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  1. Finally got to watch the final 2 episodes after getting out of hospital. Was impressed with the realistic ending. This was because of an affair but after alot of couples move on the longer you are together the stronger the connection in some cases especially if you have to continue to deal with each other and be civil during it. I think the mistress saw that there was still a strong bond between them regardless if she got together with him or not she would always continue to feel like that. Part of that is stealing what doesnt belong to yours in the first place.
  2. Not to spoil it for anyone else but can someone who has read the book tell me how exactly does Tharn find out everything going down? I understand whats going on and the reason for the break up etc, but i am curious how Lhong's true colours come out?
  3. Well here we go, a reaction from the man himself acting in the role:- On the December 18th live stream 'To You Who Took the Trouble', Lee Sang Yoon commented on the popularity of 'VIP' and the hate he's receiving for playing the part of a cheating and conniving husband. He said, "I have never in my entire life been insulted so much. I expected it, but it exceeded my expectations. A lot of people came in to the chatroom to curse me, and over 10,000 people have come in. Because people are getting sucked into the drama, I'm being cursed out a lot." His co-star Shin Jae Ha then commented, "Hyung said that the more his character Park Sung Joon is cursed at, the better the drama is doing, and it's doing well." Lee Sang Yoon added, "It's doing extremely well. I'm being criticized from across the globe. If being hated on is succeeding, it's really succeeding." Have to agree with this one. Its easy to like the good guy but if you really dispise the bad one then they are doing their acting job well.
  4. I was trying to work out the husband's attitude, he isnt supporting his wife, yet is concerned about her, supports the mistress yet isnt in love with her although he knows she is with him, doesnt walk away from the CEO although knows what a danger he is. I am wondering if he knows how deep he is and he threw himself under the bus for lack of a better word thinking he would protect his wife, well he hurt her more than anything and she is finding out more skeletons now than ever before so it backfired if that was the writers plan. Don't know but as a marriage he has withdrawn, and it doesnt strike me as guilt. Its coming across more as protective nature. Dont know maybe next week will reveal more.
  5. Sadly the vows in marriage are usually, Love, Honor & Cherish, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. Well okay those usually get broken at least once in marriage, but while he is destroying them literally piece by piece. The vows do not say you should continue to love him while he is being a jacka** . No matter how much you hate them, its not easy to turn off the emotions and walk away. I think next weeks episode will cover this part. ADDED: The pitfal about being a mistress and in these dramaland stories is you are constantly watching over your shoulder as everything you have is not yours and never was. In that sense they both have already got their own karma. He is unsure of what he is doing and her never feeling at ease with any step she makes especially around him as she doesnt know when she may possibly loose it. So yeah karma comes back to bite you one.
  6. If she does find out she is pregnant, and a big IF at that since it aint been confirmed. My guess would be she would take down husband first destroy them all then divorce him and try to avoid him finding out about the baby. He will find out about it later and go into extra remorse mode after the first pregnancy issue. Depends on how badly she takes him down as to whether i want them back together or not actually. She has people around her that support her which is great, they wont drop another relationship on her this late in the game as it would be an insult to the plot line and it doesnt work that way in kdramaland. So it would be more of a case of supportive secrets and you can make what you want to beleive out of our relationship, true or not.
  7. Definition of dramaland episode 13;- - Dumb ex didnt want to suspect her of being duplicitous, but suspected and was unsure what to do. - Watched wife getting angrier more and more and suspected more to it. - Suspected what she was up to, but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and wanted her to try to at least come clean of own accord. - He did so he asked her direct and she confirmed it of her own accord. - Wife confronts issue direct, husband confused by situation, but later dumb broad confesses all. - Realises she is pitiful (hate that word in dramaland), and doesnt want to abandon her in that state. But realises the big picture he is now caught in. - At work feels obligated to stand by the CEO, feels leaving is the wrong thing to do. - Wife refuses to leave, going to make his life as miserable as he made hers. - Watching all the office politics taking place around him and the affect its having on him and his wife he feels lost. - Husband now feels he has lost the right to do anything for his wife now, so no point in being nice as he has been horrid husband up until now, so might as well play that role out. - Already caught up in mistress webb, watching her pitiful doesnt want to abandon her but doesnt love her either. - Finale of episode 13, wife starts drawing battle lines. - Episode 14 preview, battle lines are drawn and everyone starts to make their positions clear. I think i can still understand husband at the moment, not sure if I am on the right track or not. He is definitely still redeamable, whether we want him to be or not seems to be the question. She was infactuated with him, he didnt control the situation properly and it tore him and his wife apart, alot of horrble things were said and done, he cant go back to that and sees his wife justifiably angry and bitter over it. He also knows there is office politics going on as well he has to carefully navigate. He wanted to support mistress, however she already had the wrong idea and his continued support has now slowly been mistaken for taking her side and willing to be with her. Which is not where he stands right now. I am guessing emotions will fire next episode. Mistress will start to have potential husband ideals. Husband will have jealousy issues with wife, and clear battle hostility lines will be drawn. The war will commence on the personal and professional front.
