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SM, JYP, YG Requirements?

MunchkinsMunchkins Diamond BarPosts: 269Member
edited January 2010 in performers
Does anyone happen to know what SM, JYP, and YJ usually look for in auditions?
Do they looks for looks, talent, dancing, singing, charisma, personality, etc.?
Personal experiences are also welcome! image


  • choberrychoberry Posts: 169Member
    edited January 2010
    I have some knowledge about these three companies...
    I've gone through practically every page in those threads and learned a lot.
    I, however, haven't had experiences auditioning for them.. but I'll help you understand them a bit more.

    SM Entertainment does look for looks. Hate to say it but they do.
    Its not required if you're talented but they do look for that when they are auditioning people.
    Even Leeteuk of Suju said so on a variety show that they look for looks.
    They like talented people. People who can sing and dance.
    Your dancing skills don't have to be that good but they want to see if you can at least move. If they like
    you they'll train you more later on.

    JYP likes people who have a hidden chrisma, sort of.
    I forgot what term he used but he likes to see this kind of great potential in you.
    Its kind of like a silent thing that he detects.
    He does like talented people but he looks for that one special trait in you.
    Singing and dancing is also a big deal but there are ways in which they judge that are sometimes
    unpredictable. If you look at all his trainees, you can sort of see why he choose them to be in his company.

    YG is strickly business.
    President Yang HyunSuk is extremely serious when considering training people.
    He looks for really talented people.
    To do this, he lets his people audition you first for the first two auditions and if you pass, he'll audition you
    personally and that says a huge part of what his company is about.
    Dancing isn't really that big of a deal but singing is.
    To sum it all up, he doesn't play around.

    Hope that helped you out a bit.
    Its a bit short but yeah.. ^^
  • MunchkinsMunchkins Diamond BarPosts: 269Member
    I see.
    Thanks a bunch! (:
    I also heard for SM that if you're "cute", you have a higher chance than someone who's "sexy".
    Is that true?
  • choberrychoberry Posts: 169Member
    edited January 2010
    yeah, in Korea, cute is much more popular than sexy.
    Korea's like a trend nation... (lol sorry couldn't think of anything better to say)
    Sexy was in a few years ago and cute is in now...
    well, more like its out.. lol idk anymore. they change all the time but
    if you were to debut and had a cute image you'd be more popular than someone
    who was sexy..

    like for example, when SNSD debuted...
    Tiffany was extremely popular (not saying she isn't now) because she had this extremely
    cute personality. When she smiles, she has what they call "half-moon" eyes.
    that's the best I can describe it. go look up some pictures of her when she smiles and stuff.
    Jessica on the other hand, is kind of known for being sexy yet she wasn't as popular as Tiffany.

    another example is Kara..
    They began in the business with this kind of boyish toughness and it wasn't really popular with people.
    Only until their hit single Honey, where they adopted the image of cute, did they become really popular.
  • MunchkinsMunchkins Diamond BarPosts: 269Member
    I'm more of the cute type. ^^
    Hopefully, the cute trend stays put for now. :D
    If it isn't too much trouble, it would be great if you can post here if you find out more about these companies.
    Specifically SM, as it IS my prefered company.
    Also, is 15 or 16 too old for SM? TT.TT
    I'm turning 16 in April and I'm starting to dread my birthdays!
    Although some people think I'm 13 or 14, especially when I smile. >.>"
    Oh, and one more question. (Sorry)
    For SM, do we have to be really good at singing and dancing?
    Or can we just be okay at them?
    Because many of my friends and family members tell me that I'm very artistic.
    Not the drawing one but like...musically artistic(?).
    They tell me that I'm above average when it comes to singing. (No vocal lessons.)
    And as for dancing, I can keep the rythym and I can freestyle a bit too. (No lessons, once again.)
    Sorry for the long explanation.
  • choberrychoberry Posts: 169Member
    edited January 2010
    I'd really recommend you not to audition for SM because of their track history.
    Their artist are currently sueing them for ridiculously long contracts of 10-15 years.
    And they aren't getting paid for what they work for.
    Man if I could sit and talk to you and give you a good talking to, you'd be scared straight
    about SM. lol
    Its just too much to write it all down.. lol

    15-16 isn't that old. They have debuted ppl 23 before and they're doing fine now..
    Looking young is a plus too. They'd rather have a person who is old and look young than
    have an young person who looks old.

