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  1. Am just curious - why would Korean guys have such proportion height as majority min. 1.8m...or only those with min. 1.8m shall be the actors...
  2. Probably after today's trip...there is surprise of Park Tae Yang....hope it's not too early to delulu
  3. He is the Captain of this ship...so I I Captain...he is steering the ship to the destination.....
  4. I can't help keep comparing RomCom since WWWSK...so moving to different genre..anyway I have had fan of detective/crime/investigation.
  5. Just finished watching midnight runners..PSJ is good in action genre too...what A talented actor..hopefully his next role in investigation or crime genre....
  6. Gut feeling he deliberately not to update since fans dig too deep..kinda of they have crossed the lines...and he is now off t the grid - a sign of warning...
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