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[drama 2008] Who Are You? 누구세요

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edited March 2009 in k-dramas & movies
[MBC] Yoon Kye Sang, Go Ara, Kang Nam Gil, Jin Lee Han
Date of airing : WED/THUR 5th March'08 21:55 (korean time)
MBC : Who are you? 누구세요 Official site
Eps: 16
Cast: Yoon Kye Sang, Kang Nam Gil, Go Ara, Lee Eon, Jin Lee Han, Ahn Seon Young, Lee Min Jung


Story: Cha Seung Hyo (Yoon Kye Sang) is an abandoned child who gets adopted in the United States and grows up to be a cold hearted, rich enterprise hunter. Upon returning to Korea, he gets possessed by Song Il Gun (Kang Nam Gil), a quick service deliveryman who has became a ghost uses his body by force to look after her for three hours daily. During this period, he begins to open up himself to Son Young In (Go Ara) who is the completely opposite of him and falls for her.
Son Young In, a manhwa author wannabe, quick-tempered girl who meets Cha Seung Hyo during her part-time job and has a really bad impression of him from the start. She found out that her dad has been using Cha Seung Hyo when she felt that he has become too nice towards her. But still, she falls for the lonely Seung Hyo who is unable to open up to anyone else because of his bitter past.
Son Il Gun is a quick service deliveryman who dies worrying for his twenty year old only daughter 'Young In' although their relations haven't been too good when he was alive. He becomes a ghost who manages to 'take over' Cha Seung Hyo's body for three hours daily for a limited time of 49 days to watch over Young In and buy her things that he couldn't provide for her when he was alive using Cha Seung Hyo's money.
But little does he knows that Cha Seung Hyo'll really fall for his daughter.

Characters descriptions (credit Sandy @ purpletiger86)


Cha Seung Hyo (a cold-blooded business hunter)

He is Korea's representative and leading businessman for the globally known fund consultant company "Blues Tone" in America. He works with all different kinds of funds, but he especially specializes in M&A. He was abandoned by his biological parents at a young age and lived temporarily at an orphanage until his foster parents adopted him when he was seven years old. His IQ is over 150! This is the reason why they selected him. He immigrated to America and is by law an US citizen. Due to his work, he flies back to Korea and gets into an unexpected accident and now his mind wanders (goes back and forth)?!

-As hard it is to believe… Seung Hyo is able to see spirits (ghost)! Seung Hyo is able to have a conversation with a spirit!
-Although it's hard to admit that the spirit that is inside Seung Hyo's body (without getting permission) is the father of the daughter/girl Seung Hyo loves!
-The only thing to believe is that the person that she loved was not Seung Hyo, but her father's spirit!!!


Son Young In (a weird and aspiring comic artist)

She just graduated from high school. She got accepted admissions to Sae Jong University as a comic animation major, however, due to her father’s unexpected death, she gives up going to school and instead decides to work two part-time jobs to earn a living. During the day she works at a BBQ restaurant and during the night she works at a mini market. As writing her daily life on a blog, she draws comic strips of her life everyday. She believes it's impossible to enter into college right now, but is thinking about entering a competition. While fighting through each day, drawing comic strips is what makes her sane; give her hope and a reason to live. She's weird. She's an unbelievably difficult girl to understand. She seems like a reverse of a thriller movie. However, she's a girl who's very lovable like the warm sunshine! After her mother's death, she lived ten years with her father. After her father's death, a man whom she met for the first time in her life comes into her life and acts like her father?!

-Sweet and brutal, a man who is hard to understand, Cha Seung Hyo.. Who is he? A person who's difficult to understand exactly who is he?

Supporting cast


Son Il Gun (clumsy father spirit)

He was a quick service deliveryman. He died due to an unexpected accident and now lives on as a ghost spirit. He was awarded 49 days before he crosses the river of oblivion (Lethe). Although his body has disappeared, his memories have not disappeared! Within 49 days, he needs to tell his daughter who is left all alone something! He was an unknown artist in the past but one of his work was sold for a really high price recently. He's trying all sorts of things to get in contact with his daughter! He is a childish and clumsy father who makes things so awkward. He lives his life full of mistakes in reality as well. Have it or not, he’s a type of father who would do anything possible (even donating blood) to make his mind comfortable.