  8. If my guess is write by the way the script is going, the take down revenge will happen during 13 & 14, any doubt or concern or regret will probably start around 15. He will be watching his wife before that with concernt but wont start regretting anything till the. Episode 16 My guess will be mop up and after seeing how much of a hole he dug himself into, he steps away from yrui (which i still beleive in his mind he thinks he is supporting her during a crisis period, something he felt he couldnt do properly for his wife). Realising how much damage he has down either throws himself under the buss to save his wife or signs the divorce papers to free her from the mess he dragged her into. But if you are areally going to do revenge the other party needs to suffer, and sorry but yuri needs to go through ALOT of pain yet. There also needs to be backlash on her from CEO park as well to rub it in when he starts feeling the heat as well.
  9. Actually I do understand why the husband blames his wife for the not realising his pain. With trauma's especially loss of a baby it either binds couples together or splits them up even worse. A mother loosing a child would be devastating, her grief in itself. Hence why he was supporting her as best he could, same as when the mistress was in grief he automatically did what he felt oblidged to do. But when a family member dies sometimes people forget the father grieves as well for the loss of the child. She was so caught up in her own grief understandable as it is, that she forgot her husband also lost a child as well. He would of felt isolated, detatched and resentful that he is not allowed to grieve with her during it all. I have a feeling that will come back up again later, I suspect she will apologise for neglecting his feelings of their childs loss. But in times of grief you dont go runnning to another woman. That is never the answer.
  10. Wow okay I just watched episode 12 and it confirms what I hate about drama's. Women who think unavailable men are for the taking if they manipulate well enough. Men who are taken but too spineless to stand their ground and protect what belongs to them. Yes I know my words are a bit harsh. The moment you exchange vows and rings means you SHOULD OF left any emotions for anyone else where it belongs in the past. Instead he is being manipulated by someone who I beleive she thinks she does genuinely love him. But he at this episode anyhow strikes me as feeling guilty. He is confused and feeling a touch of guilt for his wife but the mistress hanging on, for lack of a better word, I think the funeral had him feeling oblidged to support her and not abandon her during this time. Its striking up feelings to some level which is confusing him even more. But the head is also trying to manipulate him as well, I figure that since he hasnt immediately jumped at the chance just yet he has a hope of redemption and coming back and trying to find some resolve. If he turns which i hope they dont make his character that pathetic, then I am sorry to say I hope the wife takes him down to his knees, if the wife goes down he will feel even worse as he caused her downfall by what he hasnt stopped. In the end I really hate weak characters, like the mistress who thinks she can manipulate and take what doesnt belong to her. The moment he was married, he was not hers. The weak and pitiful excuse for a husband who lacks respect for his wife enough to not only not tell her he still loves her and lets her suffer through it all alone and is standing in the middle all confused. I just feel like reaching throught the screen and slapping him even though violence is not an answer.
  11. Subtitles makes it easier to understand what went down. I suppose you could say in a sense that shady mom did get between them. But its not exactly that. She had been through a lot, although she knew her mother would go down, she still was involved with her and her ex husband had to arrest her. I think Jenny knew all that was coming. But the ex from the lounge conversation was proud of her for taking directions she finally wanted to take but also knew it would take time to heal from it all. The other drama's skirt over the psychological trauma of being taken. This one didnt, jenny is still re-adjusting. It showed at the very end she was finally overcoming it after all the years. Her son was growing up and father and mother both looked at each other affectionately. Although we can assume from that they wont get back together or at least anytime soon. They have a strong bond and care deeply for each other and their son, which is all they needed at that point.
  12. This is a common plot line I struggle to understand, to a degree i get that they spent so much time together but after all the kidnapping and treatement and marriage and all yet its all sun shine and roses afterwards. It really annoys me when that happens. In the meantime the ex is the one to suffer out of all of it and it paints jenny and the bad person as well for the way she treated him. I liked shady moms son's remorse he is actually cute and pathetic in a way when he is trying to apologise but to me didnt seem to be enough punishment for him either. These kind of drama's let you down. They either show its okay to be as evil as they come as long as you apologise or ask to be forgiven thats okay. Or the other common theme is you can stalk them endlessly into marrying you and thats acceptable and that the victim partners are either stupid or cant stand up for themselves and say anything......very disappointing.
