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  1. @Regita M. P OMG! I had seen these drawings before but I always thought it was SA! I mean look at his hair! And the girl falls asleep in a couple of them! How can that not be JH!? The drawings are really cute!
  2. I doubt JK will seat with MUD, he once referred to it as "my mom's show" and if he does he would probably be with his mom and not with a halfas* loveline. Even though RM has had its issues with SA, it's a show he has been for the last decade almost, that brought him int'l fame (he was famous before but let's agree rm has great impact with international fans), a show he shares with his best friend and (possibly) his girlfriend, and that he fought to keep going. I can't imagine why he would sit representing a show he has been less than a year in. Im hoping JK quits MUD by jan-feb as he completes the year. The whole loveline thing has me seen HJY as an annoyance which is sad cause I didn't mind her before I even kind of like her because of WGM. Also, I bet SK is liking it because they want JK to marry already Lets hope for lots of end of the year moments! SA Shippers fighting!!
  3. JH was much more relax for this half of the segment. they did the boxing moves and apparently they practice during RM(I could be wrong but that's what it sounded/looked like) she even stepped it up a level by dodging, I think he was pleased. i think they talked about the firing scandal and the way I see it, our theory that they will say they started around then could be true! And Sunny said something around the lines that it felt/looked like "couples counseling" when JK was going to play "of course" JH came in between them really quick when YJ tried to touch JK, probably for him not to feel uncomfortable but I thought it was a cute gf maneuver. lots of looks, little smiles and a couple of hands from JH as she was gonna touch but did dare. i love her vibe as if she was really proud of him and she tried to establish they were close (this doesn't come out right but anyway loooved the vibe she had about Jk) when JK sang we had Fangirl JH once again after such a long time!! It was adorable. it was really short! But I guess they don't have that much time with the Cinderella boys and something I find interesting is that I thought guest are suppose to choose their ideal type but guess JK was exempted to do so!
  4. Anyone that knows better correct me if im wrong but JYJ said "친오빠 " which in that case she would be telling JH JKJ was like a "real-real oppa" as in blood related cause "친" means biological (as far as I know). You are right, he could tell girl by girl "I came because of you" looking them straight in the eyes and I would still bet my left arm that he went to the show just for his beautiful Ji Hyo! I absolutely loved the part were they are dragging JH to stand next to JK, and he just keeps saying "its weird because you are being distant. why are you distant with me?" or something like that, I bet JH was torn and really didnt know how to behave and you can see the shadow of a nervous smile on JK as he slightly looked at the crew. then we she finally gave in he did this little movement with his hand and I bet im being overly delu but its almost as if he was about to grab her but they decided not to. I didnt like how she said it was awkward because it wasnt their usual show so it was weird to see eachother but I bet is becasue they have develop a dynamic in front of RM cameras where crew, Pd's, and the other members know how to interact with them and how to cut or stop whatever needs to be stop in order for them not to be obvious about it and now that they were by themselves (maybe with a little help of Myuk Pd) she just didnt know what dynamic to have with him in front of the other girls. She used such a cute-casual voice when she asked him if he was uncomfortable!! Were they really planning on making them a colleagues turned couple ?? Wouldnt they have to know they are a real couple to go on with that plan, cause if not it would have been pathetic Ever since JK joined MUD I've thought he would have done it with a time frame in mind but I thought he would have build to his announcement. I guess we'll have to wait Why cant they marry already! hahaah lets hope for great news by the end of the year, fortune telling is around the corner!
  5. WHHHHATT?! The english subs have nothing like that! Does he say "currently" for real?! just to add to that, they had been talking about daughters and looks since the intro of that part of the episode so its not like he came out with such a statement out of the blue. Anyways its a huge thing to say because it is not explicitly hypothetical he doesnt say "if we had a daughter" or "a daughter between us wouldnt look ugly/would look pretty" which create a sense of "scenario". He says "It would be great if we have a daughter" even changing it to "had" makes the having a daughter or not the possibilities, but saying it just like that makes it whether is a daughter or a son the possible outcomes, not if they had a child. I'm sorry! im a nerd for the whole "language creates reality" thing. I loved the "we'll talk later", I can only imagine what she would say to him. Sometimes I wonder how much footage doesnt get edit out when they think it will, I always think some of the moments we see are slips from editing which also makes me wonder what does get edited out to the point that those moments we see are not 'cutting' worth it. I dont have great expectations for next week but I will be anxiously waiting for PJF, I hope some cute moments come from that. And this is a general question but, I feel like its more of a pull and push between them, I feel like one of them is ready to get out in the clear or just go ahead and get marry but the other is not ready yet. Sometimes I feel like is JK who is postponing it and other times I feel like is JH... so who do you think it is? or is both of them that rather stay low? BTW, Happy 1000 pages!!! May those who came before us be proud and those who come later be aware of the hardwork and love we have put into this ship. SA fighting!
