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  1. Really hoping someone who watches korean daily drama's can help with the name of this revenge drama. Plotline; He comes back as an adult after years of being away to find his father after reading his mothers words in her diary. His mother tried to tell him he had a son as she was dying of cancer but he thought she just wanted money and brought her off. So she didnt tell him about his son, which further makes her son angry. His father doesnt realise its his son and makes his life miserable so they end up going against each other and the tension esculates he has to take his father down. He cant be friends with his step brother even if he wanted to, as he doesnt know he is is brother nor that he going to attack his father. It gets very ugly. Till eventually the brother injures his leg and ends up needed surgery at the end. He tries to get the girl or tries to get sympathy but she knows what is going on and is helping his brother, she ends up being romantically linked to the older brother. The father finally realises its his son but way way to late....
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