  13. Agreed it was a strange curve on the final episode, YW decided to dismantle the charmanship, suddenly he collapses, they return from overseas, and all turns rosy again after time jump. But I must say even if its just my opinion there is still better chemistry between KI and SW than SW & YW, if they really wanted to go that route they should of cast the male character around the other way. Even at the end when they met on the road, I think he still had affection for her after what he said to his mother. But its the way she looked at him after he walked away, it was a pull connection. Yet later with YW it was the only time i saw them have even a remote connection but stil it was not as strong as with KI. But thats just my opinion. Now finally KI will have a better life, he is comfortable now away from all that is pulling him all directions.
  14. @mekeo117 I join you on all of those thoughts, i feel there is no chemistry between the leads, feel that Ki has better chemistry and is totally in love with SW and belongs there as well. Sadly i also agree that not where they are going to head this drama thou.......
  15. I guess they are pushing for the discussions we are having on this forum that good people or good intentions can turn extremely bad and that that bad people or bad intentions can be also good. It can be a grey line which you think of as good or bad. I understand YW frustration and his push for them to be together buts it not as simple as he would like it to be. Poor Jimin is now having to suffer the consequences of all of this, and SW is now reaping what she sewe'd from it all as well. Somewhere deep in my heart I really wished she would turn around and say that its come to far and that I should still support KI for both my sake and jimin. But that is so not going to happen. They are pushing for a YW ending, too hard if you ask me is intention to be together is a tad bit aggressive. Besides KI being in jail even if he did come out, I doubt he would go anywhere near SW, he would be calmer and remorseful for sure but i think he would go do what he originally wanted to. I think if SW did come to him and say she should not of done that but she did love him in her own way and wanted to try again he would definitely think it. But i know this wont happen. Its just that with all that is going on, I am not feeling the romantic chemistry with the main leads. I know the objective is to put them together but i feel a non romantic gap between them. As if he is pushing them together as they should be together not because they want to be.
  16. It always happens in dramas I think there is a thing in pyschology might be nature v's nurture. Does it matter if you are blood related or not to continue the work of the rest of the family. For good or bad, it can be the case that regardless how bad a situation is for some they resent and reject what they have been taught for others they are the only theing they know so continueing on with the work at the risk of it not being true or loosing it all is too much. Same as those in good families if the parents excell, regardless if the child is or isnt in a positive environment it wants to exceed to make the parents proud.....
  17. @nohamahamoud2002 Agreed, his reaction leaving the hospital room said it all. He was saddened yes, and probably feeling guilty. But he didnt react to either her apology or to apologise to YW. The moral i guess is becareful when you push people too far, everyone has their thresholds.
  18. This was not unexpected for KI character to turn himself in, he was so pushed to the wall the only way out was fighing. When all those avenues got cut the only way he felt was out was suicide. Both extremes but to him he had no where else to go, his whole life in short was not his. He needed her apology, I never expected him to forgive her, especially not just yet let alone apologise to YW. That was not going to immediately happen. But the apology he got was enough to calm him to think of his mother and do the right thing. For me YW if far too arrogant about his position right now. Maybe its just his characters acting I dont know, as i know he is trying to resolve things and bring things to a close. But from my perspective only it seems those two are a train wreck, they battle against the badies i get that but they also take advantage of those who did have even the tinies bit of good in them. I understand YW and why people are with him, but what gets me is his attitude show not even the slightest bit of empathy towards KI. I dont expect him to like him what so ever. But if you watch other drama's the person realising thier position at least empathisees to some degree over taking their original position back. But this drama has alot of things which i find weird. I hope when he gets out of this he can make good with them but then say no thank you i want as far away from you guys as possible. No offence but your toxic to me and i dont want to be influenced by you two and your family either and go off with his mother.
  19. @nohamahamoud2002 It is a long list of Kdrama's I admit, some i forget the names of so i kept a list. I have a system now sadly with these Kdrama's which some fragile eyes might want to turn away now......LOL - I watch the ending to see if i am waisting my time. - see the main leads and the chemistry - see if it turns out satisfactory - see if there are stupid, break ups, memory loss's, last minute airport "I love you saves" really stoopid plots... - then i go and watch the rest of the drama's. There are some good drama's but also some of them have subtitles out of sync as well. There is one called glass mask i would love to watch properly even if the main actress I am not keen on the storyline I dont mind. However the subs are either missing or not sync'd. But good luck hope you find some you enjoy. Those are mostly towards revenge drama's or romance orientated..
  20. @nohamahamoud2002 As with this drama, everyone has different tastes, actually even mine. Depending on the mood a drama which was really crap can be good and one that was good can turn our crap really. Then you get the ones which really are bad.....lol However this is a list of ones I have come across which i have watched more than once. Some many times over. I tend to gravitate towards stronger characters, iron lady cha was hard to watch that grandmother is so stubborn. But then again watching the couples resolve issues is half the appeal to theses drama's.