  6. Uuuugh! I was reeeeaally hoping to get some SA this weekend, now I can't stop thinking about next Saturday!! I am looking for to it so badly that I've dreamed about SA twice already!! LITTLE SPOILERS AHEAD (my phone is being a turd and it's not letting me put the spoiler box. My apologies) I really liked the second half of this week's episode, I generally don't like episode about food. It was cute how they relied on JK to talk to the PD, and both Jk and JH had their ace moment in the mini games i wondered if JK would chose JH as the best looking member and was surprise when no one did as it's been said more than once that JH is the most beautiful member, but then I realized in Korean there must be words gender-specific like in English were handsome is for men and pretty/beautiful is for women. I was real happy when JH chose JK And when SM said she couldn't stop thinking how scary would to be his wife, all I could think was that JH probably has him wrapped around her finger!! They didn't interact much and probably won't next week either as they filmed the same day (or that's what I understood from what @Regita M. P posted earlier) so whatever the reason it will drag till next week :/ END OF LITTLE SPOILERS Hoping for New developments! And for PJF I just hope to see that incriminating smile from JK! im starting to think I want JH to guest in BP to have Just HAHA with SA and see what comes out of that! Welcome to our new Maknae @serafina13! @kookiemongg in what part did she look at him!?
  7. Omg this is soooo great!! @cloudiee1004 I got butterflies too!!!! Yes! I think it will be best if no one brings the rumors up!!! When is this air?!
  8. I forgot to mention!! Can we talk about how ADORABLE JK was when teasing JS!!?!?!? @Plus 777 welcome! Our new maknae
  9. I love how we have evolved into a small community with sunbaes that have been around for longer and become the voice of reason when donsaengs go out of line (not saying we went out of line). @spartaceluv98 you can be our maknae Or was @cloudiee1004 that join last? regarding SM,, I personally don't dislike her and i too think nobody should bring her up if they are gonna say bad things about her. But also we should be open to bring "love lines" cause technically that concerns half our ship, it happens that the lovelines are recurring so they come up and I've said before that we have created a safe discussion environment so where else to go to reassure ourselves as shippers? I think that's half the purpose of this, everyone else believe we are insane, so as long as nobody come up with "this love line is so real it's obvious SA are not together" kind of post it should be discussable or redirected to previous discussions. That's just my opinion, I'll be glad to listen if anyone has a different one. regarding this weeks episode I haven't finished it but when JH is choosing partners JS says he knows who is out (with no chance of being her partner) and says KS is out and it's cut if he said something about JK. JK can be heard saying "isn't she gonna choose HaHa?" I think he is pretty comfortable with arrangement, given that there was a male guest and it could have been "polite" to chose the young handsome guest. When JH is choosing Jk isn't even looking I'm positive they know they can't chose each other so he was "not interested" as he KNEW it would be him (this doesn't come out as I feel it but it's as close as I can describe it). i really like that HH and JH are so close, knowing how close is JK to HH he probably has someone have his back about JH. Even though, I've thought about the chance HH doesn't even know, he may suspect it and WANT IT (as a fellow shipper ahhaha) but even as close as they are HH didn't tell Jk about Byul, so who knows?! Completely unrelated, it's sweet how they get excited about the songs they know the dances for because they have dance to them, JH even fixed the momoland dance because she "knew this" I just finished the episode!! I think it was such a good episode! I laughed all throughout the episode and it had all kinds of twists and I loved the old vibe nametag elimination in a location other than the sbs building, and how it had a theme!! 10/10 this episode, the only thing that could have make it better would have been some SA moments but for that Ill wait till next week where there is no guest, we all know those get us the best moments. I don't think the guest did much for the episode today, but they were cute! SA fighting!
  10. Its ep 69 of the second season, starting around min 4.00 !! i rewatched to make sure and I got butterflies in my tummy when he asks what she had said about them :D
  11. @kookiemongg looooved the analysis! Thanks you! All his facial responses to the teasing were so uncharacteristic, plus the lip bitting and the smile hiding!! @Regita M. P i definitely could be wrong but it seems "battery" is often use to refer (or related topics, i saw it in WGM and secret hotel) to HJY because of her most popular song "love battery" (like JK sometimes is referred to as "one man" for the same reason) so as they used the word "battery" and it didn't make a whole lot of sense I thought Haha was just teasing some more this time with a more burdensome topic for Jk causing him to get hit with paper... you are right, I could be wrong. It made sense when I first watched that part.
