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[JAPAN DRAMA 2006] のだめカンタービレNODAME CA

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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These essays of yours were- let me let Chiake react on my behalf:


My sole complaint is that when I said "Give me a sec" to read I didn't expect them XD

I was excited about the drama so I convinced three of my friends to watch it with me. My sis was supposed to join but she's withdrawn to watch Secret Garden and personal taste after the big fuss I made/still making over PL & LMH there ;))

Everyone loved it. Only one of us didn't finish it yet. We had a sime-recap on our phone apps. Screen caps, group swooning, and group scoffing even =)) Still discussing it btw. 

@Sia3 Not only the music was done to perfection other things as well. 
leave aside Taiwan, China, or Korea's productions, even the mighty Hollywood doesn't always do good with details. They are particularly bad in anything related to Arabic but not uri Nodame ❤.


Took this screencapture of the Arabic newspaper shown for almost 3 seconds in the show. 
First, they chose a newspaper that would actually write about classical music , الحياة AlHaiat newspaper. If they didn't do their search properly, they could've chosen one that would never talk about music concerts and there are many. Alhaiat isn't dedicated for classical music but it may cover certain operas every now and then.

Further more, what's written there is "Nodame Noda; a species in danger of extinction". The writing system in Arabic follows pronunciation. As an Arabic speaker I thought I would write Nodame's name this way ميغومي نودا with a د (which is the D letter equivalent) instead of the ض they used but when I read how they wrote it and tried out pronouncing it out load the way I heard it in the drama, I was surprised because I do pronounce it as a ض indeed! They must've used a professional help.

Nodame and details had deserved my full admiration!!!

In contrast to Hollywood,
There is a utube vid of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyNAdT4ocsk, supposedly.
The 7 seconds sentence he uttered is meant to be a quote from a book I kept studying from grade 1 till I graduated from high school because it was my school's main focus, being a religious one. I couldn't even tell he was quoting that book! It's not the Arabic is difficult thing, all the sounds in that 7seconds sentence exist in English as well so it wasn't difficult. They were rather doing a very lousy job. If he practiced decently, he would've uttered something comprehensible at least even if he isn't familiar with Arabic phonotactics.

That's how delicate this drama's production team was over the details in a 3 seconds-long (part) of a scene!

I loved the ending. As you gals already said, its roundness shows how Chiake and Nodame developed both as individuals and as a couple. The most significant scene for me was when Chiake was conducting Rui's piano concerto but imagining Nodame in her place. Having an insight into Chiake's mind is very rare. The fact that he was the one narrating makes not having many even more precious. Although, in the live action version, we heard many monologues from him in comparison to other characters like Nodame and Mine, he doesn't include his feelings towards Nodame in his stream of thoughts. Even his confession, I'll venture to call him saying "I love her piano" a confession, was ambiguous. He didn't even consider his beloved one's weird mentality and told her "I want you with me" in disguise. Thus, the fact that what he was seeing at the peak of what Streasman called "Showing off all what you've learned/ reached so far" is Nodame accompanying him, next to him, wearing the necklace he gave her is an *awwwwwwwwwww :x* moment for me. Also, there were times when I wondered, does he love her or love her unique way of playing the piano? Intellectuals like Elizabeth Browning, Emily Dickinson, Jubran Khalil...etc fell for men/women upon hearing/reading how they dealt with words which is what they grow up loving and admiring and ended up spending their lives for. I thought maybe it's a similar case with Chiake. He loved the way she deals with music not her. Watching him mentally disregarding the skilled Rui to put the skilled Nodame in her place confirmed to me that he sees/loves her not her music. Her music is an expression/extension of his pure and lively beloved Nodame that's way he loves it as he inexplicably said "She still plays in her way but she knows now there is a line she mustn't pass"

My favorite piece is the one Nodame chose to play with Chiake in their joint concerto. Hadyn's Symphony in D :x Tamaki Hiroshi has Zero music orientation ...mmmmmm..that makes two of us to be frank. Nonetheless, listening to those classical pieces was nostalgic. My only exposer to classical music was quite random and without that aura of (wow! It's the musical heritage of the 19th century Europe!) I had while watching Nodame. I would listen to symphonies without knowing who composed them on my piano toy. :x They are just there and I never paid so much attention as a kid. 

