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  1. T Thanks for the reply @nozaroc! phew I m not alone.
  2. Hi, I have since registered as a member of KBS and it informed me that the administrator will send an email within 7 days. In the meantime, I cannot log in to vote. Is this normal? Do I have to wait for the administrator's email before I can start to vote? Can someone who has gone through it please advise. Thanks much
  3. Haha this is so fun... having everyone share their IT moment. I do agree that the BAA consoling moment did give me great confidence but it only told me one side of the story - Jk was so in love with her. To me, Hk's FM sealed their destiny as it was her speaking this time. Jk has always been the more daring and risking one, all ready to make a love declaration. but to have beauty stepping out and subtlely telling her fans that yes, this is my beau.... was the IT moment for me. It is now mutual.
  4. This ship sailed many many miles since yesterday, evermore sure of its destination! I cannot stop refreshing this thread as there is so much sharing going on and my heart is 扑通扑通哒…… I cannot move on...JK appearance yesterday just sealed their destiny. To me, no other event previously had further convinced me of their dating relationship until yesterday's FM. Speaks allot when the girl's side gives affirmation. I want to hear more from all of you!
  5. Oh happy day! Thanks for all the sharing without which we wouldn't be jumping for joy right now....we can go so crazy just by reading accounts of it, imagine being present at the FM! Honestly, I wasn't expecting very much from the FM due to the anticipated high security alert and the zilch possibility of JK appearing. Woe on me for my little faith! I was very sure he was not going to appear as it would attract too much attention for HK who is known to be shy and reserved. I went crazy when the spazzing began and screamed when I read that JK actually made an appearance. JK has always been the more open one (relatively in subtlety) and he sure had his ways of convincing HK to appear in his FM. But little did I expect HK to step out of her comfort zone and invite JK to her own FM. I don't know HK very well, but I guess her long time fans can attest to it. It must have been someone close to her heart. JK had gotten affirmation form his fans about HK and it is now her wanting to get affirmation of him from her fans. Don't we all want our family members to meet our beloved one? YAI just had to be there to dilute the sweetness a lil....JK was definitely not there as a good friend as I believe their friendship does not go a long way back and she would have many other good old friends who can make an appearance. I like that they and the people around them are very natural about things. No admission and no denial, just free flow and everyone including themselves are enjoying it. Keep it this way, KiKyo. We need no evidence of nothing. Love changes, changes everything.....
  6. I really respect Joong Ki a lot because he does not succumb to the pressures of the entertainment industry and tries ways to increase his popularity through exposure in social media (don't get me wrong I don't mean it applies to all celebrities who are active on social media). He is chill and does his own thing and is just serious about his acting profession. Having said that, I also do believe he has a dummy social account just to be in the know of the whirlwind that he is causing to the world.... everyone cannot stop thinking and talking about him. And that makes my heart skip a beat because he may just be lurking to read his Beauty's posts and also maybe this chat!
  7. We are all here with the objectives of wanting to find out more about SSC, share our thoughts, read other shippers' interesting inputs.... At the end of a tired day at school, work or home, we just want to huddle with virtual friends here. But I guess we are all from different cultures and walks of life and many a times in the eagerness to share, may end up being insensitive or offensive. But hey, the ship is sailing, so let's leave unpleasant conversations behind and look ahead to many wonderful sharings. I am not an active contributor to this chat but like many others, I am definitely a beneficiary and check in many times a day. The entire spirit of this chat is about people whom we love so we should also extend the same the love to one another.
  8. There is so much happening on this chat that I could not put down my phone last night and am now suffering from a hangover and crawling at work... but loving every bit of it! First of all, a big pat on everyone's shoulder for the relentless voting over the past 2 weeks, without which our SS couple wouldn't have clinched the CP award. If only we knew the actual votes, I am sure it will be staggering, a sweeping win. And thank you to all the veterans for posting pictures and translations as we waited anxiously. Am over the roof on all the awards given to DOTS and of cos JK who bagged 3 of them. He lifted his head up high before Santa with his prestigious award and most importantly having the guts and wit to speak his mind about how much he cherishes his Beauty. He was seated at the most important position and the night was just all about him. I see that this young chap has grown and matured heaps compared to the award ceremonies years ago. I see so much fire in him, he can only get better. Like everyone here, I am disappointed that Beauty didn't receive the best actress award. But I think we have to understand that there are rules to the game and having been in the industry for 20 years, she already knows it all and it will not affect her a bit. In fact, I think seeing JK shining like a star is a gift she desires so much more. Like all award ceremonies, the Hong Kongers will call it "share the piece of meat" and they just have to chop it up and ensure other productions also get some share of recognition. She has already proven to be successful with the guaranteed viewership and millions of fans worldwide. An award would have been an icing on the cake, but life is as such.... JK actually summed it up for us, she got the best and most glorious award - the CP award with JK. I think that is the most cherished award between the two of them. It was the show which brought them together and there may not be another time and opportune for them to work together. It is when this puppy is lonely that we know he will subconsciously divulge what is always on his mind....alas I am just basking in all the good news that have been circulating these few days. Looking forward to more sharing in this chat....the wind is picking up the sail once more..Ahoy there!
