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Han Hyo Joo 한효주

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Name: Han Hyo Joo
Korean Name: 한효주
Birthdate: February 22, 1987
Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 172cm (~5'8")
Weight: 48kg (106 lbs)
Shoe size: 250 (Size 8 in USA)
Nicknames: Insang-nyeo (Impressive Girl), Hyo, Katie, Chi Hua Hua (치아와) & Han Taeng Deung (한탱등)
Talents: Telling fairy tales, Piano, Writing, Running, Fencing
Hobbies: Singing, Watching Movies, Writing, Practice acting, Playing piano, Listening to music, Reading, etc.
Favorite Color: Pink
Ideal Man: Someone who is very enthusiastic about his work, and whom she can rely on.
Education: Yullyang Middle School - Cheongju Girl's High School - Bulgok High School - Dongguk University
Entertainment Company: BH Entertainment



  • Anti-Smoking Campaign
  • Crencia
  • Han Game 
  • Pizza Hut 
  • CYOU Soju
  • Ensure Traffic Order Campaign 
  • Crencia
  • CYOU Soju
  • Green Time Tea Time
  • Enprani Cosmetics
  • Enprani Cosmetics
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Korean Air Force
  • Samchuly
  • Maxim Coffee
  • Korean Air
  • Save the Penguin Campaign
  • Sweetest Love Campaign by Vogue
  • Jambangee
  • LG SU:M (Breathe) 37'
  • VIKI
  • Nong Shim Natural Snacks
  • Samsung Camera VLUU series
  • Cello
  • Kia Soul
  • Baskin Robbins
  • South Korea's representative for Lacoste
  • Samchuly
  • Grand Mint Festival Lady
  • Yoplait
  • Lotte Card
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Korea's Housing and Population Census
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Seoul Summit G-20
  • Mr. Pizza
  • VIKI
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • Samsung Camera NX Series
  • Jambangee
  • Samchuly
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Design Korea
  • Head Sports
  • LOVCAT Paris
  • LOVCAT Bijoux
  • Lotte Card
  • Xylitol
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • VIKI
  • Mr. Pizza
  • Samsung Camera Mirror Pop MV800
  • Samchuly
  • Black Yak
  • VIKI
  • Samsung Camera Mirror Pop MV800
  • Korean Cable TV Association (KCTA)- Digital Cable TV
  • Oksusu Corn Silk Tea
  • Lotte Card
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • Samsung NX Camera Series
  • VIKI
  • Black Yak
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • 1-Day Acuvue Define
  • Daum "Art and Shake" App

  • "사랑해요" ("I Love You") by Simply Sunday (2004)
  • "그대가 세상에 있는 것 만으로" ("Renaissance") by Position (2005)
  • "Paris" by Epik High (2005)
  • "이별은" ("Farewell is..") by U (2006)
  • "Tree" by Kwon Jin-won (2006)
  • "남잔 다 그래" by Lee Woo Sang (2009)
  • "사랑한단 말을 못해서" ("Because I Couldn't Say that I Love You") by K.Will (2009)
  • "너 정말이니" ("Are You Serious? ") by Rumble Fish (2009)
  • "Love Tonic" by As One (2009)
  • "Don't You Know" by Han Hyo Joo ft. No Reply (2010)
  • "널 사랑하겠어" ("I Choose to Love You") by Hyorin (2012)
  • "I Love You" by Han Hyo Joo ft. Sweet Sorrow (2012)
  • "Hide and Seek" ("숨바꼭질") by Han Hyo Joo ft. Broccoli, You Too? (2012)
  • "처음이었어요" ("It's The First Time") by Han Hyo Joo for the Nonstop 5 Soundtrack (2005)
  • "달려라 자전거" ("Ride Away") by Han Hyo Joo for the Ride Away Soundtrack (2008)
  • "왈칵눈물이" ("Sudden Burst of Tears") by Han Hyo Joo for the Soul Special Soundtrack (2009)
  • "바람이 불어… 널 이별해 (Prologue)" Narration by Han Hyo Joo for Love Tonic (2009)
  • "오 서울" ("Oh Seoul") by My-Q ft. Han Hyo Joo for For This, I Was Born (2009)
  • "Don't You Know" by No Reply ft. Han Hyo Joo for the Grand Mint Festival (2010)
  • "그대" ("You") by Brown Eyed Soul ft. Han Hyo Joo for Brown Eyed Soul (2011)
  • "아침 8시" ("8 A.M.") by My-Q ft. Han Hyo Joo for Ready for the World (2011)
  • "연애시대" ("Alone in Love") Narration by Han Hyo Joo for Lee Seung Gi ft. Ra.D (2011)
  • "I Love You" by Han Hyo Joo ft. Sweet Sorrow for LG SU:M 37' 5th Anniversary CF Song (2012)
  • "숨바꼭질" ("Hide and Seek") by Han Hyo Joo ft. Broccoli, You Too? (2012)