    Honestly, I can't really tell you if they will like you even if you aren't that good.
    You're just gonna have to try out and see what they say.
    You could try and send me some of your clips by pming me if you're not into posting your stuff
    up publicly or just go straight to auditioning.
    My best advice for you is to just go and audition because their feedback is what matters.
  • lgxlgx Posts: 114Member
    I think their trend on looks is a mixer between sexy and cute as of right now. It's not all about sexy or all about cuteness. If you can pull off both i think that's the best. Be cute but yet be able to pull off the sexy side when needed. Even SNSD is trying to pull off sexy. Being versatile is the best chance you'll be able to survive longer in the entertainment business. Trends changes fast.

    They all focus on everything. My opinion on what they focus on more:
    SM: Looks
    JYP: Dancing
    YG: Singing

    In the end, you need all three no matter what. Along with the "it" factor, meaning you are able to stand out in your own way. It's not something you can achieve, you just have it or you don't. Major reason why not everyone is a STAR.

  • L0VE_BUBBLESL0VE_BUBBLES Posts: 148Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2010
    The trend will probably change to sexy/tomboy-ish/mature again. Since all the k-pop groups changed from cute to sexy (ex: SNSD, KARA, ect.) and new girl groups came in with a sexy/tomboy-ish/mature concept (ex. 2NE1, 4Minute, f(x), After School) the trend will change to sexy/tomboy-ish/mature. But there's still some groups that are cute concept (ex: Rainbow, T-ara, Davichi, ect.)

    Each companies is very different and strict so if you fit the requirement i list below, go for that company. YG is more stricter than JYP and SM.

    SM -
    Good Looks
    Good Singing

    JYP -
    Good Singing AND Dancing

    YG -
    Good Singing
    Good Rapping
    Good Dancing
    Know English
  • teukiieteukiie jongkookie~^^ Posts: 2,334Member


    Basically, if you wanna join YG Entertainment, you have to be flawless & perfect! x)
  • i tried the online audition for JYP. didnt i really was considering SM....
  • summerfallsummerfall Posts: 18Member
    QUOTE (winniepooh4ever @ Feb 3 2010, 08:11 PM) »
    i tried the online audition for JYP. didnt i really was considering SM....

    how did you know you didn't pass?? did they send you an email??
  • chrisjee0623chrisjee0623 Posts: 64Member
    if you didnt pass then you DONT get a email
    if you DID pass then you GET a email in 2 weeks.
  • bonniechinbonniechin Posts: 62Member
    Really? They don't send any confirm letter that tell u they read it?
  • chrisjee0623chrisjee0623 Posts: 64Member
    im pretty sure when you online audition for jyp there's a view thing on your post and only jyp auditon picking person gets to see videos so if you see views then they saw it and if you dont get an email in the next 2 weeks then you didnt make it.
  • bonniechinbonniechin Posts: 62Member
    that's mean if they read my post, I will see some words(viewed?) in my post?...But I am not post video on the website, i post audios and photos only~
  • AnthonyKkoKkoAnthonyKkoKko Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,991Member


    edited February 2010
    i think SM is actually open minded...
    i mean, to say they like "cute" might not be true cuz they chose people like amber from f(x) who isn't cute at all, she's tomboyish.
    yet she's the most popular member out of f(x).

    so really, rather than trying to fit a company's image, try to BE YOURSELF image
    be YOUR OWN image image image

    embrace your individuality in the way you express music.
    and the company will take you as you are.

    remember it ! ^^

    good luck image
    Please kindly read the signature rules.
  • amanmanamanman Posts: 3Member
    but I am not live in Korea.....
    I really don't know what to do
  • Natsune619Natsune619 Posts: 114Member
    Is it a disadvantage if you're only half-asian? But I'm always told that I look more asian, so hopefully it's okay image
    I do have the whole 'white skin, big eyes' thing they like but I heard that SM prefer full asians image
    Ahh hope it's okay... I would hate it if I'm only turned down cos of my race, I'm not Korean so I have a disadvantage already (I'm japanese)
  • chrisjee0623chrisjee0623 Posts: 64Member
    well nickhun is taiwanese, and uhh that ayumi girl is japanese but she debuted under JYP or SM i forgot.

    but they do prefer koreans, if you have the image that the ent. are looking for then they'll consider you even though you're half or wahtever. but the chances are still a lot more slim if you're not fully korean, but dont let that get you down iightttttT?
  • Psychotic OtakuPsychotic Otaku Listen to the Cries of the Planet Posts: 3,079Friend of Soompi


    uhh ^ nichkhun isn't taiwanese, he's thai and ayumi is a 3rd gen korean from japan... but you do have a point though, as long as you have the image they're loking for, you should be fine, and you should also be capable to be whatever you want to be. Remember practice is key. Good luck guys!! Speaking of which I need to practice too ><;
  • amanmanamanman Posts: 3Member
    SM and JYP which one is better??
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