodes with spartace as an open couple. I'm still waiting for their LA couples episode.
  15. Question: what do y'all think of the 9th anniversary fanmeet? I'm a little puzzled as to why they're doing it for the 9 year when usually an event like this makes more sense for the 10 year anniversary. It could be that they have something else planned for the 10 year, but I think more likely explanation is either: a) They don't plan on having a 10 year anniversary. Ignoring the possibility of a Season 2, the show does have to end at some point. People have been saying for years that the cast members (especially JSJ) aren't young, but despite this, the show has kept going and the cast has kept entertaining. But what people are saying is true, eventually the cast's ages (and accumulated injuries) are going to prevent them from doing the show. It is possible, and I wouldn't be surprised, if SBS tried to make a Season 2 of RM with some of the younger members, but I don't think it'd have the same following and would be the same show only in name. or b) They don't plan on having the current cast at the 10 year anniversary and therefore want to have the fanmeet now. I don't think YSC and JSM are leaving any time soon, and because they haven't been part of RM since day one, I don't think their departure would cause the fanmeet to be held a year early. If some of the original cast, however, planned to leave at the end of this year (for example, JSJ due to age, spartace due to marriage, etc.), then I could see them wanting to hold a fanmeet that would include the cast. However, I think this is the less likely explanation, because I remember the backlash KJK and SJH got when SBS first tried to pass their firing off as them quitting, I don't think they would leave the show before it's ending. Also, I know a lot of fans claim that SJH is the reason spartace hasn't gotten married yet (e.g. KJK really wants to get married but SJH wants to continue her career), but I disagree with this. I do think KJK wants to get married, but I don;t think he's a desperate as RM and fans portray him. Having one person wanting to get married and the other constantly refusing is not a long-term sustainable relationship. There's a reason you should check with a person in the very early stages of the relationship on their feelings about marriage and when they're looking to get married - it's a very core part of any romantic relationship. So, I think they both have made the decision to put their careers and RM ahead of getting married. I think, to them, being a public couple meant leaving RM, Also, for those worried about the disappearance of the spartace love line, I wouldn't be too concerned. I think spartace exists as a love line to prepare the audience and not to make money or garner ratings the way MC was. Side Note: I always laugh when I see comments claiming that the spartace love line came out of nowhere. KJK and SJH have been called a perfect match during the beginning of the year fortune-telling for years now, and told by the cast members to date. The fact there have been rumors about them getting married and that they have such a big following before now shows that this hasn't come out of nowhere at all. Spartace usually gets focus at the beginning of each year for years now, and I think it has to do with RM not being sure when it'll end but wanting to prepare the audience for spartace. For instance, after the Firing Scandal and everyone thought RM was ending, they built up spartace but as soon as they decided not to end the show, spartace disappeared into the void and KJK was given a new love line. For years now, after KG left, we get hints of spartace and teasing for the rest of the cast, only for it to disappear. So I think the point of starting a spartace love line was to lay down the possibility of spartace, not to turn it into the next MC. Okay, so those were my random thoughts for the moment lol. Let me know what y'all think!
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