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  1. Really???? Hahhaha honestly the only written korean word I can read is her name. I rely on comments and of course your translation. Anyways, I will always hope for her success.
  2. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum @meechuttso Hahahaha will do if I have time. I made an IG solely for her which I used to like all her posts and everything about her. Though I regret that I discovered her late, as you guys mentioned here that she kinda cleaned her account so there are posts I won't see unless someone has a copy of them and post it here. Well this post is getting long, but just like you guys I can't wait to know her next project. P.S.: I just noticed that in most of her dramas, the audience ends up rooting for her to date or marry her male lead. Our baby is really charming eh.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome chingus!!! @Man-O-Man I was supposed to watch MGL in 2018, but it's Five Enough where I fell in love with her. I ship her hard with Sung Hoon until now. Then I started to watch her other dramas. I only watched her parts in those small roles of hers.
  4. Hi! I've been a fan of Hyesun since 2018. I learned a lot about her through this forum. And just like some of you I'm afraid that I am beginning to be SHS addict (though I have no intention to be cured). She is the only actress I will definitely spend my time and money coz she is that great. By the way I read all 225 pages of this forum before I decided to unlurk hahaha. Just want to thank everyone here for giving me my SHS fix.
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