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  1. Aww i feel pity and sad reading the soompi article .PSJ sounds annoyed about this so called evidence that fans are connecting to both their ig post and the Jersey shirt .he just want to talk about the drama but instead he is addressing this issue.hope this fans will learn to stop it now.this is ain't bring any good to ppc shippers.
  2. So he never denied they are not dating right?but instead he said he can not guarantee. and everything could happen in the future
  3. I'm sorry we are not speaking the same language. I don't think they will ever learn how to listen too. i think they are trying to prove again with their so called investigator and connecting dots that PPC dating especially now that they are starting to have an argument with PSJ other ship.
  4. That account is a major problem in SSC before together with her friends in IG they are the one always keep on spreading and connecting things and now they are doing the same thing about PPC. Many SSC tried to talked to them and stopping them but they never listened at all and still keep doing it. So i'm not surprised anymore about them doing this.they even always fight with other shipper of SJK .
  5. I want to see the BTS drunken miso but seems like someone forbid to share with us b'cuz she is just too cute and it's exclusively for him only to see
  6. No worries if ppc co-stars denying about them dating b'cuz 1st they don't have the right nor in a position to answer. 2nd no worries as well even ppc denying it too b'cuz they need to stick onto what their agencies statement. Just continue sailing this ship and being delulu until both not married to others
  7. PMY will be in SG on august 10. I'm a new shipper of ppc and a silent reader of this thread.this is my 2nd otp after ssc which i found similarities and gut feeling about them dating
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