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Moon Geun Young And Kim Bum ♥GeunBum Couple Soompi Family of BB's (BongBummy's) Bunnies ♥ 2013.11.01


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interesting interview of KIm Bum..

You debuted 7 years ago and you are now lead actor material. What do you think will have changed 7 years from now?

KB: 7 years from now, one of us will probably be married.
YSS: I must get married because I don’t want to live a life different from regular people. I want my acting to be something people can relate to, so I think I must live like other people at some extent. Once I’m at the age to get married, I want to give it a try.
KB: Give it a try?
YSS: No. I must do it only once. Haha.
KB: I think I never thought about when I should absolutely get married. I think it can change according to the person I’m in a relationship with.

Since we’re talking about marriage, how about recommending each other the kind of spouse that would be the right partner?

YYS: I think a woman who can be by his side, take care of him and support him because he gets lonely if he loves someone and there’s no one by his side.
KB: He’s a family man, so it’s obvious he will be good to his wife. So I think the most important thing will be how much they love each other.

But honestly the two of you don’t seem ready for marriage yet.

YYS: I must do a little bit more of melo and get married.
KB: I think I’ll be able to play in a melo even if I’m married. On the contrary, I won’t be able to do it because it’s been quite a while since I did a melo. I focused on characters such as an angel, a monster, a psychich, so I can play such characters, but melo or rom-coms are very unreal for me.
YYS: I’m the opposite. I’m able to focus and relate to characters you can see in real life rather than characters who are far from reality. If I get to play a melo, I want the story to be about two people loving each other, about how love begins.'

I think Im going back to being delu.. :-)

Source: https://yeoniverse.wordpress.com/tag/kim-bum/

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Hello...anybody home....Just want ya'll to know I haven't given up on this ship...I'm just waiting on the "Oh...we got together after finding out we couldn't live without one another...(our contract to keep our mouths shut about our relationship expired.) Now we are married. Please take care of us and congratulate us.

A funny thing that...while away from GeunBum, they're never far from my thoughts when I think about the Korean Entertainment Industry and recently I've been a big fan of Roommates 1 and 2. In one eppie where the girls were talking about past love interests Sunny mentioned going to the movies...and how in the middle of the movie a couple came in and how even though it was rather dark, anyone who cared to look knew exactly who the celebrity was and he was dragging a female celebrity behind him...someone who was clearly scared of being caught and having her privacy violated. Sunny even went as far to describe her posture as a "bent over, no do not make me go in there" posture. LOL and when I heard this, guess who the heck I thought of????
That's right...GeUnbUm!!!! Lmao...don't mean to offend her but seriously she came to mind and I just thought...yep definitely something she would do and if he's happy he's the type to just say and express "Don't worry bout it, babe." 

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Guest Tia Lay

It's been awhile all I hope all is well, I am still on GeunBum ship. I haven't jump ship. I am thinking they are together in secret lol becauze Moonie didn't seem comfortable with all the fuss about their relationship as we all seen when they arrived home from vacay last year. Both went Mia and now appearing in dramas about the same time lol interesting I say!!

Monies birthday is coming up is there any plans for wishing her well? Please let me know others have asked me

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Guest moonsong85

Happy to hear that these two are possibly coming back to dramaland.  I just want to see them act again in a series :)

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I was delighted when i learnt that MGY was going to guest on 2D1N as KimJooHyuk's partner...it was unexpected and of course i love it. Miss her appearance on variety shows but i hope she got cast in a drama soon...misses her alot! Moreover KB in new drama with his new "him". I wouldn't believe my eyes but i prefer the "new" him now. Misses him too. It sadden me when they broke up when they dated barely few months. But what can i do? But i will keep praying for him to be together again or for both of them to get casted in the drama again! 

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I'm sticking to my guns and saying that they haven't officially broken up yet Lol. I would like to believe that all that was for the media only because they knew that once they were ready to do projects again, all focus would not be on their work but on their relationship instead. Sigh...a girl can dream can't she? 