Post-Nodame: Listening to all these symphonies over a week...I had an urge to play the piano myself. I blindly composed something using my iPhone piano app and shared it with my watching mates later on :)) 
Funny enough, I decided to watch City Hunter after Nodame and even there they had a symphony. :)  

All in all, Nodame was a new experience for me on several levels. Classical music, my first ever Japanese drama, and most importantly, in order for me to continue watching it, I classified it under a new type of comedy. I distaste dramas where they try to be funny by making someone stumbles or by being hit over and over like our poor Nodame. One of my friends who was watching with me noted that they intentionally made it like an anime. That was it! It's a live action anime, I thought. By the end, I grow to Like it whenever Chiake abuses her :))

As for the other characters, I like Mina, Masumi, and Mulhi :)) I dislike the guy named Jaen SO MUCH. When he was conducting, that was the only time I used the skip button during the 19+ hours watch! That's how much I don't like him. He just irritates me -_-

Mine is great because as @Hanjae stated Chiake is always receptive in his relationships. I tend to believe he can't be otherwise even if he tried. Mine ventured to regard himself as his best friend without the former saying it even once. He had his back in front of Kyura telling her Chaki is not the person who would let go off a friend over a trifle mistake. Adding, "I know that because I am his best friend". How lovely! Chiake is a perfectionist; he won't entrust the S-(?) to him if he doesn't hold him as a close friend. By the end of Ep 11 when thy played Beethoven symphony No 7 Mine didn't say much relatively. They knew each other well enough not to need to. Having a fellow Pro like that old man in the orchestra where chiake is the official conductor sync ideas with Chiake regarding music and performers is something, but syncing ideas with Mine, who's not as skilled, about how they both see the S-K is something a friend can do. 

Mulhi....My friend thinks the way he speaks Japanese is nice.I find him annoying a lil bit but he added colors to both the characters and the plot. There's so much to say about him but mainly I love how he provoked both Nodame and Chiake; and later on the world to realize Nodame's potentials. I was like, way to ho girl! You dump that guy and let him feel your importance for once! Thank you Mulhi for taking her out of the Chiake control zone, LOL. He had it coming! ;))

Masumi is a pure amusement =)) I didn't like him at start. I was WTH! I can force myself to digest a tanned-skin Japanese but now the 70s disco hairstyle!? Too much to bear :( 

The funniest part in the whole drama for me was in ep9, I think, where that new guy told Chiake not to mind him and continue undressing...=)) Kyura and Mine screamin' "Masumi-chaaaaa! Chiaki is in danger!" He flew to where they are and, supposedly, beat the hell out of that guy =)) He also had some growth in character. No longer admiring Chiake from distance. The daily interaction made him saner, lol. That is, less similar to Nodame in the way she chases after Chiake and throws herself on him. I didn't hate her for that. I felt sorry for her.

Mine having a second child. We'll see mini kawai violists soon :p ! Extra bravo for Juri. 20 years old means she was two years my joiner! Do you happen to know if she was studying at the year they shoot the drama? @Buguz sunflower :x Loool at a mental image of you crying and laughing and snorting in between ;)) You're ok now so I took the liberty to laugh at your pains ;)) No harm is done :)) 

One last thing, I SO L.O.V.E Chiake-san when he utters ordinary English word with his adorable Japanese accent. "Stop, stoppa, Pitchi, Vaiolin" Love him! Love him! Especially with that commanding tone of his. 

P.S I finished reading some of your posts. Reading the rest before going to sleep tonight.

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My apologies for the long-winded essay(s) in previous pages :))
It's a lot to read and stomach - hope you did not get lost in the moja moja forest (of our essay). LOL!
I laughed, this sure did not take a sec to finish reading. I'm pretty sure at the end of it, your eyes were all stars? :))
Anywhos... that Arabic newspaper scene you have pointed out just once again proves how crazy obsessed the production team wants in perfecting their work! Again, I bow down to the Nodame BTS team.

Unfortunately, I cannot make out what Leo said and whether it is pronounced correctly or not so I shall trust you that he did not - which is a big disappointment because Leo is supposedly a hard-working actor. I think, Korean and Japanese are hard-working actors as I remember reading about how they would hire pro to teach them. Like KHJ had pro to teach him the correct pronounciation when he was invited to sing live at the opening of the AG ceremony... while I watched a drama by Yutaka Takenouchi who took on the role of the last emperor Pu Yi's brother Pu Jie so he had to speak a lot of Mandarin. At first he wasn't as good but as the show progresses, his Chinese pronounciation improves too and he did mention BTS that he had teacher teaching him.

So your favourite piece is Nodame & Chiaki duet version of Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2? :)
I loved the Mozart Two Piano from episode 1 and Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto from the SP.

Next up, you should consider reading the manga :)) :P
It gives you more insight to all the characters...!

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Lol! It was a good read @sia3 :D I didn't think I would like the series this much to discuss it on both sides, here & with my other friends.

My fav is Ravel piano concerto in G major. The one Nodame made a big fuss about upon first hearing it. Then went to Chiake's flat where everyone was gathering and played it for them saying she'll play it with Chiake. By Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 the one before the hug *.* (?) I suppose..I like its results more. :P

I remember you told me Philip Lee's Chineses pronunciation in A Man's Story tells he had a teacher to teach him too. One more reason to admire the Koreans!

No manga for me...I'm an anime-oriented otaku, not in Nodame's way :)). I may just watch the anime. Though the anime Chiake isn't good looking enough for me to watch, Nodame's character is made very beautiful. I mean even for an anime character his eyes are made waaay too tiny ;)) and no long eyelashes too XD

Random question, I noticed you sometime sign your gifs using Chinese characters(?) So sia is a Chinese word? What does it mean, if I may ask :D

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Ohhhh that piano concerto! LOLLL you confused me in your first post, because Nodame never played it with Chiaki on stage for that piece so my brain automatically went to Rachmaninoff.