  • 1st Runner-Up for a clothing company Model Selection Contest (2003)
  • Winner for The 9th Binggrae Smile Pageant (2003)
  • Popular Songs' (SBS Inki Gay) MC (2005-06)
  • 26th Korean Screen Critics Award - Best Female Newcomer, Ad-lib Night (2006)
  • 20th Singapore International Film Festival - Best Actress, Ad-lib Night (2007)
  • Korea's Best Dressed Award (2007)
  • KBS Drama Acting Awards - Popularity Award (2007)
  • KBS Drama Acting Awards - Best Couple Award with Park Hae Jin (2007)
  • SBS Drama Award - New Star "Iljimae" (2008)
  • MNet 20's Choice Awards - Hot Female Drama Star (2009)
  • SBS Drama Awards - Best Couple with Lee Seung Gi / Best Actress for Special Production Dramas / Top 10 Stars Award (Brilliant Legacy) (2009)
  • 5th Seoul Drama Awards- Hallyu Star Female Actress (Brilliant Legacy) (2010)
  • Korea Drama Festival - Best Actress (Dong Yi) (2010)
  • MBC Drama Awards - Female Popularity Award / Daesang (Dong Yi) (2010)
  • 47th Baeksang Art Awards - Best TV Actress (Dong Yi) (2011)
  • 45th Taxpayers' Day (given by Ministry of Strategy and Finance) - Presidential Commendation as Honest Taxpayer (2011)
  • CETV Asia's Top 10 Popular Star Awards - Hallyu Star Prize (2012)
  • 22nd Buil Film Award - Best Actress (Cold Eyes) (2013)

Random Facts ♥ ☆ :
  • She was first discovered at a teenage beauty pageant.
  • Frequent in Korean, Japanese and English.
  • Has sang for 3 soundtracks: New Nonstop 5, Ride Away and Soul Special.
  • Feels maternal over her younger brother.
  • Has a very close relationship with her grandmother.
  • She moved to Seoul by herself during her 2nd year in high school..
  • She enjoys watching indie films and listening to indie music.
  • Loves to play the acoustic guitar
  • Sometimes wakes up to a bloody nose because she'll roll out of bed while sleeping, and would later on climb back into bed.
  • Has an "ullzang mom"
  • States that she has never had plastic surgery, but is not against it.
  • Her father was a Korean Air Force personnel while her mom was a kindergarten teacher.
  • When she was younger, she would steal her dad's razor to shave off her mustache.
  • Her celebrity crush is So Ji Sub, and wishes to go traveling with him.
  • Her drinking capacity is half a bottle of wine or 3-4 shots of soju.
  • She bought her mom a new car with the money she earned after debuting.
  • Has a group of 6 friends, and with her, they form the 7 teng. They call each other by their surnames so Hyo Joo is Han-teng.
  • She's Choi Minhwan's (from F.T. Island) ideal girl.
  • Ueda Tatsuya of the famous Japanese boy group, KAT-TUN, wishes to meet her.
  • She used to room with Ivy and Block for 3 years.
  • Considered giving up on acting when Spring Waltz didn't do as well as expected in South Korea.
  • She used to be extremely camera shy until veteran actress Kim Hae Sook gave her advice that helped her overcome her fears.
  • Has a chihuahua named Mongdoongie. [Pictures]

[2003] Han Hyo Joo 100Q&A

Source: T.E.A.
Translations: HJ International
Always put links back to the source and translations.

1.이름 : 한효주
Name: Han Hyo Joo

2.생일 : 87.2.22
Birthday: 22.02.87

3.사는곳 :
Living location:

4.배우고싶은 악기 :악기는 거의다 다루지만, 꼭 뽑는다믄 플룻
Musical instrument that you want to learn: I can play most of them. If I must pick one, I would choose flute.

5.키 :170
Height: 170 cm

6.지금 먹구싶은 음식 : 김치찌개
Food that you want to eat now: Kimchi stew

7.좋아하는 음식 : 맵고짠거!비빔밥,감자탕
Favorite food: Spicy and salty food! Bibim Bab (Boiled rice with assorted mixtures), Potato stew

8.싫어하는 음식 : 보신탕
Disliked food: dogmeat stew

9.좋아하는 연예인 : 신하균(연예인중 그렇게 열광적으로 좋아해본 사람은 없다)
Favorite entertainer: Sin Ha Gyun (There’s no entertainer that I especially prefer)

10.잘하는 음식: 김치볶음밥
Dishes that you do well: Fried rice with Kimchi

11.이상형은? : 착한사람. 호감가는 사람. 나에게 관심있어 해주는 사람.
Your ideal man: Kindhearted and prepossessing person who cares of me.

