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Yoo Seung Ho Excites Fans With Photo and Greeting Plans Three Days Prior to Military Discharge

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It has been a long wait for Yoo Seung Ho fans and now that the actor is almost finished with his military service, everyone's getting excited in seeing the young actor once again! Only three days until his military discharge, a photo of Yoo Seung Ho as well as his plans right after coming out of the army base was announced! On December 1, a representative from Yoo Seung Ho's agency uploaded a photo of the actor who is about to get discharged from the military. In the photo, Yoo Seung Ho, who will meet his fans on December 4 through his military discharge ceremony, is smiling straight at the camera while still in his military uniform. Plans of the actor right after being discharged from the military were also revealed. According to an interview with MyDaily by the representative from Yoo Seung Ho's entertainment agency, "On December 4, (Yoo Seung Ho) plans to extend his gratitude to his fans who treasured and waited for him for two years at the military discharge ceremony. In the event that the fans who turn up will be relatively few, Yoo Seung Ho is expected to greet them while shaking their hands one by one." "If about 20 to 40 fans came, he will definitely shake their hands and greet them and considering the foreign fans, in case that there will be more people coming, we have considered various situations, and instead he will greet everyone as a group," said the representative. "Because it's a military zone and it's far, there will be those who really couldn't go. But as a form of gratitude, he (Yoo Seung Ho) will spare some time to greet the fans and the press," added the representative. Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho will immediately resume activities following his military discharge starting with a fan meeting in Korea on December 21. It will be followed by fan meetings in Osaka on December 24, Tokyo on December 25, and Shanghai on December 27.

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