They say that I'm dead! My daughter does not even cry! She probably is extremely angry after hearing that I might have committed suicide from the cops! I did not commit suicide! I am not as bad as to leave my 18-year-old daughter behind to commit suicide! I must tell my daughter this! There are so many things I haven't told my daughter! I'll do anything to meet with my daughter again!”

image - Shim Jae Ha (Jin Lee Han)
Shim Jae Ha is a Fine arts representative/ museum CEO who get involved in a love triangle between the quick-tempered Young In and cold-hearted Seung Hyo. Jae Ha is an overseas graduate who came back to take over his dad's art gallery. He came near to Young In at first with the purpose of getting the other paintings that her dad left behind after one of them was auctioned off for a high price. He always tries to convince himself that he's not being greedy but is really focused in his work to ease off his guilt around the innocent Young In whom he gets attracted to on first sight.

image - Yoo Ha Young (Kim Sung Eun)
Yoo Ha Young who is a careful curator working for promotional, marketing, and planning projects , is the girlfriend of Shim Jae Ha who helped him to be successful with her connections. She loves Jae Ha a lot but she feels that Jae Ha doesn't as he always ingores it whenever she tells him that she does. She began to feel threaten when Jae Ha brings Young In back to work with them.

image - Kwon Yong Duk(Lee Eon)
Young In's best friend, Yong Duk has been always been a guardian angel to her and they are known to be inseparable friends with a very strong bond.

image - Yang Ji Suk (Lee Min Jung)
Ji Suk is another best friend of Young In and had known each other since they were in school. She is a tomboyish girl that Young In leans on during her times of need and vice visa. Ji Suk is a cheerful and strong girl despite being paralyzed in the lower half of her body since the time of junior high school because of the damage in the thoracic pad and spinal cord during an accident. Ji Suk and Yong Duk forms a love bond in this drama.

image - Kim Young Ae (Park Ji Young)
Kim Young Ae who was formerly a singer, is the girlfriend of Il Gun that he had hoped to marry.

image - Death Angel "Sa Sang"(Yoon Joo Sang)
He's the court officer of the underworld who was to bring Il Gun's soul to heaven after he died. Pitying Il Gun, he offers Il Gun an option to let him stay for another 49 days to look after Young In (Il Gun has to go to hell after the grace period ends).


Yoon Hoo Jin (Jung Ho Bin) - Yoon Hoo Jin is Cha Seung Hyo's lawyer.

Yeo Ji Su (Ahn Seon Young) - Yeo Ji Su is Cha Seung Hyo's secretary.

Driver Pi ( Jo Duk Hwan)


Adoptive Seung Hyo's parents - Cha Chul Soo (Gi Joo Bong), Oh Young Hee (Kim Mi Kyung)

Extra plot translations by Sandy (purpletiger86)

It's a special love story between a bad father and a bad daughter, who comes to forgive and understand each other after experiencing death (in this case, the father dies). It's a human family/romantic melo drama about a father who dies and becomes a ghost/spirit. In order to meet his daughter, he borrows a young man's body and appears in front of his daughter and showers her with the love that he wasn't able to give when he was alive. So the father borrows/uses the young man's (Cha Seung Hyo) body for 49 days. His goal is to do everything that he wasn't able to do for his daughter within the 49 days he her food, clothes...etc. Cha Seung Hyo is a young and wealthy man. Although it's a typical story, it has a unique twist to it as well.

This is what the daughter is saying:

"Who are you? Dad? Or that jerk?
I'm starting to fall for you...Without knowing, I started to fall in love with you...
But inside your body is my father's spirit...?
If I come close to kiss (father spirit) back away,
when you (Seung Hyo) try to kiss me, I have no choice but to back away as well."

A comic drama about two men using one body.
Two souls lives in one body! A businessmen and a quick service deliveryman. A comical story about two guys living together with different lifestyles. Exactly, who are you?


Rules to follow

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02.Don't spam or quote pics (remove the img tags)
03.Never upload, hard-sub or stream the subs anywhere (especially my Subs will be stop and taken down immediately if rules are broken.
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05.Any irrelevant postings or posting less than 20 words are considered to be spams by soompi mods.


