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Jo Kwon and Ga In Reunite on Broadcast and Auction Off Their Couple Rings

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Singers Ga In and Jo Kwon reunited with each other for the first time in broadcast in four years. Ga In and Jo Kwon, who received a lot of love as a couple on MBC's "We Got Married," were reunited on KBS 2TV's variety show "Happy Together." On the show, the two of them, who meet for the first time in a long time, auction off their couple rings that they used to wear and publicly declare their breakup. They say, "These are the couple rings that we used to wear when we used to get a lot of love from the public as the Adam Couple. But recently, they have lost their function. Regardless, they're still very precious for the two of us and since we wore these rings when we got so much love, we thought we might be able to share some of the positive energy."jo kwon ga in However, once the auction begins, the two of them can't hide their sadness. Jo Kwon even says, "This feels even more strange than when we filmed the last episode. It's really over." At that, Ga In participates in the auction herself to take back the rings. The future of the Adam Couple's couple rings will be revealed on "Happy Together" on May 7. Source (1) (2)

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