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  1. Yes ! I second the motion .. keep focus don’t bother with the negativity vibes , you can surpass this one just what I believe when you decided to start to file to end your marriage ... your moving on , find peace and hopefully your pain will healed soon. For your wife hoping she will also find what will make her happy .
  2. Butterscotch 2020 thanks for your post it enlighten me and somehow ease the pain for what’s going around. Both are in pain and if only anyone will just leave them alone as it’s their lives and business to deal with not adding more pain by siding and pinpointing whose at fault will stop this divorce to get more uglier . I can only wish for both to be strong and hope the pain will not take long to heal for you both can find happiness and joy. Life is shot whatever and how you want your lives is yours to live! Praying for both
  3. I believe in what you’ve done didn’t mean to give more pain to the woman who you love and cherish , just being true to what you’re feeling at that time in so much pain. Unfortunately others gives their own opinions in which not one of our business as it’s not our lives and feelings as stake but yours n your wife alone. A good another day will come , sun will rise again and so are you! Your a better person believe in that and we believe too! Be strong, get better , get up again!
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