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"Roommate" Jackson and Henry Get Caught Going Through Nana's Room

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On the episode of "Roommate" that aired April 7, Henry and Jackson get caught going through Nana's room. When Super Junior's Henry gets invited to the share house by Jackson, he asks if Jackson gets to see a lot of girls' clothes since he's living with girls. This question makes f(x)'s Amber and GOT7's BamBam leave in disgust but Henry keeps asking the same question. jackson henry 2 Jackson replies, "I only see my clothes. I'm not like you," and denies. But Henry continues to lure Jackson and suggests looking through girls' clothes claiming this is a good chance to know what girls like. In the end, poor Jackson is won over by Henry and they go into Nana's room. They start playing around with her stuff, like imitating G-Dragon with her hair extensions, until Amber and Park Joon Hyung suddenly enter the room. The boys are surprised hearing Amber's voice and lie that they were in the middle of cleaning. Thankfully, Amber and Park Joon Young are not interested and leave, and the boys resume browsing again. Jackson tells Henry he's scared but Henry doesn't stop. They end up finding someone's leggings, oblivious of what it's for. Right then, Nana opens the door and asks what they're doing. jackson henry 3 Henry becomes flustered and Jackson tattles, "Henry is looking through girls' stuff because he's curious." "There's underwear in there too, what are you doing," says Nana, as Henry keeps making up excuses, and adds, "Henry, this is not a misunderstanding, right? I think those are leggings," as she looks at them with suspicious eyes. But Henry continues to deny, and Jackson runs off as the two are flustered. After a short silence, Henry and Nana burst into laughter and awkwardly head out of the room together. If you haven't watched this episode, make sure to go check it out and see what happens next! Source (1) See also: GOT7 Jackson Gets Jealous of Youngji and BamBam on “Roommate”

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