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  1. 9 minutes ago, revangelia said:


    hi, are you sure you just watched 2D1N?

    to quote on what you posted on Nov 15 "gut feeling is that they are both attracted" 


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    um lol you change your mind that fast? 

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    on dec 12 your delulu mind was so active, no?




    i have this weird feeling that both of you are the same person, lol


    anyway, hi guyssss im a silent reader here, and just decide to delurk :)


    @revangelia Bravooo Dear... Bravooo 

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  2. 1 minute ago, princesssarang21 said:

    I hope KBS is a Boyoo shipper too so that YJ can MC alongside BG. I can imagine they're going to be giggling and laughing all night haha and probably make jokes that only they can understand:D:wub:


    Probably KBS is BoYoo shipper or at least their crews or staffs are. If i can see from the way they shown BTS or even bring news about BoYoo couple in their Weekly Entertainment segments. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, Kissy13 said:

    Or way back from Seoul uri Bo Gum already receive permission from the coolest mother on earth..that's why our BoYoo couple is on get away outfit today?what you think my friend?ehhhhhh squeals so much!!!:love::heart:


    Oh I really hope so, afterall coolest mom want the best and good man for uri Yoo Jung right ;)

    38 minutes ago, seoulistic said:

    Behind a successful man ( BG ) there is a great woman ( YJ ) :blush: 


    Agreeed on above 

    19 minutes ago, bubblyflo said:

    Hahahahaha some media caught her thou


     yes I confused about that too? maybe her mom just sent her to incheon. but if really her mom let her go alone with her manager and BG, it meanssssssss her mom already trust BG hahahahahahahahaha 

    Can't stop laughing for delulu 


    Hahahaha dont worry i copy my delulu from you this time.. its high on probability afterall there is YJ manager.. and thats what manager are for :P 

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  4. Wooow the airport fotos .... they looked amazingly match, from top to bottom they complimenting each other (hairs, jeans, jackets to sneskers). Bogum looked handsome and confidence whereas Yoojung looked pretty as always.

    Of course when you spend your time with your other half time become irrelevant and shorter hahaha. Let say arrived at 16.30 and hotel check in by 18.00 and freshen up for about an hour or two. By 20.00 they are ready to hit HK scenery hehehehe (that what in my head plan for them hahaha)

    Mom might be tired of the trip and only accompany them for the dinner afterwards strolling hand in hand around hongkong?? 


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  5. 38 minutes ago, gilaswan said:

    Y'know how when she said she wanted to talk to him while he was in his room/office, and he sat on the table? I love how she stood so close to him. So comfortable, that stance. They're so cute together. 

    And yeah. Was that his room or office? Cos you remember an earlier scene in another episode where he and SDY were doing paper work and then YMJ opens the door after just one knock, and then after YSJ walks out in a huff, "hurt" for being "questioned" about his "loyalty" to SDY (sort of), SDY asks YMJ, "Do you enter a man's room without knocking?" So... His room or the office? His room? KMY came to look for SJ in his room? ;)



    Well CMIIW as I've been watching series detail lately. If you looked into behind YSJ desk when they work together paper signing (YSJ n SDY) there are actually like window and I assumed there is bed behind that window. So YSJ office is the same as his bedroom

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  6. 2 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    Wait. So there are rumours that the two of them are actually dating? 

    The chemistry is really something in this show, I have to admit. It's the first SJK show I'm watching - he always looked too flowerboyish before. But my my... What a fine specimen of a man he is now. Mm-mm-mmmmmm... Wondering if in the coming week he's going to be hurt in the rescue ops and she takes it upon herself to stay on and nurse him back to health. Prepare for some major flirting to come!!!

    i do wonder how it will process from here though - he's technically no longer on an overseas posting, and her 15-day mission is also over. What reason would they have to stay on? I'm guessing illegal diamond trade and corruption going on on the HaeSung power plant is the next big thing that's going to get uncovered and they're somehow going to get tangled in that mess. 


    @gilaswanWell we dont know the truth yet it might happen and it might not happen but with the Dots in highlight at this point of time their agency will sure keep their mouth shut for a while. For the shipper will be Hurray... but for the non shipper im sure nasty rumor or news will arise. The fans informed they were caught having meal together in Australia but refuse to be pictured and the restaurant dont allowed picture too. 

    I remember Won Bin being caught from his then gf (LNY) turn wife apartment.. this could happend to our Song Song couple, but like i said only time will tell and if one of them ready to make mistake hehe and of course if they are in real relationship. This whole attraction soo can be seen because they really played with their eyes like our friend said. But then again maybe I need to change my glass prescription hehehe.