12.외모는? : 그냥 정말 못생기지만 않으면!
Your appearance? Not bad.

13.노래 18번곡 : 김종서(실연)
Song that you’ve sung 18 times: Kim Jong Seo ( Broken heart )

14.첫사랑 :
First love:

15.첫키스 :
First kiss:

16.잘보는 프로그램 : 올인,(미니시리즈는 자주 봐요)
Program that you think good: All in ( I often watch dramas )

17.좋아하는 꽃 : 물망초, 안개꽃
Favorite flowers: Foget-me-not, Gypsophila

18.신발사이즈 : 250
Shoes size: 250

19.스트레스 해소법은? : 문잠궈놓고 음악 크게 틀어놓고 막 울기, 애들이랑 수다떨기
The way that you relieve your stresses: Listening to music in full volume. Chatting with kids.

20.시력 : 0.4,0.5
Eyesight: 0.4,0.5

21.결혼하고픈 나이 :30
Age for marriage: 30

22.좋아하는 말: 네멋대로해라
Favorite words: Do what you please.

23.좋아하는 과일 : 포도
Favorite fruit: Grapes

24.좋아하는 색 : 바다색
Favorite color: Color of the sea

25.최근 가장 뿌듯한 일 : 음, 다음에 내 카페가 생긴일
Recently, what makes you the happiest? My Daum Cafe things.

26.아끼는 물건 : 잘때 꼭 안고 자는 곰인형
Thing that you cherish: The Teddy bear that I sleep with

27.갑자기 하고 싶은말 : 앗싸
Words you suddenly want to say: Oh Yeah (A sa)

28.가장 기억나는 영화 : 봄날은 간다
The most memorized movie: Spring days come

29.지금 막 생각나는 사람 : 친구들
Persons whom you think of now: Friends

30.10년 후의 자신의 모습은? : 글쎄, 그때가봐야지 알수있겠지 나의 모습은
What will you be after 10 years? Then let’s wait and see what I will be at that time.

31.자신의 장점 : 나와 친해졌던 사람들은 다시금 나를 부른다. 매일 웃는다
My strong point: Get along well with others. Smile everyday

32.자신의 단점 : 예민하다
My shortcoming: Oversensitive

33.존경하는 사람 : 엄마 아빠
Respected persons: Father, Mother

34.생일 선물로 받구 싶은것 : 강아지 (동물 무지 좋아해>_<)
Birthday gift that you want: A Puppy ( I love animals so much>_< )

35.세상을 살아가는 이유 : 내가 태어났고, 이왕 태어난거 세상사람들에게 나를 남기려고,
Reason for live: Since I was born, I should leave self-worth to the world.

36.가입된카페가있는가요?(구체적으루) : 미스빙그레들 가입하는 카페(아유레디미스빙그레), 내 친구들 카페, 연예인들 카페, 강아지를 사랑하는 사람들의 모임
Do you visit cafes that you’ve sighed in? Yes. Miss Binggeures’ cafe, my friends’ cafe, entertainers’ cafe, love puppy people’s meeting

37.취미 : 노래부르기, 영화보기, 글쓰기, 연기연습하기, 피아노치기, 노래듣기, 책읽기,등등등
Hobbies: Singing, watching the movie, writing, practicing the acting skills, playing the piano, listening to the music, reading, etc.

38.특기 : 구연동화, 피아노, 글쓰기, 달리기, 검도;;
Talents: Oral narration of fairy tales, playing the piano, writing, running, fencing

39.버릇 : 글쎄, 그렇게 큰 버릇은 없다.
Habit: No special habit

40.사랑하는 사람에게 해주고 싶은것 : 밥
What do you want to give to your lover: Rice (Cooking)

41.사랑하는 사람에게 받구 싶은것 : 사랑
What do you want to receive from your lover: Love

42.사랑하는 사람이랑 하고 싶은것 : 같이 바다로 여행가기
What do you want to do with your lover? Sea voyage

44.좋아하는 동물 : 동물은 정말 다 좋아한다.
Favorite animal: I really love all animals

45.지금 입고 있는 옷차림 : 교복;;
What do you wear now? School uniform

46.가장 꼴불견이라고 생각되는 사람 : 거짓말 하는사람, 겉과속이 다른사람,내숭떠는사람
Persons whom you dislike: Liar, person who think >_<
Staying out for over a night: Sleep at friend’s home because of study…prepare for exams. Just sleeping.