This is my prayer...Lol...


Dear God,


I don't even want the guy to myself. I want him for her and vice versa. Please let it happen..



kekeke delulu much. 

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Moon Geun Young Makes Her Drama Comeback With A Thriller




comeback in October. And for that comeback she has chosen a police thriller. It has been almost two years since Moon appeared on the small screen, as she wrapped up her role in "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji" in October 2013.

Her new drama is titled "The Village: Achiara's Secret" and it is due to air in October after the conclusion of "Yong Pal," starring Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee.
"The Village: Achiara's Secret" is set in the village of Achiara and the search for secrets begins with the discovery of a body. In an attempt to identify what happened to the body the police have to investigate the lives of the villagers and in the process they uncover some of their secrets.

According to an SBS representative, Moon Geun Young will play one of the lead characters, a woman named So Yoon, who helps solve the mystery.
"Moon Geun Young will be the female lead of the drama. She'll be the core character that solves the problem in the drama."
According to the Korean media outlet Nate News, Kim Min Jae, Lee Yeom Eum and Kim Jae Wook have also been cast in the drama. Kim Min Jae plays a police officer at the Achiara Police Station. His character left Achiara 15 years ago but has returned to work there.

Lee Yeol Eum plays a mature looking high school student who wants to be an idol singer. She's poor and her chances at improving her life are slim.

Kim Jae Wook plays Nam Gun Woo, an art teacher. Kim Jae Wook previously starred with Moon Geun Young in "Mary Stayed Out All Night." In that drama he played the man that she was forced into an arranged marriage with but he did not win her away from the character played by Jang Geun Suk. It is not yet known whether he will play Moon's love interest in this drama. His character has been described as carefree and popular with women.

Shin Eun Kyung and Jang Hee Jin are also in talks to be in this SBS drama but there is no information yet as to what characters they will play.

Moon Geun Young, who began acting at the age of 10, is best known for her roles in "Painter of the Wind," "Cinderellla's Sister" and "Cheomdamdong Alice."
While she has been absent from the small screen for two years, she did appear in the film "The Throne," playing Lady Hyegyeong.

Copyright ⓒ 2015 DramaStars.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.KDramaStars


Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook cast in upcoming drama



Hanguk Ilbo- Naver: [Exclusive] Moon Geun Young to make a drama comeback after 2 years in SBS 'Achiara's Secret' 

1. [+2,206, -199] I'm totally anticipating it!

2. [+1,652, -160] Heol I can't wait!!!!!

3. [+1,352, -288] Wow she looks pretty in the photo

4. [+214, -42] It was worth rejecting 'High Society' and waiting for another project because this might be a better drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+163, -41] 'Autumn in My Heart', 'Painter of the Wind', 'Cinderella's Sister', she was amazing in all of those. I want to watch the drama already. Hwaiting!!!

6. [+138, -24] Moon Geun Young's dramas have unique titles ㅋㅋ

7. [+104, -29] Honestly, her dramas after 'Cinderella's Sister' have been particularly weak so I'm not too sure if I should put my faith in this or not... That's just my personal opinion

8. [+61, -15] Why did she decline 'The Moon Embracing the Sun'?




[VID/ENG SUB]150824 Showbiz Korea Ep1164 Show Actresses Emma Watson, Moon Geun Young and Jo Soo Hyang



"The Throne" Lee Joon-ik, "Moon Geun-young and Kim Hae-sook's acting was intensified"



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feeding the delusions of the shippers..



Hello everyone!  last time I logged on here was 2013, most of the time i,m just lurking especially when the break up news came out.


Anyway, still until now I'm hoping that they will get back together or still together. GeunBum was the last couple i shipped so hard, and i cannot afford to ship new one lol.


@tikyam thank you for your post that made me logged in to my account again hehe.

regards to everyone :)



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