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[Variety] Real Men 진짜 사나이 (MBC)

Guest Tinkiebell

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Guest Tinkiebell



Original title:  진짜 사나이
Broadcast Network: MBC
Airtime: Sunday, 18.35 KST


Im Won-hee
Kim Young-chul
Lee Kyu-han
Lee Ki-woo
Jung Gyu-woon
Sam Okyere
Julien Kang
Kim Dong-jun
Lee Yi-kyung
Heo Kyung-hwan
Im Hyun Tae


Former cast members
Kim Su-ro
Seo Kyung-suk
Sam Hammington
Park Gun-hyung
Chun Jung-myung
Henry Lau
Ryu Soo-young
Son Jin-young
Jang Hyuk
Park Hyung-sik
Dong Hyun Kim
Yook Sungjae
Im Hyung-joon Sam Kim
Kim Seung-hyun
Jo Dong-hyuk

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Watch: GOT7′s Jackson Can’t Believe His Organic Products Are Being Taken Away On “Real Men”


Watch: GOT7′s Jackson Can’t Believe His Organic Products Are Being Taken Away On “Real Men”

ou’ll want to just give GOT7′s Jackson a hug after watching the latest episode of “Real Men 2.”

On the May 22 episode, the drill instructor inspects the belongings that the cast members brought with them.

During the inspection, Jackson is bewildered when he is told that his precious organic products are not permitted and will be taken away.

While the drill instructor goes through GOT7′s duffle, he finds a box of green tea and tells him, “Didn’t you know that no food items can be brought in.” Jackson just stares blankly.

BamBam chimes in, “So is it the same for cabbage puree?”

“Yes, it must all be turned over,” the drill instructor says.

“I apologize,” Jackson says without knowing he’s mispronouncing the words.

Jackson goes into shock again when the drill instructor tells the cast members that they must give up their personal toiletries because toiletries will be provided for them.

“Toothpaste… one’s own… May I not use my own toothpaste?” Jackson asks.

The drill instructor loses his patience and says, “Did you not hear me say earlier that supplies will be provided, so [personal] toothpaste and toothbrush are prohibited?”

“…I heard…” Jackson mumbles.

Jackson explains later during the interview, “The toothpaste is also organic… it’s called organic honey.”

“We also got our mist taken away,” Jackson adds. “My mist is also organic.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Jackson Gets Told Off For Singing Army Song “JYP Style” On “Real Men”

On the June 5 episode of MBC’s “Real Men,” GOT7′s Jackson proves that you can take the idol out of JYP but you can’t take the JYP out of the idol.

During the episode, the cast learn an army song. The drill sergeant has each member take turns singing a verse of the song.


GOT7 member BamBam successfully passes the test on the first try, singing the correct lyrics with the right pronunciation.

However, Jackson is a different story. He mispronounces the lyrics “our mission,” reading it as “our death,” causing the other soldiers to struggle to withhold their laughter.

The drill sergeant corrects him and tells Jackson to try again. This time, Jackson gets the words correct but not the style of singing. The drill sergeant is not having it with Jackson’s JYP-style soulful vocal style.

The sergeant barks, “Who put so much soul into an army song?”

Jackson responds, “I put a little bit of air [into my voice],” referring to the mixed voice style of singing that JYP is known for teaching its trainees.

“The army song is not something to show off your singing skills with! Do you understand?” the sergeant says.

In the subsequent interview, Jackson says, “We’re JYP, so we were trained that way. I purposefully put the air in because I wanted to let them know the precise notes.”


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