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Yook Jidam Reveals That She Was Severely Bullied When She Was Younger

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The young high-schooler female rapper Yook Jidam revealed that she was a victim of school bullying in the past. On the March 31 episode of tvN's "Taxi," three cast members of "Unpretty Rapstar," Jessi, Cheetah, and Yook Jidam appeared as guests. On the episode, Yook Jidam confessed that she was bullied, saying, "When I was young, my skin was on the very dark side. They looked at the color of my skin and what I looked like and would make fun of me." yookjidam taxi 2 She continued, "In the public bathroom, the last stall could be locked form the outside. The other kids locked me in there and poured dirty water that they washed mops in. Then there were rumors that I was the bully and that I took money from other kids, so it was very frustrating for me." Meanwhile, Yook Jidam also revealed that she nurtured her dream as a rapper after listening to Yoon Mi Rae's "Black Happiness." Source (1)

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