    Love or hate SHK she is Korean Gong Li and will remain so. No other Korean actress yet to compete imo.  This type of actress with combine natural beauty and attitude is rare. Its good DOTS market to China which will give good way to SJK to go international. SHK already established name which could help SJK career. SJK is good actor and if previously he was rough diamond now he shine like sharp diamond, some people are born with genius acting talent well SJK is one of them.


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  7. @joongkyo 

    From the IG that you sent many of the comments are from indonesian fans. On fans said YAI might be the matchmaker, One of them suspect the relationship even before SJK Army Dispatch and also the DOTS really made for both of them saying SJK agreed to play because there is SHK there. One SHK friend with glasses took picture with SJK on her account which became private now.

     Well i dont know whats the early gossip about DOTS lets just pray may both of SJK and SHK find their own happiness with whoever their love is. This really make my day 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, shoyunnie said:


    If I'm not mistaken, during his interview; Elle Magazine (October 2015) he said both SHK and the writer Kim Eun Sook are not prudish and they communicate well.. He said that they match really well



    The interview is the only source of SJK feeling about doing the DOTS with SHK if im not mistaken, few things worth to mention are that he was expecting to pair up with SHK and glad on the confirmation,  he think they are good match (mentiontwice), they communicate well, he noticed previous elle SHG taken in paris, even KES told him to date properly. I had just realized this is actually things to prepare us if there is any situation such as real relationship occured.

    Like @gangurhar said Korean celebrities need to guard their personal life. I dont know why.. i mean if the fans find out they have realtionship will they were not becoming fans again?? For this i really dont understand. 

    Frankly this is the first time i saw intense sexual chemistry between OTP in Kdrama but second time in movie industry. The first one of course Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Darn i still remember when brangelina movie I said to my self what a hell of couple hehehe Even if JK and HK are not dating ay the moment probably they had little fling while shooting DOTs hehehe still this might be my delulu or my imagination run free. This is also the main reason why i ship  this Joongkyo hehehe.

    I saw when SJK kiss MCW in nice guy .. somehow i saw good actor and actress, not bad kisser for both of them (I hope no one throwing me anything, please dont tell SJK MCW shipper). But when SJK and SHK is like Man and Women doing it because

    Lets mention about Kissing episode for thousands time (requote our capt YSJ) lets we be glad that its more than one take scene heheh because between what shown in ep 4 and early ep 5 and when MY imagine/memorized before looking for blakey.. well i think its all different take. What i like about the Film Director is well they are playing with our memory too hehehe. Lets us as Dots kiss trooper make comparison. 

    Lastly i love how their PR work to make us sweat in our seat, make us becoming stalker of our ex bf/gf. They keep quite but then gave us hints such as couple clothes or maybe bracelet or maybe they way the pictures taken and I asked my self Whyyy i need to believe that also 





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  9. @Bambiina hahaha oke oke no bed scene yet but can we have it before 10 episode afterall someone said the single bed nearby the window and captain room will be available before they return from Urk right? :wub:

    For the Songsong shipper i just finished BTS hunting and found nothing new yet but there are some news from a fans of songsong shipper that make statement that our captain YSJ wore 'couple bracelet' while playing bilyard (using stripe shirt) and our doctor KMY also wear it in other scene. Alas i cant find clear shoot of her wearing it in ep 6 there are possibility she wore it while on the helicopter but tats not clear enough (under her watch). Might have to check another ep probably. But if any of you doing for rerun like i my plan for the weekend, will you all help hehehe 

    Ok officially im this couple stalker

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  10. 1 hour ago, IrisFM said:

    Why don't someone snap a photo of them together? If you do have it, please just share ;)



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    via www.instagram.com/reallygo

     @IrisFM is this KMY grey swearshirt? I think @SeGafanlady mention few same couple shirt? Is this part of their PR to disguise their relationship and reveal litle by little so we wouldnt be surprise and fans support of their relationship?? Or is this the way KBS team way to promote their series. Darn I need to sue them for my sleepless night for 2 things, 1st the curiousity of DOTS end and 2nd my curiousity of our OTP personal life hahaha

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  11. Ok lets talk about our OTP senses of fashion both 1st OTP and 2nd OTP

    Imo SDY dressed way better than YSJ hehe the ep 1 his jacket much much better  its confirmed when they are using the same stripe shirt. The stripes shirt pair with jeans on SDY is the one catch my eye.. 

    MY clothes cant argue more, the type of volunteer doctor in africa used hehehe... 

    MJ havent seen much as she wore uniform  but during her stair fight she looked so good on white tee and jeans

    Anyone care to join?

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