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INFINITE Members Curse and Fight with Each Other Freely in Front of the Camera

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INFINITE’s Hoya revealed that the group acts freely in front of the camera. On December 1, a preview and press conference for “Grow: INFINITE’s Real Youth Life,” INFINITE’s upcoming movie documentary, was held at the CGV cinema located in Sungdong-gu. Director Lee Jin Soo and members of INFINITE were in attendance. When asked about the very realistic footage in the documentary, Hoya responded by saying, “Since our debut, INFINITE has participated in more than five reality TV projects. We have become so used to the camera that we do not really mind it anymore. We curse and fight with each other even if a camera is present.” Regarding the "One Great Step’"world tour featured in the movie, INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu remarked, “I think it was the most notable period of our lives so far. After the tour, we set greater goals for ourselves. If we get the opportunity to do another world tour, we want it to be even bigger and want to perform in more places.” INFINITE’s upcoming movie will follow the group throughout their "One Great Step" world tour, providing a behind-the-scenes look into the life of one of K-Pop's most popular boy bands. It is slated to hit theaters on December 4.

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