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[drama Japan 2006] 下北サンデーズ / Shimokita Sundays

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* Title: 下北サンデーズ

* Title (English): Shimokita Sundays

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Comedy / Relationship

* Episodes: 9

* Viewership ratings: 7.32%

* Air time: Thursday 21:00

* Broadcast network: TV Asahi

* Broadcast period: 2006-Jul-13 to 2006-Sept-07

* Theme song: Shimokita ijou Harajuku miman by Fumiya Fujii


This drama portraits the nostalgias of "the good old days" and youthful hopes and dreams.

Yuika Satonaka (Ueto) is a freshman in university who came to live in Tokyo to continue her studies. Although she had a brand new start before her eyes, she was somehow at a loss. Nothing seemed to interest her and her hopes and dreams were distant. One day at the school orientation, her eyes are glued at a sudden performance of a group of unsuccessful actors, “Shimokita Sundays”. Their unique play made her laugh… something she has forgotten for a long time. Yuika takes a chance to visit Shimokita and goes to see their play only to find how unpopular and how very few audiences they had. But still, their performance touches Yuika’s soul… great enough to make her try out for their audition.


* Ueto Aya as Satonaka Yuika

* Sasaki Kuranosuke as Akutagawa Tsubasa

* Sada Mayumi as Idachi Chiemi

* Yamaguchi Sayaka as Emoto Akiko

* Ishigaki Yuma as Yagami Seiichi

* Takeyama Takanori as Sanpo Gen

* Ooshima Miyuki as Candy Yoshida

* Matsunaga Kyoko as Terashima Reiko

* Takabe Ai as Tadokoro Futaba

* Fujii Fumiya as Daizawa Jirou

* Furuta Arata as Shimouma Nobuo

* Kitamura Soichiro as Satonaka Tomio

* Fujigaya Taisuke as Sato Shin

SOURCE : 下北サンデーズ





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Guest katostar

there is fansubs out...only 4 so far.....9 eps in total i think

the story is a bit weird and hard to understand but aya is cute so i'll still be watching it

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