  12. just noticed, after jk asked if haha is writing a novel, Haha teased him about HJY and not even one comment after he gets a hit with the paper in Jk's hand. So one comment about HJY gets him a punishment but continuous aggressive teasing about JH makes JK a blushing mess! @mn0096 you are right! It makes sense Gap Jin would know about him dating from early in their relationship, Papa smurf probably suspects but I doubt Jk has confirm it to him.
  13. Oh my god! I ran in circles trying to decide what to make of this. First of all this goes along what we have discussed before, THEY DO NOT DENY... ever,,,, this will work when they announce, they never lied because they never said they WERENT together. I had a voice in my head that told me not to look at it with bias eyes, so I tried to think logically about this... "maybe this is a love line, they know it catches people's attention" I told myself. Mentioning JH did get us all to watch today's episode (or at least the one part, but I bet today's episode has more views than average) but then so does click bait from articles, we normally don't believe in them but we read them to see what they are saying. They could have click bait us into the episode, all good with that, STILL DOESNT EXPLAIN WHY HE DOESNT DENY IT!! We were already there for the "loveline" what's the point of not denying it? He could deny it and anyone that ships them would still ship them we would have just said "he didn't meant it" or "the way he said it isn't right" and we would have watch everything else involving JH, as a loveline it still works if he denies but... HE DOESNT! Plus, he could have denied even more aggressively than normal, Haha was literally implying they slept together. what I don't know what to do with is GJ's reaction, he would know if they were dating, right? His reactions don't say much about the statement being made. Papa's smurf is another reaction to read, it threw me off seeing him not even surprise about Haha's accusations, like when jk implied they could have JH on the show, or the stuff when Jk asked what had JH said in knowing bros. another question I have is if he denied the love line with the xman girl? that was a selling loveline, so I wonder if a love line clicks with people, they would just sell it as rating bait (not denying it drags it on) happy about this developemnet! Hope we see something from JH's side soon!! SA fighting!
  14. I have this theory... Remember when JK was in Knowing bros and he said all the criticism he got for wearing sandals to a shooting? Ok, when you pointed this out my mind (delu or not) jumped directly in this direction... JK was probably hurting and because of his gout his feet were probably hurting and swollen to the point he felt better wearing sandals. JH knowing this could happen to her darling bf, possibly goes around with her own pair of sandals, in case he needs to wear them she would wear them as well, that way he wont get critized as he is not the only one "slacking off" by wearing sandals at a shoot, or at least netizens wont be able to critize him without pointing her out as well (that way he doesnt go through that on his own). Jus my mind running wild but it makes sense to me. Beside that I love how she talked as you mention, a dissapointed/naggish GF tone, I was recently watching SM and SC's first episode (346 if im not wrong) and she used the same tone to tell him to shut up or he was gonna get the waterbomb! I think is so couple-y when they use different tones with eachother as they do to anyone else. @cloudiee1004@spartaceluv98 Welcome to the suffering guys! We have had huge droughts before (and I was here after monday couple and we got married so I can only imagine the suffering of earlier shippers) so a slow episode does not mean anything, plus we got some cute little moments. Even if the concept required them to be separate, they found the way back to eachother a couple of times. SA fighting! Yes! I was lucky enough to see them live, OMG I cant even start to describe when I first saw them (I was preeeeetty close) JH came out first and she is gorgeous and imagine my shipper heart when shortly after JK comes behind her (with both their voices in the playback) looking hot as they come and singing while looking at her.. holy crap I was so shocked I couldnt even scream. Not SA related when they walked to the end of the stage they pass next to me and all I could do was turn my head like an owl because I could not process what was going on hahahahahhah hot mess I was! Didnt even matter I didnt understand what them or the translator was saying I enjoyed the whole thing just looking at the cast and singing what little I could sing (my shining moment was when JK sang Im not the only one, so there is that) I dont know if you read the post I made after the FM, but I did comment as you mention that JH-SC and JK-SM was very active, we came to the conclusion it was their fist FM so they were probably very nervous and they are such good people they were probably trying to make them feel more at ease. @mn0096 aaw :') half the fun has being been able to share with my dearest fellow shippers :)) @cloudiee1004 Dont apologize for bringing back such a cute moment!!! that episode has the tone thing I was mentioning above, when he says "JH you are so mean" or something like that, melts my heart the tone he uses, So flirtatious! Sorry guys this post is all over the place, I swear it was well organized but Soompie kept deleting it so after three times writing the same thing it just became quite messy!
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