Subs Announcement thread by Withs2

Subbing Staus / D-addicts Subtitles link

Warning : As one of the main translators for this drama, I'll stop all subbing process or slow it down if Withs2 subs are found uploaded in any streaming sites.
Please do NOT harsub and upload any of our subtitles to streaming sites.
If people do not comply, we will be forced to stop releasing our subtitles
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Note: Because someone has been uploading WithS2 subs to mysoju with our permission, I have decided to keep the english subs of a certain daily drama which has the potiential to be the best drama of the year to myself and will never release to the public regardless the amount of pleading I'll get or be hearing later.


Download links - credit to f0reveralways
viet sub - credits IUPHIMHAN



Filming for the first day
Photo Shoot 01




01.Who are you - Kim Sang Heon
02.Cloud wind (feat. Han Jip) - Witches
03.Only once, my love - Lee Seung Hwan
04.Who Are You - Winterplay
05.Lullaby - Kim Sang Heon
06.You are the person who is crying - Woo Min Jin
07.You will remember - Loveholic
08.Miracle-like love - Lee Seung Hwan
09.Sorry - Kim Sang Heon
10.Longings - Corn photo studio
11.Merry go round - Han Jip
12.Miracle-like love (piano ver.) - Lee Seung Hwan
13.Thank you - Kim Sang Heon



03. Who are you? - Winterplay

Such lies, you've told to me
But I'm willing to let it go

Could be, you've tried, before
Say what you felt, in your heart

One to many lies, I've heard, being with you
I don't know, what to think

I still care for you, in a way, tender way
Who are you? My love?

Don't be grey, in your words
Choices are black and white
Tell me please, Who are you?
Let me see, Who are you?

Show me you care for me
Don't be hidin from me
Tell me please, Who are you?
Don't you know I love you?

Don't be livin two lives
No need to change for me
Tell me please, Who are you?
Let me see, Who are you?

Speak the truth, from your heart
Honesty works like charm
Tell me please, Who are you?
Don't you know I love you?

Da la dat da la la
Da la dat da la la

Tell me please, Who you are?
Let me see, Who are you?

Da la dat da la la
Da la dat da la la

Tell me please, Who you are?
Let me see, Who are you?
Don't you know I love you


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Who Are You? MV #1

Who Are You? MV #2

Who Are You? MV #3

Who Are You? MV #4

Who Are You? MV #5

Who Are You? MV #6

Who Are You? MV #7
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  • EpicEpic Posts: 1,501Member


    Any idea who the female lead will be?

    Two things to look forward for 2008, his movie and the new drama image

  • AlecRubyAlecRuby The Bel-TownPosts: 1,485Banned


    Whoa, definitely a drama that I want to watch. Who is the female lead? I hope it is someone that I will like. Isn't he like 36 or so? I can't believe it, when I first saw him, I thought he was like 26 or so. He is a great actor. I like him a lot.

    credit: yanasot
  • EpicEpic Posts: 1,501Member


    Uh, he's 29. Where did you get 36? LOL

  • me&ume&u Posts: 214Member
    yah ! ~ Go ARA New dramas Who Are You?
    ARA so pretty
    YKS so cute ^^
  • sPark*sPark* CNB&ST&SJK<3<3 Posts: 4,668Member


    what an interestng and unexpected match. i hope ara has improved her acting and yoonkyesang has come quite a long way. hehe but the leads are both hot and pretty young (pretty is placed there for YKS's sake lolls). the story sounds so typical but w/e what drama doesnt nowadays? as long as the characters are portrayed well and the script is good. <3
    CN Blue & Supreme Team & Song Joong Ki <3<3
    addicted to: 이선희 - 나 항상 그대를
  • deetadeeta Posts: 2,588Member


    Hmm, I must say the premise is way too cliched and mundane. But sometimes k-drama spins something like this and produce awesome series. So, who knows? Besides, I've been curious about Yoon Kye Sang, he seems to be a good actor.
  • Q_ParkQ_Park Cynic. Posts: 4,695Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2007
    haha! finally a thread for this drama! i can't wait until it comes out!
    I think that the story line goes like this:
    Ara's dad dies and somehow he can't leave earth. But Ara is grieving too much so to cheer her up ara's dad manages to go into YKS's body for three hours everyday where he can talk to her. During that time i think is when ara and YKS fall in love i guess!