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 is the one Chiaki first played on piano while Nodame watches him in the mongoose suit. She then went crazy and they had a duet after that. Mozart Two Pianos is the one they performed together at the end of Episode 1 drama Live action and again at the end of the movie Part 2 before they hugged :)

Hahahahahaha yes, I must admit - if it weren't for the live action drama; I would not and never take a second look at the manga. The drawings are not visually attractive.

Oh the Chinese character I used for the gif watermark is not my name ;))
It's actually Choi Young's name. I used "Young" because initially I was making Faith gif and I love that character so I took it as my own gif watermark :D and I use Sia for other gifs that is non-Faith related or does not go well with the images (or I'm just lazy to change) =))

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Guest soleil4177

I love this Jdorama :) I always tear up whenever the S-Oke performs.I love that this shows growth/maturity in Nodame and Chiaki.I have a Nodame game on my Nintendo DS. It always brings me back to the dorama :)

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Guest Courtknee

I watched the drama and tv special when it first came out. And then I took a long break from Asian dramas and movies. 
I just recently watched the two movies. My crush for Tamaki Hiroshi is back. 

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Guest kuroshiro91

i watched this anime version :) i like classical music thats why i chose this anime watching in last summer :) their relationship influence to their character, improvement is perfectly was shown in anime. they grow up together, and they were cute  :x if drama is as anime, i suggest to watch this :)

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@sia3 @Hanjae @dr25

I went to a Tchaikovsky concert last week and was thinking of you girls. It's been a long while, hope all is well!! Sending lots of <3 and  >:D<

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@buguz @dr25
Haven't talked to my fellow Nodame maniacs for a while - hope you guys are well! :x

class="entry-title"[Drama News] Group Eight to Produce Korean Version of ‘Nodame Cantabile’?


Production company Group Eight is planning another drama: a Korean adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile, which was turned into a sensational hit Japanese drama series in 2006, followed by a two-part TV special (the Special in Europe) in 2008 and two movies (The Final Score I & II) in 2009-2010. This series is very close to my heart, so I find myself alternating between excitement-induced breathlessness and a sense of dread.

Continue reading http://crazy9drama.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/drama-news-group-eight-to-produce-korean-version-of-nodame-cantabile/

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@Hanjae @dr25
How nice! I just saw it here too. I don't always agree with her, but I'm in for the excitement! Time to revisit that soundtracks collection and the fantastic Chopin selection :)

How are you doing @Hanjae? I've been inactive for quite a while. Is @sia3 still around btw? Would love to follow the reproduction with you girls!!!

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@buguz sunflower! >:D<

I've been mostly MIA myself, but if there's a Korean version, count me in! Perfect group reunion time. :))

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned some trepidation at the thought of how many ways a remake could go wrong (particularly on the casting front - I can't imagine casting Nodame would be an easy task), but either way it'll be fun to see how it goes. If nothing else, it'll launch Nodame Cantabile and classical music back into the spotlight!

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Hai gals.. This is my first time coming to this thread. So happy to know we have a place here to talk about Nodame and Chiaki :)

Sorry for my rant but I actually mad about group 8's plan to remake nodame in Korea. I love the original Japanese version too much that I can't handle anyone being casted as the gang. I have no imagination who would be perfect to play not only chiaki and Nodame but also masumi, stressman, kiyora, and all.

And I also wonder how they will portray their character since the Japanese version is quite mangaish. They don't really rely on love story to carry forward the whole drama but more on the character development. It's about nodame and chiaki's growth as an individual as well as a couple. Their love story actually take a backseat compare to their musical growth. Plus they only kiss in the special eps.

Please confince me that Korea will be true to its story plot because I don't see they able to do it in such a way because most Korean dramas rely heavily in the development of the OTP's love story and not necessarily their individual growth

Sorry for my long post and hope to talk to you all here more in the future :)

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class="entry-title"[Drama News] Joo Won Offered Role of Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile


Joo Won was one of the names heavily favoured when La Petite and I discussed which actors might be suitable (and okay, ones that we’d like) for the lead role of Chiaki Shinichi in the upcoming Korean drama remake of Nodame Cantabile, so imagine my surprise when news broke that Joo Won has actually received an offer for exactly that. I have three words to offer on this potential casting news: ACCEPT IT NOW.

Continue reading http://crazy9drama.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/drama-news-joo-won-offered-role-of-chiaki-in-nodame-cantabile/

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Guest ShaliniA

Your essays were marvelous! All the hubbub surrounding the casting news for the Koream was what got me into seeing the original two weeks ago and I ADORED IT! I'm currently devouring anything related to Tamaki Hiroshi, Ueno Juri and the original cast.  I loved your insightful posts as well as that of @dr25 and just wanted to tell you that this Moja Moja forest is sugoi! <3

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