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  1. To me, judging from the latest promo picture from tvn, it looks like he was frame for the murder just like what they did to HJG. Someone knocked him out, killed Jenny and and put the gun in his hand. Jenny know too much and she made the wrong move when she met DH. It triggered the bad guy and they afraid if Jenny will tell everything to DH so she must be eliminated. SH also had the same fate like Jenny when she tried to blackmail the politician (forgot his name). Luckily for DH, he has Chief Ki who always put his trust on him and I'm sure he will try his best to investigate the case.
  2. @zaireen Last night, when I look at Kplus on VOD, they still haven't upload episode 10 yet. I will watch it tonight after I came back from work. Thank you for the translation of that crying scene. So Mdm Jin gave the permission to DH to be CKT's lawyer but at the same time reveal the truth about the donor. I'm a bit confused about her revelation, is it because she was disappointed at DH?
  3. @Neunji For me, obviously the main plot for this drama is about political corruption especially in the army. So anything can happen if it's involve someone with a higher ranking. They can't get the information about CKT and his data disappeared by someone's order. For 10 years mdm Jin thought her son's death cause by an accident but actually he was murdered. The ones who wanted to uncover the truth suddenly died and they make it look like they died without their intervention. One of the the survivor is DH's father who i think choose to join the bad guys because of his son. I don't think they dare to touch DH coz his father hold the evidence of their corruption. CKT won't harm him for now because as a soldier, he just following the order from his superior. Because if something happens to DH, his father will release the evidence.
  4. It's only six episodes for now but whatever truth that will be reveal later, I don't think it will be good for Dohyun. Seems like his father voluntarily admit that he was the murderer in the change for Dohyun future. The CEO promise that he will take care of Dohyun so I guess what Dohyun have now, without he even realised it, maybe somewhat because of the help from the CEO. He gave Dohyun the opportunity to live and maybe set path for him to start his career. Seems like Dohyun future was built by the pain from many people. I understand his father's selfish love but can he handle it when he knows the truth? Well, this is my assumption after 6episodes so we'll just wait how the writer reveal the whole story.
  5. @bebebisous33 When he saw another face on the mirror, he didn't look extra-shocked like it was not the first time it happen. I myself almost jump on my seat (literally) when that face suddenly appeared. But Do Hyun seems not too much affected by the fact that his own face becomes someone else.
  6. While waiting for the eng sub for ep2, I actually found the answer from my previous question about romance in this drama. credit to owner
  7. I just finish watching the first episode with eng sub. I agree that the detective should take the blame for the lack of evidence and he seems too rush to close the case. He knew it too and that's why he resign. Frankly speaking, of all the professions/jobs in this world, lawyer is the top job that I dislike. I know they only do their job but sometimes I wonder about their morality. I hope Do Hyun is not like that if he found out that his own client is actually the murderer (and we're still not sure about it). Another thing, I think there's a connection between Do Hyun and his assistance. She looks nervous when she first heard his voice and suddenly change her expression when she turned to look at him. There're few theories that I read and I agree that she maybe a family member of Do Hyun's heart donor. Now I wonder, will there be a romance between him and his 'best friend'? Or he will fall in love with his heart donor's girl coz his new heart make him remember what happen to the previous owner (kidding coz i watch too many kdrama)
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