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What Are You Doing Right Now?



  • iHeartYunHoiHeartYunHo L O V E. a world in which I own DBSK.Posts: 1,927Member


    On MSN, and doing my homework XDD
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  • asianamiasianami OSO - +(Sage)+ On top of you c[;Posts: 2,627Member
    at the moment, just listening to music&talking to freinds, making plans and stuff XD

  • sujinnysujinny abc Posts: 2,547Member
    Adding music to my iTunes, chatting with my friends, listening to music, Facebook, myspace, and doing my science homework image
    wonder girls
  • KimimaroKimimaro Nao?( Posts: 1,556Friend of Soompi
    just talking to ppl around me :] lol
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  • chungmah.chungmah. sweet holiday Posts: 4,993Member
    Chatting, listening to k-pop, watching tv.
  • yellow103yellow103 sydneyPosts: 235Member
    sorting out through company's invoices, '=.=
  • jvchou1316jvchou1316 collegeeeee Posts: 2,984Member


    us history homework listenin to I the tri top (pretti good!)

    freezin to death
  • butterflyeffectbutterflyeffect ... Los AngelesPosts: 11,910Friend of Soompi
    I'm eating, listening to music, doing homework.

  • hipopdancerhipopdancer mahal kita! <3 10.09.08 Illinois, USAPosts: 710Member
    eating my delicious yogurt image and listening to hmong musics! ^o^

  • AntzAntz 211107 ? Perth, AustraliaPosts: 16,953Member


    Eating, drinking, playing the keyboard, listening to music, looking at sheet music, downloading. XD
    tumblr twitter
  • adaytodieforadaytodiefor HomePosts: 1,991Member


    Listening to music and eating Rallys... man their fries are bombin'...
    And trying to do my homework...
  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. &#9829;:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member


    listening to music and chatting on msn =)
    (includes: Facebook, Hi5, Bebo)
  • within_the_soulwithin_the_soul Posts: 100Member
    I am, listening to music while making sure my friend starts studying. That lazy girl. xD. Doesn't ever wanna start studying, lmao!
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  • pandapplejoycepandapplejoyce California, United States.Posts: 820Friend of Soompi
    I'm currently Chit-chatting on AIM, listening to music, doing homework, somewhat studying, schoollooping +Soompi.


  • vip_gdvip_gd Forever VIP HKPosts: 11,243Member


    edited December 2007
    i'm at school finishing up my classwork
    i got like 10 mins of freetime .. so yeah
    the school bell's gna ring soon
    be back in 2 hours
  • F4BUL0USz*F4BUL0USz* What the deuce? Patrick&#39;s Pineapple, Bikini BottomPosts: 1,973Member
    Doing my homework, also watching Family Guy and trying to warm up my toes haha.
    The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
  • xiaochingu.xiaochingu. nobody but us... Posts: 2,710Banned
    doing history and geo hw
    and also listening to utada hikaru
    once in a while side tracking
    and re reading a chapter of Keys Before my Eyes By Thao
    all the while..its like midnight where i live
    should really get some z's
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  • xoxomkxoxomk i <3 Cebu, PhilippinesPosts: 2,107Friend of Soompi


    i also wanna work in an office so that i'll have my own pc there. so while working, ill soomp around too!

    image im chatting on ym. but no one's there. huhu
    i tweet here : QSITING
    I write here  : QSITING.BLOGSPOT.COM ---- visit my blog ;)

    drop me a message at MY 4 1 1 

    I have been a soompier since 2006 ;P
  • aeishaaeisha Posts: 358Member


    actually im supposed to be fully focused on my research paper now coz its due but cant really stop myself not to visit soompi, youtube and other of my fave sites. and just found my fave song in itunes so im downloading it now... image
  • Big_BangBig_Bang Posts: 1,005Member
    Chatting to bf, friends and surfing the net for the latest fashion trends ^^
    His heavenly voice, his breathtaking smile, his mesmerizing eyes

    ♥ ♥ :) Thankyou; charzzy for ava & ilyrawr for banner =) ♥ ♥
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