  9. We will never fully understand the immense pressure that they are undergoing. Both Hallyu stars have the entire world preying to catch a glimpse of their daily lives; not to even mention wanting to see them dating. They have already done and spoken a lot subtlely about where their relationship is at right now and I think it shows how much they treasure their fan base. They have given enough hints so just trust them. They are not obliged to account for everything to their fans. We need to acknowledge that they are just humans like anyone one of us desiring for privacy. They need space to nurture the relationship and too much pressure will just choke it. It seems to me that they are both matured enough to know now how to give each other personal space too. I am sure HK knows that JK is just starting to ride up the wave of his career and he should be giving his best without distraction. In fact, I feel comfortable that they are both handling it this way, it shows a lot of maturity, trust and sacrifice; establishing a very firm foundation of a lasting relationship. If we truly desire to see the relationship come to a fruition, we need to step back and enjoy the journey. Don't know where it takes us but we should just be continuously giving our support to them and their dramas, movies or endorsements. Of cos I do hope there is a feast awaiting us at APAN!
  10. The account setup without authentification seemed to work and I managed to vote (message did pop up) Just afraid they will disqualify the vote ;p
  11. Hi, I seem to have the same problem with my accounts too. The message seemed to say I have already voted when I tried this morning. What should I do?? Thanks.
  12. Tried voting again after 12 midnight but the message popped up which I guessed it meant I have already voted (as translated earlier in the chat). Can we vote daily or is it one account one vote? Please help. Thanks.
  13. Can someone please help me with the translation below? I tried to make sure my poll went through successfully and tested a second time. Then this message popped up - does it mean I have already voted and cannot vote again? Very paranoid as every vote counts and I do not wish to waste the daily chance. Thanks much!
  14. The fact that the drink cups have specific mention on Joong Ki's name says a lot. I am sure Hye Kyo knows the directors, actors etc but their names were not mentioned. The truck was sent especially to someone she is close to, familiar with (Joong Ki) and whoever he is working with on the set. It's a great hint. Subtle but yet affirming. Another one to add to our confirmation list! Soldier on comrades!
  15. First of all, thank you to those who started, moderated and contributed to this forum; it has been a daily mental sustenance for me and I believe, many others out there too. I have been following this chat for a few months now and am writing for the first time. I don't think what I am sharing is anything new but I just needed to pen my thoughts this evening as a release of my emotions and temporal closure to the many episodes and fan meetings that had taken place over the past 4 months. I count myself fortunate to have attended the Hong Kong FM. I had deliberately avoided the Shanghai one because the finale parting will be too much for me to bear. We all have our fair share of idolising some celebrities in our life journey because they are talented, good looking, charismatic....etc and the liking came and went by as time passed. I would think these are also the very reasons we first caught sight of Joong Ki. However, as we get to read and know more about him, we begin to find that he upholds fine qualities which can impact individuals and have an influence in society and this extends beyond the role of a celebrity: - 1) Passion and diligence. We are challenged to give our best in what we do - studies or vocation. 2) Reciprocate the love. We must not take our family for granted. 3) Courage and tenacity. There are too many missed opportunities in life, go and pursue the one you love. 4) Friendship and loyalty. The old saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed. 5) Humility. Stay small in your own eyes and be prepared for the peaks and troughs in life. Joong Ki is not perfect and there are weaknesses that we will never get to know of. But I think the aforesaid is sufficient for one to understand that we support him beyond just talent and that boyish face. So is Joong Ki dating Hye Kyo? I am betting my last dollar that they are dating as of now. We cannot be sure that it will bear fruit (we certainly hope it will) but we would be praying that they have privacy and space to nurture what has already begun. An ordinary love relationship is already difficult, let alone one that is under the world's scrutiny. There is too much evidence (please scour through the pages) to say that it is just fan service. You can chose to believe or otherwise; the truth is as good as what you think of it to be. I didn't realise that I can fall in love with someone else's love story, it is really sweet. I hope we huddle through the dry spell and keep the chat alive. I am looking forward to all the little nuggets of information that come our way and how you detectives always manage to solve the mysteries. I am looking forward to the next movie, the next drama, the next FM.... It is really hard to move on from here..But as of now, I wish SS couple well and I wish them love.
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