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Tall girls: How do you feel cute?

JaeFumaJaeFuma Posts: 113Member
5'9 +
I know this is a weird question, but it's something I'm curious of. I'm a very tall girl, taller than most boys, and because of this, I often feel quite masculine. I'm also a bit pudgy, so that adds to my feelings of being "giant." How do other tall girls feel, well, like girls? I know that being "cute" or a "woman" is not equaled to one body type/height/etc., but I feel a bit weird, even if I'm wearing a pretty color, towering over people. I feel quite awkward....


  • Chasing-A-FairytaleChasing-A-Fairytale Posts: 1,288Member


    Aha, I always get comments when people think I'm like triple the time of my age. I'm pretty tall too. Well I guess for my age. I guess cute hoodies with those ears attached on the hood is pretty cute with skinny jeans and converse. Those I think look cute on any girl. Any girl can pull that off :) 
  • JaeFumaJaeFuma Posts: 113Member
    Hmm...I'm sometimes worried about things with ears. Since I am in college. I want to look cute and not like...creepy or something. Like I'm trying to be a little kid (not that things with ears equal little kids).
  • dashadasha Posts: 1New Member
    Fellow tall girl, also in college! I like to wear my hair long and wavy, and wear very sweet/dolly makeup. Also, I think to look cute you have to feel cute, so that means accepting the fact that you're tall and just work it! I wear high heels, flats, boots, I don't care! I know it's hard to feel cute and dainty when you are taller than guys, confidence is key!  Ah and dress age appropriate, with neutral, pastel colours, lace and such...I guarantee you'll feel cute :3
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  • rachilderachilde United StatesPosts: 2,332Member
    edited March 2012
    Cute tall girls:









    What all the women have in common: confidence and a willingness to celebrate their appearance.
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  • JaeFumaJaeFuma Posts: 113Member
    I suppose that just accepting it is key. It's just a bit hard sometimes. :sweatingbullets:
    I sometimes wonder when I wear "girly clothes" that people think I just look silly because of my height. But I guess I should just toughen up and wear what I like. :lol:
  • Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,960Member


    edited March 2012
    dazzleanddestroy wrote on 02 March 2012 - 12:29 PM:

    Tall girls aren't cute...

    They're SEXY!!!

    that depends, i've been all around the world, and tall asian girls catch my eyes, and i havent seen any hot or sexy tall asian women before.
    I think mainly we see the hot/sexy ones on tv, magazines and whatnot.

    Here are my tips:
    tall asian girls tend to be pudgy *work out, tone up* (like the topic starter said, or straight-body, lanky and flat)
    lanky ones,
    -try to get some volume in the upper arms and thighs *think victoria secret tall ladies who are approportionate*
    i've seen too many tall ladies who look like their arms go on forever.
    You can try to create curves, my tall friend and i tried on dressy beige shorts, and they seem to suit girls with flatter bums then girls with perky round bums.
    - You can also hide flat bum with a cardigan and wear a WAIST belt so it looks for S-shape.
    Another thing i agree with posters on here, yes tall girls tend to look older, so yes becareful with makeup choices.
    - Bangs, also make you look younger.
    - wear flats (shoes)
    - smile A LOT =)

    try to make the best out of your body.

  • sircesirce Posts: 498Member
    I'm a tall girl (5'8half does this count? I do feel tall though) and I think face and hair can do a lot to add cuteness. Long hair and natural make-up gives a kind of innocent look which can also help with giving the cuteness look.

    Clothes usually only help if the face and hair is already a bit cute, otherwise it might seem like you are trying too hard or a bit overboard (which then makes people look older). So take care first of the face and hair. Also, I think you don't have to just have 'cute' clothes to look cute. Some people look cute, even when wearing 'non-cute' clothes. The right attitude (positive and smiley) helps.

    Of the pictures shown by Rachilde, I don't really think some of the women are cute by the way. Some are sexy and/or pretty, but I wouldn't really describe them as cute, except for 1 (smiley face), 2 (young face), and perhaps 6 (pale flowey clothing, though non-cute face). 5 has pale clothing too, but is shorter, thus makes it more sexy, especially with the leather jacket. They all do look confident though and I think that is better than just being cute.
  • JaeFumaJaeFuma Posts: 113Member
    I think I should add that I am not asian (sorry about that). I have just a regular pudgy body type, not tall and lanky. i'm more pear shaped than anything. I guess maybe "cute" was the wrong word, but maybe "feminine?" I just feel overly masculine around people, and even more so around boys that are shorter than myself.


    edited March 2012
    To feel cute when you're tall, you have to be thin/lanky... in my opinion. I'm only a little over 5'7 but apparently I'm tall for a Korean. In high school I used to be a little chubby overall and I know I looked kind of sluggish and unkempt if you know what I mean - and always felt like a giant. <_<

    But then I lost a ton of weight so I'm about 115 lbs (which I know some people might think is unhealthy but whatever), and I get a lot of compliments and looked at differently than before. Look at all the tall Korean celebrities like Junjihyun and Yoona; they're not cutesy but they have a long, graceful silhouette so you can use that to your advantage. Long arms and legs are always a good thing.

    By the way, I used to be embarassed all the time in high school because most of my friends were on the petite side and fragile looking; it's a little uncomfortable when you're towering over your fellow friends all the time. But I realized they were always envious of my height. I think the more you try to look shorter, the more you will seem insecure and start walking in a slumped manner. Don't slouch, this is something a lot of insecure tall girls do!

