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Manhwa by Lee JiThis is an official topic on the Korean manhwa We Are Still... by Lee Ji. I don't know how many of you have heard or read this manhwa, but I recommend it if you're looking for another Korean romance story. The first volume is a little confusing since the characters seemed to be linked one way or the other because of the past events that have not been revealed yet.

Here is a brief summary taken from VNManga.

Title: We Are Still..
Mangaka: Lee Ji
Genre: School Life, Shoujo
Description: Doe-won is about to enter high school. She's ready to face her new school and her new classmates, but then she meets the class representative, Baek Joon, who chooses the seat next to her rather than a seat somewhere else. Why does Baek Joon seem so interested in her? And why is Doe-won so nervous to see Eun Eegi, who demands something of her that she thought he had forgotten...!?

Volumes: 5 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=4179



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this is definitely one of my favorites! the drawings are pretty too. the cliff hanger at the end of volume 1 almost killed me.. but eegi's words are sooo sweet. my own heart beats faster just reading what he said to doe-won in chapter 7. but the first 2 chapters in volume 2 weren't as exciting, although it did give more details on the story. i wonder what the girls have against eegi. and what really happened between eegi & doe-won in the past

raws for subsequent chapters anyone? i'm begging for this one cos i'm really dying of curiosity!! pm me if u have them plz..

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Guest Je_sais

what do mean its down. are you sure you guys aren't connected to there old website. i'd say about month ago they moved and the ddl are no more so you have to get them through bt now, but that's also very fast too soo not much difference...but yeah i love this manhwa though the storyline is going a bit too slow or should i say the chapers are a bit too short. i want to know what the big drama is now!!! i would soo want to see the raws for these. does anyone know if this series ended already or if its ongoing?

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Guest puls707

i LUV LUV LUV this manga!

i want to know more about Doe-won and Eun Eegi's past relationship!

is entropy continuing its scanlations of this manga??!!

is there a place where i can get the RAWS?

i can't wait for the next update!!!

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