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Face Size

krnswtiekrnswtie CaliforniaPosts: 191Member
edited August 2007 in fitness & sports
what's yours?
many people have been saying how length may not be the only determinant to a small face but i don't exactly know how to measure the width (i think it'll get too complicated) haha so i guess we'll just stick to length. but now that i think about it, i do agree that width probably has a bigger role in determining whether or not your face is "big" or "small"

so having a small face in Korea is the same thing as the sharp straight nose, big eyes and pale skin (they all want it). Most Korean female stars, who are known for their beauty) all have small faces such as kim tae hee, ivy, song hye gyo, GO AHRA, etc. I guess this is a plus in Korea because most Asians have big heads or big faces and it's rare to see someone who doesn't and i've noticed this. BUT remember people, big heads or faces are not automatically ugly!! you guys are all beautiful =) but i just want to see what your face size is. i don't have the materials to do mine now so i'll post my result later.

so what is your face size? measure it from the top of your forehead to your chin in cm!

like this!

Go Ah Ra



image credits to POPSEOUL

another one! hahaha this is fun =) what is the length of your legs? measure this from the feet to your waist =) (or someone correct me on this to make it more accurate.)
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  • jayneefahxDjayneefahxD massachusettsPosts: 1,443Member
    edited August 2007
    she has a small face...
    my face is 18.5 cm lol.

    i measured again and i got 19 cm instead.
  • AddyAddy Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 1,216Member
    19 cm is considered small? I always thought that was normal.

    *goes and gets measuring tape* I'm 19 cm too! I don't get what's so special about the size of your face. It should be how you carry yourself!
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  • sockrahteasesockrahtease Min Ho's crib. We be kicking it hard. :PPosts: 1,304Banned


    edited August 2007
    my face measures 19 cm.

    my mom and i actually think that a bigger face is better looking.
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  • AsobiSeksuAsobiSeksu ??? Posts: 3,509Member


    hmm...i never measured my face before.

    *goes and measures*
  • love-yunlove-yun where i belong Posts: 2,999Member


    edited August 2007

    i actually like rounder faces. their cute.
    ara's face is so small image
  • dbskluver3evadbskluver3eva USAPosts: 203Member
    Ummm mine's 18cm but it seems so much bigger than Go ara's... maybe cuz her face is skinny cuz I don't think the length of it really matters.
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,096Member


    what the heck I got 16 cm T_T;;

    my face is big but my.. head is small hahah T_______T

    xue li
    19 cm
    is that big?
  • bawkbawk Posts: 2,509Member


    mine is 18.5..about the same size as hers....but wtfuh i always thot my face wus huge~! o__O
  • undiscoveredundiscovered Posts: 523Member
    18.5cm=face.. I HAVE A HUGE FACE *tear*
    and my legs are 85cm-90cm... it is hard measuring legs. I measured from my HIPS TO MY FEET NOT WAIST. Because your waist is like way above your belly button
  • minniminni Posts: 118Member
    i'm 19 cm...which makes me think that go ara's face is not unusually small, just average. so probably her face just LOOKS small...?
  • joonagejoonage SeattlePosts: 5,155Member


    Just be happy you don't have this face:


    jkjk. image
  • hyo.jyhyo.jy USAPosts: 1,016Member
    edited August 2007
    i got 16...

    lol i dont even wanna know about my legsXD
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    yay im 19cm hahahah i'm at ara's level image~
  • stylistikstylistik ChicagoPosts: 647Member
    edited August 2007
  • loveletters4Uloveletters4U Seattle, WAPosts: 903Member
    this is so funny I've never measured my face before, korea has too many weird standards for beauty. If you're pretty you're pretty. I don't think one face shape, face size, waist size, calf size, whatever other things you measure on your body makes a person pretty, beauty shouldn't be a specific standard... Mine is 18.5 cm.
  • greentea:vee xogreentea:vee xo My lips like sugaa. TEXAS!Posts: 2,871Member
    Interesting .. o_o

    mine's 19 cm, I always thought I had a big head >_>
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  • chineseducklingchineseduckling MemphisPosts: 2,570Friend of Soompi


    my face is 19cm..but i think i have a big face
  • ritzy!ritzy! |\|394 |\/|1(|-|Y0}|\|4B\/\/4~~ Posts: 8,173Member


    i have a long face x_x; 20 CM.
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  • JnnJnn The only thing constant in life is change. CananananadaPosts: 5,013Member
    i got 19cm too. but i thought long oval faces were prefered, so shouldnt width be the one that determines how large your face is?
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