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  1. Happy Valentine's Day stories from Ms Han Hyo Joo 14 Feb 2020
  2. Thank you @frozentundra for the clarification and to @jongkkot , I do agree with you somewhat on media making the article bigger than it actually was. Oh well, now I feel relieved.
  3. Hi @ibru - thanks for this! I chanced on this in IG and then saw you have re-posted this. Thank you for sharing and credit as tagged Was there a typo error in the Eng Sub? on the part which Nara replied "Also, it's now just JS but ..... " , the word should be read as NOT instead of NOW? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Another lovely clip with a beautiful song credit as tagged above I wonder howI wonder whyI wonder where they areThe days we hadThe songs we sang togetherOh yeahAnd all my loveI'm holding on foreverReaching for the love that seems so farSo I say a little prayerAnd hope my dreams will take me thereWhere the skies are blueTo see you once again, my loveOver seas from coast to coastTo find the place I love the mostWhere the fields are greenTo see you once again, my love
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