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Moon Geun Young And Kim Bum ♥GeunBum Couple Soompi Family of BB's (BongBummy's) Bunnies ♥ 2013.11.01



  • mgykbmgykb Posts: 1,697Member


    edited August 2013
    blue wrote: »
    2 things that Kim bum's Boys over Flower and Goddess of fire have in common<br />
    1.FIREWORKS Proposal scene<br />
    Boys over Flower Fireworks<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Goddess Of Fire<br />
     <br />
    2. Same name character [Boys over Flower] Kim Bum as So YI JEONG[Goddess of fire] Moon Geun Young as Yoon JEONG YI<br />
    hahahahha i guess im being too much absorb to #guenbum #taejung couple that im thinking & linking things a lot lol :D

    @blue amazing, right??!! it's coincidental that they have the same character names only interchanged then they roles are both potters too!:)

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    TaeJung couple will live in my heart forever!!! 
  • sarah_linasarah_lina Posts: 2,174Member


    @sarah_lina welcome on tae jung threaD!!!!!!!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    so  loved our OTP...... 

    Thanks moonforever....some name here im so familiar... :D
  • mrynmryn Jakarta-Indonesia Posts: 0Member


    I loved watched them together. So adorable. Hope their friendship didn't last until this drama end.
  • moon0318moon0318 Posts: 473Member


    edited August 2013
    In ep 15 Fire work if I make a mistake for someone sad I'm not happy especially with you who I'm worry about too much care Huhu ^^
    Bama please look at me on my portterly ceramic way GH try stop but she don't
    No anyone know except only GOD just to know who fated
    Please follow tobe continue until end wait for hot kiss keke :D :D B-) B-) TD Fighting ^^
    My imagin KB said to produce not GH kiss my JY right just only me haha^^
    :P :P
  • dramagoodiedramagoodie Posts: 493Member


    edited August 2013

    mgykb said:
    since no updates yet, let's recall some exciting moments of GB. From this video of mgy talking to her fans :

    cr: baidu

    KB was initally talking to his own fans by the elevator :

    he seems nice and shy to his fans too!:)
    then he walked and stopped I guess, hehe. bec. mgy was in the other side talking to her fans


    then he peeps and checked what mgy was doing, hehe....


    then fixed his beannie just before mgy sees him as soon as mgy walks pass him,hehe....

    then this is the end of the video whereby mgy passed him surprised to see him on the side..mgy walked to the elevator 
    and so he followed and passed another way to the left...hehe

    cr: GOF soompi thread

    Thanks @mgykb for reminding me about that time. It was the very beginning of my geunbum fangirling journey. Even now looking at those images makes me feel happy again! :-)

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