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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] All about secrets (aka Secret Fruit), 秘果, Chen Zhe Yuan


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All About Secrets


Resultado de imagen para chinese drama  秘果


Title: 秘果 (Mi gou)

Episodes:  24

Aired:  Apr 10, 2017 to ?

Network:  iQiyi

Duration:  45 min.




This serie is about young people with different personality, around their secret to start the story



Chen Zhe Yuan

Li Landy


Source: Mydramalist







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Lately i found that in China, among young actors (20yo and below), besides the more well-known TF Boys....there are 2 more which caught my eye. One is 19yo Neo Hou 侯明昊 from drama Cambrian Period 寒武纪. The other is from the drama in this thread.

Chen Zhe Yuan 陈哲远. 20yo. Part of a boy group Mr Bio. 

Some said he got hints of Luhan, EXO's Chanyeol and actor Chen Xiao.

The above Secret Fruit is his 1st drama. Maybe still abit raw. But his looks suit the student char. The drama is about a girl and a boy growing up together with the girl loving him in secret while he only realised it much later.



Some short clips from the drama.

I like this dance scene in the middle....a simple cute prom dance.


A 6mins compilation of clips...the part in the middle when she placed handyplus on his forehead (think after some quarrel), their eyes spoke alot.


Will talk about the girl the next time. She's pretty too. Think she got some acting experience. 

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