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Character Profiles of "Gangnam 1970" Cast Released


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Character profiles for 12 characters appearing in the upcoming film “Gangnam 1970” have been released.

One of the profiles released is that of main character Kim Jong Dae, played by Lee Min Ho. In the film, Kim Jong Dae dreams only of living a comfortable life but becomes embroiled in a legal dispute over land development in Gangnam. The caption released with the profile reads, “I’m going to create my own land, without money.” This will be Lee Min Ho’s first lead role in a major film.

Another profile is that of character Baek Yong Gi, played by Kim Rae Won. Like Kim Jong Dae, Baek Yong Gi is a former orphan, holding ambitious dreams of rising to the top. Kim Rae Won’s handsomeness and subtle acting ability will bring a multidimensional aspect to the character.

We also get a glimpse of Jung Jin Young’s character Kang Kil Su, a former gang boss who acts as a father figure to Lee Min Ho’s character, a role unlike any other that Jung has played. Also shown is AOA member-turned-actress Kim Seol Hyun, who plays the innocent younger sister of Kim Jong Dae.

Photos of supporting actors Lee Yeon Doo, Kim Ji Su, Yoo Seung Mok, Choi Jin Ho, Jung Ho Bin and others were also released.

“Gangnam 1970” is a film that portrays the aspirations, loyalty, and betrayal of characters Kim Jong Dae and Baek Yong Gi in the midst of the development of 1970s Gangnam. It will be released January 21, 2015.

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