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  1. Thats true, he is brutal. My impression of him, however, is that he is still extremely calm except for his igutu situation. He was pleased when the neanderthals were killed in the first episode. I think that Tagon keeps his goals in mind no matter what so even madness would stray him away from fully achieving them.
  2. Tagon going mad would be like what happened to Daenerys in GOT. Man, that would be super disappointing. He was shown to be extremely clever and calm throughout the whole series and it would be a betrayal for him to just quickly flip his character with just one terrible situation.
  3. Here's a theory. I feel like the civilization that the Hae tribe is connected to could be similar to Rome and Greece, or was based off of these civilizations. 1. For example, Greece had a bronze period and the Hae tribe is the only ones in Arthdal with bronze weaponry knowledge. 2. Taelha dresses quite differently from the rest of Arthdal. Her dresses are very similar to Greek and Roman fashion. 3. The Hae Tribe fortress of fire- everything from the banners and candles to the wall statues reminded me of a medieval castle, or perhaps a Roman one. 4. Mihol referred to "Remus"- well in history, Remus was one of the mythological founders of Rome alongside his twin brother Romulus. lololol ofc, with Arthdal being a mythical civilization, the Hae tribe origins could be entirely different. Nunbyeol x Yiseuroobeu <3
  4. @naori87Manteiv is the place where Yiseuroobeu told Nunbyeol to meet him if she wants to one day. Manteiv is also where the Neanderthals were massacred by the Saram.
  5. Yiseuroobeu seems to like Nunbyeol, or at least there was chemistry between them. Time to ship them both for Manteiv lolol Repopulate the neanderthals!
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