  21. Exactly as I had hoped would happen, she finally woke up and realised what she had done. OF course the ex is none to happy about letting KI off out of it and I understand that. But She is right with what she was saying, it was all her fault and she is being punished. For idiot features ex to say to him after everything dont run away if food hardy he doesnt even like the guy and KI knows this. But it will be her remorse for what she put him through that will make him think about things and possibly change his mind. I still dont think her and the ex make a good couple chemistry is out and I dont like the lead actor......
  22. @lu09 I disagree in part with what your saying, not completely but in part. You grew up in a household all your life and knew nothing but that, if you get told your not a part of that alot of insecurities come out of that. Who? What? When? Where? How? He is not a child either, its not as thou a hug or cuddle would make that go away, most of his life to adulthood has been a lie. Then you have the real son come back and it rubs it in your nose further. What little you could initially tolerate about being used pushes you further over the edge so its not acceptable, you tolerate as much as you can because you do love them. But it is like rubbing your nose in it. You either know, dont know or ignore what your own parents are doing because they are your only lifeline you know, you dont know anything but that. Its not as though had many supporter to help him either, SW who may of given him chances was one pushing his buttons in the revenge in the first place, trust aint exactly big on her radar at that point either. It more probably interfered with her revenge and sorting things out with the ex that it did for his own welfare. The father you grew up with is a monster, you own wife never gave a damn, your son isnt yours, you no longer have your job, you no longer have a home to go back to. Whats left, the only exit he can think of, but then the two people who made it all go from bad to hell show up in front of you, its not exactly going to go, "Yes i am guilty, i will turn myself in, turn my life around, lets all hug". I would be running behind the first tree i could find if i found out they rocked up to sort it out, exxactly att what point recently have they tried with him. Not saying what he did was right, but i can understand the extreme he was pushed too. He may of resented her for it all and at that point his anger with himself is boiling over for going through all that so he would of pulled the trigger and felt guilty in part about it. But i am curious if they are going to come out sun shine and roses through this.....I hope not.....
  23. I think whats missing is the perspective of "Revenge" even I get excited to see the villan get theirs at the end of the show. But the reality is very different, revenge is paying someone back for what they did to you or others, some kind of offence or perceived offence. More than often you have go below your own sense of morality to acheive that. At that very point, revenge is not worth it and it makes you no worse than those who you are trying to get back at. No matter the reasons SW may of had, no matter how justified it seems to be or her or actually is. The fact she had to use someone else in order to acheive her scheme's makes her no better than CJT at that point. Granted she didnt do anything extreme like killing someone and all the other offfences but she has plenty there on her books as well. So while there are SW supporters and some KI supporters as well, the lines are blurred here because how can you call someone wrong and what the other did right when had to hurt other people along the way who also didnt want it either and to that point it drove a man to almost take his own life in the last episode.
  24. @lu09 No no i understand exactly where your coming from and like others have said he may of been in love with her but he also knew he was being used as well and who knows she may of been the next target on his list and he may of still made those same choices. Normallyt he drama's work in that fashion, and sure if the villan makes his choice then he takes the consequences of his actions. There is one drama I forget the name of it where she abandoned her child and really hit the wall with her vandetta, at the end thou she went to jail and came out but struggled so much getting back on her feet, eventually her abandoned daughter who still disliked her actually came to help her out by the end I found myself feeling compassion for her plight and the fact the parents if they had not of did what they done she may not of been caught, but her greed got the better of her. Another one had a couple interested but she was more interested in his friend, as a result the other one comitted suicide. So they split resolving the situation. Years later they meet again however he found out she is dating his long term best friend, emotionally they could not stay away from each other and tore him apart. HIs friend decided to stay loyal to him but a situation at the end which was a misunderstanding provoked him so he shot him. He was gutted pulling the trigger on him but emotionally was pushed too far, his friend survived it was minor, but had to hunt him down as he reclused himself away from people and didnt want to talk. He had to try to repair the relationship. Both plots twisted and turned to make you see that the villans are not always the villans of stories and the hero is not always the hero. They make mistakes all of them and sometimes the hero makes worse choices. For me that is KI as well. II was really gutted by his reaction when he said if i had to meet you again I wouldnt. Another words he felt like it was all her fault she did all this. Revenge has consequences to it, and only those drama's that highlight the fact make them reasonable drama's. This one is saying "Its okay to torment the villan, after all he is his fathers son anyhow and going to turn out like him at some point so why not just push him there faster" and the heroin "Its okay if i use him after all he knows I am, his father would hurt me and my son, so the ends justifies the means I dont have to give you any consideration as I am justified".. Umm sorry a world of no way shape or form is that justified. Sorry sweety for your character but i really hope you are shot, I hope you recover but I hope you are shot because i have the feeling that he is going to take all blame and responsbility and in some way he will end up with the guilt of it all with her being divorced and free to have her sun shine and roses family. I hope she is miserable.....pfft... LOL.......feeling spiteful after watching him try to hurt himself because of it......sorry all........
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