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Taegoon Reveals His 3rd Mini Album

sgtkixurazsgtkixuraz .United StatesPosts: 937Member
September 17th Comeback
Taegoon – The 3rd Mini Album


Release: September 17, 2009
01. The Beginning (Feat 후니훈, 수앤)
02. 속았다 (Betrayed) (Narration Of 이요원)
03. 말해줘 (Tell Me)
04. Finally
05. Step By Step

In January 2009, Taegoon made his debut with ”Call Me”, in May he returned with help from Whee-sung and the title track ”Superstar” giving two consecutive hits.

His new song, ”속았다 (Betrayed)” a hip hop/house track was composed by the same composer of 2PM ”I Hate You”. As the title would suggest, it is about a man being betrayed in love. The chorus is very strong and addictive. In addition to the title track, they have also done another song “말해줘 (Tell Me)”. “Finally” and “Step By Step” are both dance songs as well. Idol group After School’s Lee Joo-Yeon will star in the video for ”속았다 (Betrayed)”.

Taegoon’s comeback stage is expected to be on September 19th on MBC Music Core.


image image


  • Chalk-BanditsChalk-Bandits Posts: 2,821Member
    Something good to distract me from this 2PM business.
    Can't wait for his comeback. <3
  • Banana PeelBanana Peel Posts: 2,153Member


    edited September 2009
    Whee, sounds good already image
    I was actually anxious for him to comeback!
    I need more solo artists <3

    @chalk-bandits; seriously, saame here image
  • ee-bbeun-eeee-bbeun-ee WISCONSINPosts: 1,843Member


    OoOOOo...looks hot!!!!
    and the title songs sound like they'll be pretty good.
    can't wait for his comeback^^.
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  • KisforKARENx3KisforKARENx3 Posts: 417Friend of Soompi


    The cover shot reminds me of 4minute's Jiyoon o_o
    Another mini album? By now his company could've skipped a previous mini, and just waited to make full album..
    Well I'll still look forward to his comeback image
    "살다보면 술도 먹고
    먹다보면 취하기도 하고
    취하다보면 실수도 해요"
  • _escape.reality*_escape.reality* ?/ jessacakes & hallie. Posts: 4,820Member
    i cant wait for taegoon's new album <3
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  • *aroma*aroma just simply enjoy. AMELLICAPosts: 770Member
    Taegoooon <3 I'm a fan of his now seriously. He's so underrated! ><
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  • whistleiwhistlei dream with me a place aligned with you.Posts: 2,300Friend of Soompi


    Cool! I loved his song "call me"...and his song "superstar"

    I'm sure this album will be just as great! image
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  • gnahkgnahk -----[hi]----- Posts: 3,876Member


    yay.........sigh i dont even feel happy
    but i'll be waiting for his comeback.
    & his songs.

  • Mace-FaceMace-Face ...TVXQ Forever... ChangMin&#39;s Heart, Mind and SoulPosts: 670Member


    ohh... wow!!! coming out with a 3rd Mini-Album already... haha!!! he better win something at the end of this years awards... image... hehe!!! can't wait to hear his new upcoming mini-album... thankies for the information... image...
  • miki_chanmiki_chan Posts: 4,015Member


    Its been a long time since I've heard any of his songs, so this should be cool.
    I love his hair.
  • woofingcowwoofingcow Five Treasure IslandPosts: 1,010Member


    oooh how exciting. taegoon's awesome.
    happy 7th anniversary dbsk <3.
  • EnVogueEnVogue GermanyPosts: 1,872Member
    QUOTE (Chalk-Bandits @ Sep 9 2009, 02:37 AM) »
    Something good to distract me from this 2PM business.
    Can't wait for his comeback. <3

    same here image
    cant wait to watch his perf.
    and listen to the new song
    ive even bought his 2nd mini album
    my first korean cd ever haha
    taegoon fighting!! ^^
  • riehaeriehae Pearl Sapphire BluePosts: 10,369Member


    at least he gets to continue his singing career...
    though he may not be that popular and all..
    but i know he'll get there...
    Once Again the Album Kings
  • TaEGooniETaEGooniE Posts: 68Member
    oh gosh!! im so excited
    D-5 remaining....
    sss hurry up!
    really hope he can get best male newcomer on the music award at the year's end...
    he had worked so hard all year long
  • Rachel Lee.Rachel Lee. BITTERDRAGON. Posts: 1,975Member


    he's so yummy. i hope this mini's better than the last one.
  • Atmosphere.Atmosphere. RELAX. SEATTLEPosts: 12,656Member
    is it me or he sings a lot of new song these days <__<;;
    i think i am just thinking that way hehe... anyways i want to hear that music "betrayed"
    lol.. sounds interesting.. oh wow there is going to be a music video for that, that's so cool!
    and After School member will be featured in his music video.. wow.. he has many connections
    with celebrities or something.. last time i heard jaejoong was in his "call me" video.. wowwowow.
  • alicechenalicechen ♥ Insane FanGirl ♥ Posts: 2,240Member


    I like the title of the song, "Betrayed". Wish him the best of luck. At least Logi is promoting him...I'm just angry for Seulki who is in the same company.
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  • j.starr*j.starr* Posts: 590Member
    ouu, im really looking forward to this. his songs are always really addictive.
  • Jung Bae EunJung Bae Eun Posts: 1,079Member


    he looks like Vaness wu from JVKV/F4
    at the first picture...
    doesn't he???
    can't wait...
    he's like one of my faovrite solo artist that is a guy...
    along side with se7en and Rain...^^

  • STAR_x.STAR_x. Posts: 6,724Friend of Soompi


    i like taegoon, but god i feel SO bitter towards his 3rd minialbum. he's from the same company as BSG but gets treated so much better >_> life's so unfair, the guy gets 3 freaking minialbums in 9 months while the girl got a minialbum after 1&1/2 year and then disappeared after a month imagex

    anyways, the cover's not that special o_o surprisingly. i find it really strange that his company (or he?) managed to get Park Shinhye and Lee Jooyeon etcetc o_o hahha since his company's so incompetent
    avatar by Haejin
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