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  1. @airgelaal I think the alternative endig is going to be related to this. In this version the people voted for aborting the pychopath fetuses but the other one will be about not aborting. Even though the ending was perfect for Bareum I hope to see a happier one for him in the alternative one (I can not stop crying whenever I think about Bareum's fatr and that beautiful scene in the church). Does anyone know where was that place Moochi buried Bareum?
  2. I watched the ending episode live. Because I couldn't wait for the sub. I can not stop crying whenever I think of Bareum's fate. I think the ending was perfect.
  3. I think Daniel was really attacked in that ferris wheel and all of the blood was his actually. But, YH being a doctor saved him. Also, In episode 18 preview that was released today, we see Daniel with a bloody collar and I think that scene is a flashback to the attack in the ferris wheel and how he was injured.
  4. Is it possible that OZ is YH? Since Han Kook's corpse disapeared after BR left the hideout and the only person who knew where BR's hideout is, is YH. I don't think BR killed Chi Kook. He died because of a heart attack due to intense fear. Since, when he was dying he kept clenching the left of his chest.
  5. while I was rewatching some of the previous episodes to find some clues. Look at what I have found: This is a screenshot from the beginning of the episode 4 when the serial killer is taking away the picture in granny's hand (pay attention to the shape of the strap of the raincoat's hat the murderer is wearing). and now, This is a screenshot from the end of the episode 3 when Bareum is hit by a car and YH is watching (look at the shape of the strap of the raincoat's hat that YH is wearing) and this is Bareum's. I hope I'm wrong
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