58.가출 경험 : 없다
Experience of disappearance from home: Never

59.직업 : 학생
Profession: Student

60.좋아하는 가수나 밴드: 자우림
Favorite singer or band: Jaurim

61.무서워하는것 : 귀신
Thing that you fear of: Ghost

62.기억에 남는 선물: 강아지
Most impressed gift: Puppy

63.갑자기 하고픈 말 :
Words you suddenly want to say:

64.자신이 사랑하는 사람과 자신을 사랑해주는 사람이 있다면 어떻게 할 것인가?? : 내가 사랑하는 사람과 사랑할래, 결혼할거 아니니까!
If you meet a person whom you love and a person who loves you, what will you do? For me, love the person whom I love. But the marriage is another thing.

65.약속시간때 최고로 기다려 본시간 : 1시간
What was the longest time that you waited for a date? 1 hour

66.제일 기억남는일 :

67.제일 기억나는 사람 :

68.취침시간 : 불규칙 대충12~3시사이-_-;;
Time to sleep: Between 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock sleep.gif;;

69.좋아하는 말..: 천재는 1%의영감과 99%의 노력으로 만들어진다
Favorite words: A genius is from 1% inspiration and 99% efforts.

70.거울앞에 서면 생각나는 단어 : 흐음
What will you say when you are in front of a mirror? Heum

71.심심할때 혼자서 주로 하는 일(짓): 영화보거나 노래듣기
What do you do when you are bored? Listening to the music or watching the movie.

72.좋아하는 게임 : 테트리스
Favorite game: Tetris

73.남자나 여자를 만나면 먼저 가는곳 : 밥먹으러!
What will they do firstly when a man and a woman date? Have a dinner

74.현재 삶의 만족도는? : 65%
How much do you satisfy your actual life: 65%

75.성격은? : 발랄,활발,책임감있지만.....쪼금 예민한 편이라는 소릴 듣는다
Characters? Lively, active, responsible, a little sensitive

76.가족관계 : 엄마 아빠 남동생 나
Family members: Father, Mother, Younger brother and I

77.좋아하는 사람이 화내면 : 화가 풀어질때까지 그냥 두기
If your lover is angry: I’ll leave him along until he feels better.

78.좋아하는 사람이 헤어지자구 하면 : 깨끗하게 헤어지고, 아파하겠지
If your lover wants to seperate: Part in a clean manner, though I may feel heartache.

79.무인도에 갈때 꼭 가져갈것 3가지 : 가족,친구,불
Three things that you will take with if you go to a solitary island? Family, friend, and fire.

80.사랑하는 이가 떠났을때 느낌? : 글쎄...
How do you feel when your lover is gone? Who knows?

81.이거 쓰고 할일 : 학교숙제!
What are you writing now? Homework

82.기억나는 CF : 메타콘, 내가 아는사람들이 나와서
Memorized CF: Metakon, People whom I know have come.

83.별명 : 치아와, 한탱등
Nickname: Chi A Hua, Han Taeng Deung

84.옆에 있는 물건 : 먹을 음식
What’s beside you? Food

85.가장 기억남는 사이트/프로그램 :

86.지금 입고있는 옷 :

87.지금 제일 갖구싶은 것 :

88.즐기는 스포츠 : 달리기,검도(운동 좋아해요 많이 하진 못해도 시간때문에)
Favorite sports: Running, Fencing ( I love sports but can’t do many exercises because of busy schedule)

89.지금 머리 스타일 : 단발
Actual hair style: Short hair

90.좋아하는 계절 : 겨울
Favorite season: Winter

91.가방안에 들어있는것 : 책
What’s in your bag: Book

92.꼭 가보고 싶은 곳이나 살고 싶은 곳: 배산임수지역
Place that you want to go or live: Somewhere with mountains and waters

93.자신이 구두쇠라고 생각할 때 : 없는데!
What’s the moment that you feel yourself as a miser? Never.

94.제일싫어하는스타일: 센스없는.
Style that you dislike: those which have no sense.

95.몇살까지 살고 싶은지 : 음, 하느님이 데려갈때까지
How long do you want to live? As God arranges

96.나중에 만나고픈 사람 :
Person whom you want to meet in the future:

97.추천할만한 음식 : 감자탕
Your recommended food: Potato stew

98.기억남는 여행 : 태국여행
Memorized voyage: Voyage in Thailand

99.노래방가면 꼭 부르는 노래 : 베이비복스노래,자우림노래,박기영 노래,장나라 노래,등등
Songs that you will surely sing in Karaoke: Baby Vox’ songs, Jaurim’s songs, Park Ki Young’s songs, Jang Na Ra’s songs,

100.마지막으로 하고싶은말? : 앞으로 내인생이 창창했음 좋겠다
Last words that you want to say: My life will be better in the future.

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