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[Drama 2017] My Robot Boyfriend, 我的真芯男友, Wo De Zhen Xin Nan You


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My Robot Boyfriend


Resultado de imagen para 我的真芯男友 mv




Episodes: 24

Airdate: July 24, 2017



Yu Zhen Xin is a robot, secretly and specially designed in specialising in serving the needs of slightly older unmarried women, intern doctor Lin Meng Nan accidentally chanced upon and is being served by Yu Zhen Xin, who treats her especially well, making Meng Nan feel pampered and in bliss.


 Zhu Peer
 Yu Zhen Xin
  Zeng Meng Xue
 Ling Meng Nan


source: mydramalist

Raw episode 1-2, 24 (you can watch the other episodes in that channel)



















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