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Vanity/Makeup storage

Dazzle and DestroyDazzle and Destroy zBannedL.A, HongKong, TokyoPosts: 5,232Friend of Soompi


edited March 2012 in beauty & fashion
need inspiration, show your vanity here!
Ladies, I have a vanity crisis, and I need help! It's taking way too much room and furniture needs a change..
I'm thinking about getting the ikea micke desk, and turning it into a vanity/computer station.. also the ikea shelving units.
Any other ideas to minimize the area?

My vanity right now (sorry lq.. can't find my camera)
pretty much its in acrylic organizers, and the rest of the makeup is in storages put away.. so i hardly grab and use em. :(



Ikea Micke Desk
Ikea Shelving Unit

Makeup storage/organization videos

Feel free to post what your vanity looks like! and also inspirational photos! :)
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melkimxEmerald Snow


  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    edited March 2012
    I'm having the same problem too. I think getting a shelf with more storage space works better than a bigger desk. At the moment, I have two desks (which makes a long desk) but its hard to organize because for makeup items its just little things everywhere and they get messy easily. The little compartments in shelves would probably make it easy to arrange things according to what they are, like eye products on one compartment, face in the other, etc.
    You really only need a decent sized desk for your laptop and mirror and that would probably save space.

    I haven't tried it but I think it would work :P

    Btw I kind of wish I didn't look at the videos you linked now because I really want that lighted vanity mirror T_T but they don't ship to Australia..
    f0reveralwaysDazzle and Destroy
  • Dazzle and DestroyDazzle and Destroy zBanned L.A, HongKong, TokyoPosts: 5,232Friend of Soompi


    love your vanity!!

    as for nail polish, I suggest a nail polish rack(which i will be investing this week!)

    something like this?

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  • kandikandi Posts: 3,789Member
    basing it on ur choices. i would suggest trying to find one of these storage units you can put under the desk -

    and with the shelves - you can buy drawers from ikea to put into that shelf. 2 drawers fit one block from the shelf.
    (this is where my make up is atm.) 
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  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    wow, i was just saying today that i really need some more storage for all my makeup T_T

    one of my favorite nail polish bloggers (alllacqueredup) bought some ikea helmer units to store all her polishes. she's got them divided by color. it looks pretty organized, i think.

    i only keep makeup and jewelry i use in visible sight. everything else, i store. i find it reduces the appearance of clutter. i divide by type and store them in clear tupperware boxes with labels. then, with the items i do keep in sight, i can arrange them nicely on a pretty tray or in a nice box. but i guess that really only works if you don't change out your makeup a lot or stick to only a few items.

  • NesquickbooNesquickboo westerosPosts: 357Member


    waaaahh~ so much stuff. I really need a desk with a draw or something because I have none and it's all on top of my desk that I use for studying and stuff. Everything's on it and it's full of clutter (okay that's kind of my fault too :sweatingbullets: ). Atm I have two little shelves. One for makeup, which I hold in make up bags and another for hair products and it used to be with nail varnishes too. Now I have two mini boxes for nail polishes and a bigg-ish box to hold everyday make up. I might upload a picture later when I clear up my desk...
  • heartdropsheartdrops yooruce willis. Posts: 7,052Friend of Soompi


    @sickest_femme, LOVEEEE YOUR VANITY! I wanted something like that from West Elm, but it was just too expensive! Didn't know BBB sells something like this! Argh! Wish I got it before I got this one from Ikea.

    Excuse the mess. I've been really lazy about cleaning lately hahas.
    I think this was like 1xx? I think you can still find it on the Ikea website.

    [img]http://i40.Richard Simmons/15cg66s.jpg[/img]

    Also got this jewelry organizer sometime last year on clearance from Target
    [img]http://i44.Richard Simmons/2qks5kz.jpg[/img]
    Both the sides open up to hang necklaces
  • i KITTY x3 =)*i KITTY x3 =)* ? ?????; DONGHAE &#9829 dongbangjunior landPosts: 3,636Friend of Soompi
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  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    holy moly I did not know it was the norm to have this much makeup/jewelry/nail polish :sweatingbullets:
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  • fabrications.fabrications. i'm a ghost noPosts: 3,542Member


    ^I don't even have enough to give myself an excuse to purchase a vanity :sweatingbullets:
  • YoyoYoyo Posts: 5,677Moderator


    Omg, sickest_femme, I'm in love with your vanity! It's so gorgeous and it also works for a desk which is amazing. I've been storing my make up in my closet since it's so huge and grab the ones I use to the mirror when I get ready since I switch around my make up often. But after seeing that vanity .. I'm really having second thoughts..

    image image

  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    Your vanity just makes everything look so tidy! I love it. Maybe I should invest in something like that too.

    I forgot to ask this in my original post though - where do you all keep your studded earrings? Preferably something that looks nice? I have the spinning rack thing but i find that those only work best with the dangling earrings.
  • missaquemissaque Posts: 626Member
    I found this on Pinterest one time and thought it was a super clever idea:


    It's a magnetic makeup board. I know it's ridiculous to plaster up all your products on magnetic boards, but I think it's a good idea for daily products. It makes it easy to grab and see things, and can keep an area cleaner by not sprawling out daily products on the counter (which is something I have a problem with).
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  • zarafayzarafay Posts: 22Member


    edited March 2012
    this looks like such a cute idea for earrings! this might even work for some big studs :o
    Emerald Snow
  • tinatran_tinatran_ canada! 8DPosts: 4,988Member


    I love how most of you are storing it so neatly and it looks so organized! I'm one of the few that just throw my daily products in a bag and keep my new/unused makeup in a drawer. .__.''
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  • veryhoneyveryhoney Posts: 120Member


    sickest_femme wrote on 18 March 2012 - 12:59 AM:

    Got mine from Bed Bath & Beyond for about $150. I like it because the mirror flips down so it functions as a vanity when I need to do my make up and a desk for my laptop or when I want to do my nails.

    *quoted image*
    *quoted image*

    As for storage space you can see I'm a bit overwhelmed as well! I have the gradient drawers in the back from Office Depot for about $70, holds a lot but just not everything. And the nail polish is kept in a media tower from walmart that was about $17, but I have so many I need probably 3 of them. All the rest are in boxes and bins I need to sort through and find a place for.

    *quoted image*

    Great topic, I'm also interested in seeing other storage ideas to minimize clutter and maximize space.

    Oh my! I love it!

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  • Dazzle and DestroyDazzle and Destroy zBanned L.A, HongKong, TokyoPosts: 5,232Friend of Soompi


    I thought this is a great idea for a jewelry display/holder by wendy!!

    DIY Jewelry Display
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  • Lovinyou615Lovinyou615 Posts: 112Member


    Oeh i really like this topic and i would like to see some pics also! :D I'm dealing with the same problem, and also another problem: my room the TOO small to fit a small desk for my makeup. I need advice too, lol.

  • nek♥nek♥ d(=^・ω・^=)b Posts: 1,909Member


    ^ I have the same vanity storage as you and omg compared to yours...mine is so disorganized. Where did you get the organizers in the drawers?
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