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“Running Man” Members Experience the Plights of Salarymen in Upcoming Episode


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In this week’s “Running Man” episode, the cast members will experience firsthand the plight of the average salaryman. To fully recreate the experience, the seven members of the cast will change out of their casual wear and don sleek business attire. The cast will face the various challenges of a salaryman, like making it out of the morning subway commute in one piece and on time. Some members of the cast have never had a nine-to-five job, so it was their first time experiencing the morning commute, which they referred to as the “hell train.” The challenges do not stop there. Once they get to the office, cast members will have to do things like negotiate in English a contract with a foreign client and brown nose to get on their boss’s good side. As usual, viewers can anticipate an entertaining but intense episode. The Salaryman Super Race "Running Man" episode will air on November 30th, at 6:10 p.m. KST.

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