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Taegoon Reveals His 3rd Mini Album

sgtkixurazsgtkixuraz .United StatesPosts: 937Member
September 17th Comeback
Taegoon – The 3rd Mini Album


Release: September 17, 2009
01. The Beginning (Feat 후니훈, 수앤)
02. 속았다 (Betrayed) (Narration Of 이요원)
03. 말해줘 (Tell Me)
04. Finally
05. Step By Step

In January 2009, Taegoon made his debut with ”Call Me”, in May he returned with help from Whee-sung and the title track ”Superstar” giving two consecutive hits.

His new song, ”속았다 (Betrayed)” a hip hop/house track was composed by the same composer of 2PM ”I Hate You”. As the title would suggest, it is about a man being betrayed in love. The chorus is very strong and addictive. In addition to the title track, they have also done another song “말해줘 (Tell Me)”. “Finally” and “Step By Step” are both dance songs as well. Idol group After School’s Lee Joo-Yeon will star in the video for ”속았다 (Betrayed)”.

Taegoon’s comeback stage is expected to be on September 19th on MBC Music Core.


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