    - Kyu

    PS- This drama was written by the person who wrote I Really Really Like You. So I'm hoping that it is a romantic comedy!

  • makemydaymakemyday ? hey you ? Posts: 3,951Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE (Q_Park @ Dec 31 2007, 12:16 PM) »
    I think that the story line goes like this:
    Ara's dad dies and somehow he can't leave earth. But Ara is grieving too much so to cheer her up ara's dad manages to go into YKS's body for three hours everyday where he can talk to her. During that time i think is when ara and YKS fall in love i guess!

    doesnt that mean go ara basically falls in love with her dad?
    is it just me, or is that really weird?
  • belle_kd1413belle_kd1413 I run away from reality. HogwartsPosts: 4,415Member


    wahh..i will so watch this!~
    sounds very interesting for me!~
    i like these kinds of dramas..
  • f0reveralwaysf0reveralways CaliforniaPosts: 2,337Member
    QUOTE (my immortality @ Dec 31 2007, 04:46 PM) »
    doesnt that mean go ara basically falls in love with her dad?
    is it just me, or is that really weird?

    no. it's weird to me too image kind of like Autumn Tale with song hye kyo & song seung heon where they were raised as siblings, but fell in love after they found out they weren't blood-related o___o i still liked Autumn Tale though image maybe b/c of the all-star cast though. ehehe image
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  • White StarWhite Star hellPosts: 2,321Friend of Soompi


    That girl look like she could play a high school girl....way too young

    but i'm looking forward to the drama because Kye Sang is in it.


  • babi3xeunha3babi3xeunha3 ♛ Big Bang ♛ VIP★彡 !! NEW YORK CITY !!Posts: 1,315Member


    do i see Yoon Kye Sang coming out on this DRAMA?! lol i'm def. watching it now ;] and aww go ara...i am def. watching this now xP
    *credit to cake@June
  • blissfully_unaware13xblissfully_unaware13x Posts: 2,595Member


    whoa...age difference. and yeah it is odd but interesting ... yeahhhhh hmmmmmm
  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,636Member


    wow, interesting.. but the character is kinda odd.. but im looking forward to it ^^
  • Q_ParkQ_Park Cynic. Posts: 4,695Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (my immortality @ Dec 31 2007, 06:46 PM) »
    doesnt that mean go ara basically falls in love with her dad?
    is it just me, or is that really weird?

    maybe later her dad finds a way to leave Earth and YKS and ara can be together in peace!
    anyways i thought that the plot was really interesting.

    - Kyu

  • kalchikalchi soraPosts: 546Member


    kye sang & ara image ..the plot is..different from other dramas..
  • Dabin9307Dabin9307 Posts: 2,187Member


    The storyline looks interesting but really did not expect that the female lead is so young.

    Anyway, no doubts KyeSang's acting. Wish the two main leads will give us surprises.

  • jaejoongie &amp;lt;3jaejoongie &lt;3 Teen Top Angel <3 Posts: 2,153Member


    yay! Finally a new go ara drama ^^
    I can't wait to watch it image
    I hope it is out sooon image
    Banner Credit: Jas09xXx
    TVXQ keep the faith
  • gerryggerryg Posts: 4,490Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (my immortality @ Dec 31 2007, 08:46 PM) »
    doesnt that mean go ara basically falls in love with her dad?
    is it just me, or is that really weird?

    I also had the same reaction. image
    But after giving it some thought a lot of people fall in love with their mate because they remind them of their mother or father. So, I guess that's what it's like to her character but to us.. who knows it's really is her father.. the 'love story' has a creepy incest feeling to it. **bending over the keyboard holding my stomach .... just the thought of a father and daughter gives me a stomach ache ...** image
  • LeeLayyLeeLayy 6o4Posts: 295Member
    ^ yeah.. it is kinda.. weird..
    father and daughter = GAGGG!!
    but i think this series will be alright
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