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  1. I agree @saissuspicious that KJK is becoming more engaging lately. I was wondering before what brought the change and you were right that KookYoo combination is now activated. I hope for a better version of Candy Alliance/National Sibling for SJH in the future episodes as well. I think that there’s another reason for KJK’s change and it’s because of the change in pd. Lee Hwan Jin is currently the main PD of RM as indicated in Wikipedia as of this writing. I believe KJK is more comfortable working with him than with the previous main pd. He was the PD who went with the Nevis Swing team. Lee Hwan Jin PD has been with RM since Cho PD, Taek PD and Myuk PD. Being with these former pds, I will believe that he has a better grasp how to steer RM to its former glory. I hope he brings back the family vibe that is missing in RM for such a long time now. May he lessen fan wars by giving fair screentime to all members.
  2. Just something beautiful to share: Has anybody noticed that even in their product endorsements this year our dear SA tend to mirror each other? Cosmetics & Health drinks and vitamins supplements...simply AMAZING!!! And I couldn't help mentioning that their respective photos are both STUNNING on magazine covers!
  3. I agree with @mn0096. I am delighted to see your posts again. I missed your POVs a lot.
  4. While KJK is holding on to a cute stuffed animal as shared by @Regita M. P above, SJH, in her latest IG update is seen wearing something cute as well. Aren't they adorable?
  5. To clear the seating arrangement and pairings for food I mentioned in my previous post that it is predetermined is because I felt it certainly was. Why was there a need for KJK to move closer to the center when there was an available seat beside him? The same seat that was vacated by Naeun. The only reason is his partner had to sit beside YJS. The three ladies didn't have problems in choosing their partners. Their choice is set in stone from the start. But the last person to choose had to create an additional drama that men were fighting to win her. This the reason why I wrote it's scripted.
  6. Imo, the pairings are predetermined as well as the seating arrangement. The center is reserved for the PDs biases. There is no way they will let SJH choose KJK because doing so will put SA in spotlight again. I have taken an extra look in LKS and KJK reactions to confirm which is why I didn’t expect much SA interaction but I have to say I still believe in SA. If there’s nothing to hide, why is it most of the time even when there is a male guest, SJH should always choose HH and KJK gets to partner with female guests? This has happened numerous times to remain unnoticed. This has been discussed here before and I just wanted to point it out again. The only reason is because I think the pairings are scripted and as long as it can be avoided, the DEFAULT pairing scenario for SA is to NOT put them together as a pair. And we are all aware that no RM member has dared to ask SJH why wouldn’t she choose KJK instead of HH. Not even when the newbies came on board. In the near future, I am hoping to read that one special news and see that one special moment where SA can freely declare to the whole world that they will be Partners-in Life FOREVER. On a side note, RM has supported HH in promoting his concert and I’m not sure if guesting SNE in the recent episode was a show of support for KJK’s new CF as well. SJH may not be the show’s favored one nowadays (judging by her dwindling screentime) but I hope it will still support her in promoting her new movie RAGING BULL/UNSTOPPABLE for old times sake.
  7. I haven’t watched the latest episodes of BP yet, however upon seeing your post I couldn’t help but react on it. I think in RM episode 244 wherein Jessi, Jang Do Yeon and 3 other girls guested (wedding theme), one of the games played was a guessing game on top of a boxing ring. LKS was partnered with SJH. LKS had to guess the statement “You are like an angel”.LKS couldn’t figure it out at first and after several attempts, SJH thought of asking him, “What’s my family name? My real family name?” When SJH said this, KJK was seen in the background with a face that showed he guessed it already. Apparently, Cheon is angel in Korean and LKS was able to guess it using this clue. I tried to google the meaning of angel in Korean and apparently the actual translation is “cheonsa”. Almost the same, isn’t it? Out of all the numerous female names KJK could think of, I wonder why Angela. I know Angela is a pretty and sweet name but why? Was he missing someone (who has cheonsa in her name) back in Korea while filming in Vietnam? Hmmm.... Btw, welcome to the forum @Plus 777 !
  8. I personally do not hate her as well. What annoys me a lot of times is how RM Production/Editing team is unfairly treating old members esp SJH. SA gave good reactions but most of the times they were ignored in order to constantly zoom in someone’s face. That “spark” that made me chose to watch RM is slowly dying and I worry that because of it I may not see SA interactions again. I couldn’t turn a blind eye on any form of INJUSTICE and that is what I see in RM nowadays. RM SBS IG is contantly flooded with comments asking for FAIRNESS/EQUAL treatment and I wonder why the pleas are being disregarded. Just honestly saying.
  9. I agree @linzer03 And if there are lurkers of this forum who are JSM’s fans, I hope that you all extend the same respect and courtesy to SJH as well. I have seen and read a lot of negative/hate comments to SJH coming from some of JSM’s fans in IG and being one of SJH’s fans, those comments saddens me a lot. I wished to ignore them and be a better person but they do get in my nerves sometimes. Belittling SJH contribution to RM just because there is a new female member is utterly unacceptable.
  10. I think you were referring to Episode 367 when Sunmi, Baek Ji Young, Jo Se Ho and 5 more others came to the show. It was a couple race episode. I remember this because when SJH came out, Bruno Mars’ Marry You was heard as bgm and someone was heard yelling “yeppeuda, yeppeuda” (pretty) as well. The camera didn’t show/zoom who said it but the voice sounded like KJK’s.
  11. And this is another SA moment shared in IG after the water bomb scene. The clip is a little blurry but the members (esp SA) and LHN are still visible. KJK is seen leaning towards her. My shipper mind wanted to think that he's comforting her and telling the group he did his best. Thank you to our fellow shippers in IG for their "eagle eyes"
  12. This got me thinking as well and I only have one theory for the reason. The FINAL edited copy of yesterday's episode may have been done after the last week's (7 Oct) episode. The Production team may have been made aware of the comments (backlash) of fans in their social media account. I wanted to think further that someone informed them to be cautious in using CGI effects and BGM. Again, this is just a theory.
  13. Thank you @kookiemongg for your reply. Thank you @linzer03 for sharing that YT video. You are right. KJK gave 2 different reactions to a same deed. With the IG clip, KJK had to remain at arms-length with SJH to hear what she had to say and to confirm if she was alright with it while with LKS, he turned and walked away from him. In addition to this, when KJK posted about him having a cold, my shipper mind thought that he's speaking for both SJH and him informing the public that the show must go on even they are both under the weather. So sweet of him!
  14. Thank you @Jitaeri for the raw translation. I have seen some video clips in IG that tagged spartace. (Why was there a need to tag SA when the post clearly was not about them? ) And I noticed that when JSM saw KJK returned from the kitchen, she followed him and initiated that scene you mentioned, leaving the other 3 members to cook their meal instead of helping them. Did it look like it was scripted at all? Without the subs, one can’t help but to notice something. The sibling chemistry article was not really what the show was aiming for but another love line given the CGI and a KJK’s song you mentioned. Something that has been done in MUD with HJY as well. Is the station really that desperate to create a love line for all the shows that cast KJK? This also got me thinking about the recent fanmeet and relating it to the IG clips I saw. The moment were SJH asked KJK to eat the tofu she offered. It gave me an impression that she’s somehow marking her territory for everyone to see.
  15. I really admire SA's dedication to their work and the enormous love they both have for their fans. Looking at @twinlovers recent post, they both look gorgeous in their powder blue attire. All the RM members do. Here's hoping that the 2018 Taiwan Fan Meeting will be a successful one.
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