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[Japanese Drama 2015] Death's Organ 死の臓器


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Title: 死の臓器Shi no Zouki
English title: Death's Organ
Genre: Medical, Suspense

Episodes: 5

Director: Yuichi Sato, Yasushi Ueda

Screenwriter: Ryo Asano (novel), Naoya Takayama, Satoshi Suzuki

Broadcast network: WOWOW
Broadcast Date: July 12, 2015  - August 9, 2015

Broadcast Days: Sundays


Kotaro Koizumi

Manami Konishi

Hiroo Otaka

Tetsuya Takeda

Satomi Nagano

Fujiko Kojima


Kyota Numazaki (Kotaro Koizumi) is the director of a TV program production company. He discovers a female body in a forest in Fuji. The autopsy concludes that the female froze to death, but a kidney from the body was removed. Detective Shiroi (Kosuke Toyohara) doubts the conclusion of the autopsy report. 

Meanwhile, female patient Haruko Takakura receives an artificial dialysis. Her daughter appeals to Dr. Seiichiro Hino (Tetsuya Takeda) to give her kidney to her mother, but Dr. Seiichiro Hino opposes. 

An injured man and woman are brought to the hospital. Director of the Hospital, Isamu Ota  (Shigemitsu Ogi), learns from the scars of the injured persons, that a kidney transplant was carried out between the man and woman. He also learns that the kidney was sold and bought. He reports his discovery to the police. Dr. Seiichiro Hino performed the kidney transplant and is asked to go to the police station. TV program director Kyota Numazaki decides to cover the story between the female body and the organ trade..

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