    Now I try to use my height to my advantage and usually wear skinny jeans + heels, to make my legs seem even longer. Tall girls look great in dresses + leggings as well. We can pull off huge purses and tote bags that shorter people sometimes can't. Miniskirts and shorts can look sexy instead of cute.

    In my opinion, sporty (i.e. Northface) don't work on tall girls. One thing I noticed is tall girls seem to look better with long straight hair. Don't wear overly bright, colorful outfits; I stick with neutral colors, solid color dresses, classic designs. Keep your skin clear and don't wear too much makeup ("innocent" is a good image for tall girls). Feminine and sexy is how you will want to be seen post-college anyway. I kind of threw away my hopes of being cute. You just have to find out what works for you. Just don't be embarassed about your height. =)
  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    JaeFuma wrote on 03 March 2012 - 07:33 PM:

    I think I should add that I am not asian (sorry about that). I have just a regular pudgy body type, not tall and lanky. i'm more pear shaped than anything. I guess maybe "cute" was the wrong word, but maybe "feminine?" I just feel overly masculine around people, and even more so around boys that are shorter than myself.

    capitalize/embrace your height and wear heels :D whether you're wearing jeans or dress/skirt.. heels = feminine.

    but if you dont want to add any more height (I think tall girls look great with heels though), like someone suggested, it's important to play up your hair and face(makeup)

    for tall "pudgy" body type, I imagine wearing blouse/chiffon, jeans and boots! =)

    Have you seen FreePeople's models? They're freaking tall! they model normal/extremely cute clothes. They're pretty slim though, but maybe you can check out how they piece things together to see what would look nice on your body type.

    you know though.. what it boils down to is your confidence and how you view yourself. Because what you wear may or may not change how you feel. You can still feel out of place and masculine even though you're wearing the prettiest dress in the room. what you need to do first is change your attitude/confidence ^^
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  • bombb_bombb_ BOMbb_ california, usaPosts: 1,283Member
    i think almost all tall girls are cute regardless of height! (except, of course, if they're the sort of tall girl that plays sports AND looks...sporty)

    i don't think that YOU are the one that should have a complex about height, it's the boys shorter than you that should (unless maybe if you're over 6 feet...but even then don't!).

    but i think airy clothes (like dresses, or thin tops) and shorts are cute (not short shorts...but then again i don't like those in general...).
  • namstar_tabomnamstar_tabom Posts: 4Member
    I'm a tall girl also and i think any girl can be cute ~~ 
  • ann_beeann_bee Posts: 6New Member
    i know how you feel. i'm 5'7'' which might not sound very tall but i'm taller than all of my friends and i'm the tallest one in my class. i always feel like a giant, especially because i'm not very thin either.(huge bones, i also have some muscles and...probably some fat too biggrin.gif )  i'm the childish kind of girl who doesn't try to act cute on purpose but i'm just shy and my voice sounds like a 5 year old's and it's so weird because i look like a boy when you first see me and when i start talking.................'s embarassing.
    i wish i was shorter or i just wish i had a tinier body because this body of mine doesn't match my personality at all.
    people tell me i'm kinda cute when they get to know me better but on the outside, i have no idea how to look cute.... beside smiling.
  • AsrielyAsriely Posts: 29Member
    As a petite 4'11 girl, I can tell you that height can be better.
    I know shorter girls that even though they are short, don't look young, and aren't all that feminine looking.
    Embrace your looks : )~

    I noticed that when I wear makeup, I look older. When I don't wear makeup, people believe i'm a lot younger. 
    Figure out what works for you ^^~
  • Cam_Yang18Cam_Yang18 Posts: 29Member
    hello fellow tall girl! accepting the height is the key. thing is, i dont want to feel cute. it's not my "image" so to speak. just be confident with yourself. engage in outdoor activities like sports to release stress. i love being tall and i love my height. and i wear 4-5in heels because i love towering over people. hehehe i love to wear skinny jeans. it emphasizes the long legs we have. so hopefully this helped. :)

    so how tall are you anyway?
  • xoxozolixoxozoli Posts: 92Member
    im tall too but pll say im cute a loy i think your facial expressiin and voice matters a lot haha but ur personality is the one that matters, if you act and think like a kid then thats cute haha
  • krazyDoggkrazyDogg Posts: 114Member


    I'm 5'8"... Pretty darn tall for an Asian girl. I used to hate my height, but now I see it as a form of beauty and an advantage. Being tall is a gift -- there are many positive things associated with people who are taller. They tend to exude more confidence as well as appear more confident to others, their legs are longer which makes them look super sexy in jeans and heels, maxi skirts always are the perfect length... I could go on and on. You don't know how many people in this world would kill to be taller. :)
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  • ziil93ziil93 Posts: 18Member, New Member
    you guys are so lucky you're tall! you can be models. sigh i wish i could be tall too!!! i have a friend, she's almost 2meters long. She is very happy with her height!! And she's also cute~ it all really depends on how you carry yourself!! ^^
  • therebelltherebell Posts: 75Member
    do 168 cm count as tall? hehe. that's my heights. Being asian and that tall sometimes gives me hard time especially when I have to by trousers. But, I like to wear mini-skirts to look cute, and, for tall people they can emphasize their long legs by wearing mini skirts or hot pants and it looks beautiful :)
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